Captivate.FM Releases V2 of “AMIE”, Global Media & Entertainment’s IAB Tech Lab certified podcast hosting, analytics and monetization platform, has just released a major update to its dynamic content & ad Audio Monetization & Integration Engine, “AMIE”.

The toolkit allows podcast creators to powerfully yet simply manage advanced dynamic content & ad insertion across their podcasts while also letting audio “baked-in” audio content in bulk. Version 2.0 of the AMIE toolkit brings a range of major features to the system including dynamic content slot management, multiple content & ad insertion per slot, simple drag & drop interface upgrades, insertion of dynamic content using timestamps and a major addition of “tagging,” which allows podcasters to manage dynamic content quickly and at scale.

Regarding the AMIE 2.0 upgrade, Captivate Managing Director Mark Asquith said, “Serious independent audio creators continually find themselves denied access to the level of tools that they often need because their download numbers or audience reach don’t ‘allow’ them to benefit from the tools that the ‘big’ shows can leverage.”

As the podcasting industry continues to grow up, it’s important that every creator has the very best options available to them so that they can grow a meaningful, engaged audience that can be nurtured and developed. Captivate’s continued mission is to allow every creator to benefit from opportunities that help them to create diversity in their growth & monetization options. AMIE v2.0 is the latest stage of that focus but also acts as a precursor to many more creator monetization options as we move forward.”

Director of Technology, Kieran McKeefery added, “This is an exciting evolution of dynamic content & ad management for the podcasters that we work with but also adds the initial stages of integration with Global’s DAX platform to provide deeper podcast monetization opportunities and innovations within the podcast advertising space.”

AIME v2.0 integrates directly with Captivate’s Dynamic Show Notes Builder to save busy independent podcasters even more time on their production workflow.