Sweden Spellbinds Travelers With New Chilling Audio Story

The vast forests of Sweden possess both beauty and tranquility – but also drama and mystique. Sweden invites travelers to discover the country’s myth-filled forest in a spellbinding audio story written by internationally renowned author John Ajivde Lindqvist, only available in the Swedish forest. Through the short story, visitors receive an immersive experience of the country’s enchanted nature – home to some of the world’s most famous folkloric beings.

See a video trailer of the story: https://youtube/X2nLmi6dCIE

For centuries, the Swedish people have told supernatural stories to help make sense of events that could not be explained through logic alone. The fog sweeping across the meadows was the fairies dancing, and the roaring brook was ‘the Nixie’ luring women and children into the water. This has resulted in a rich mythological world featuring some of the world’s most famous creatures all born in Sweden’s vast, deep forests. Still today, the intersection of nature and supernatural play an important role in Swedish storytelling and with 70% of the country covered by forest, it’s no wonder myths figure so prominently in Sweden’s collective imagination.

Ajivde Lindqvist’s new audio story Kiln brings the mythic Swedish nature to life, seducing listeners deeper and deeper into the woods. The story is experienced in the first person, inviting listeners to literally walk in the footsteps of a character who encounters the enchanting ‘Huldra’, a forest nymph from Swedish folklore. However, those looking to experience the haunting story for themselves can only do so if present in the Swedish forest. A geo-restriction has been applies to make the story fully immersive, inviting the listener to discover the mystery of Sweden with all their senses.

“The supernatural has always played a role in Swedish culture. It is more than just a backdrop to the crime stories and Nordi noir movies that have made the country famous”, says John Avid Lindqvist. “Now, the world is welcome to discover it for themselves in a truly immersive experience. As a horror author, when I enter a forest, ai only need a glimpse of the dark side of a stone or the knots of a tree to trigger my imagination. Nature seems to come alive and lures you to come after it.”

The audio story brings Sweden’s rich folklore to life. More and more people travel to Sweden, attracted by its unspoilt natural landscapes and progressive lifestyle, as depicted in so many popular TV series, books, and films. For example, literary pilgrims travel to walk in the footsteps of Lisbeth Salander, the heroine from the much loved Millennium trilogy, by Swedish author Stieg Larsson.

“Looking at what travelers are seeking when planning a holiday, many have a desire to discover something new. We want to inspire the world to come and experience something completely different,” says Nils Persson, Chief Marketing Officer, Visit Sweden. “The Swedish forests have historically been home to many fascinating creatures, now we want to introduce the world to their spellbinding beautiful home … if you dare.”

For those who dare, the geo-restricted audio story is available for free on Visit Sweden’s website. Here, visitors can also discover the best locations for experiencing the story, plus learn about the different mythological creatures from Swedish folklore.

Come, be spellbound by Sweden; where fairy tales, culture, and nature meet.

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Learn more about the experience: https://visitsweden.com/spellbound-by-sweden/

For further information, please contact: Melinda Martino, PR Director at Visit Sweden US, melinda.martino@visitsweden.com (+1)-917-340-9330

About the author, John Avid Lindqvist

International bestselling author, John Avid Lindqvist is often referred to as the “Swedish Stephen King”. His most prominent works include Let the Right One In – now a new TV series – and Border, which were both made into films that received top honors at film festivals, including Tribeca Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival. His thrilling stories mix Nordic noir, social realism and supernatural horror and have captured audiences in more than 30 countries. Since his debut novel in 2004, Let the Right One In, he has published 20 novels, short stories and dramatic works. His books are published in 33 countries, including Australia, China, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, France, and United States.

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