Vizzy Seeks Early Adopters For Vizzy Studio

Vizzy is seeking early adopters for its Vizzy Studio which enables Podcasters to add images, chapters and links to their audio to give listeners an enriched experience.

The Vizzy Studio is a web based platform that allows podcasters to add images, chapters, and links to their audio. These images are viewable on the player screen on listeners’ phones through popular apps such as Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Podcast Addict and others.

Vizzy Studio has been released in response to listener behaviour. Nic Ivanov, CEO and founder said “We know that over 60% of podcast listeners interrupt their episode to Google something they have heard on the podcast. We see a big opportunity for producers to offer a better audio experience by bringing interesting parts of their topic to listeners’ screens, in real time. The use of multiple still images will provide additional context and engagement for listeners; new commerce opportunities for creators, and make podcast advertising more attractive for brands that want to showcase their products. Vizzy Studio enables podcasters to produce this engaging content quickly and easily.

Vizzy Studio works with any genre, including:

True Crime – listeners often google people, places, articles etc… with Vizzy, simply show them on the screen at the time they are being discussed in the podcast.

Books – show the book cover on the screen and add a link to your affiliate account from the image.

History/Education – if you are talking about a famous artifact, person, place or structure then show your listeners what you are talking about.

Children – educational podcasts come to life with an image of the animal or character you are talking about then the sound it makes.

Travel, Photography, NFT, Art, Health, Film and more, all highly visual podcasts that would be enhanced with images and chapters to keep the listener immersed in the audio.

Following feedback from beta users in the podcaster community we have timed the launch to follow quickly behind the Apple iOS16 update, which provides even more screen real estate for iPhone users to enjoy visually enriched podcasts. In order to get as many podcasters as possible using the Vizzy Studio, any podcaster that signs up before the end of 2022 will get 3 months free access.

“I’m very excited about the value this product will deliver for podcasters, their listeners and their advertisers,” said Nic. “I predict the early adopters of this technology will become market leaders in their genres by providing their listeners with a new unique experience and additional context that was previously missing from podcasts.