Magellan AI Taps Experian To Improve Attribution

Magellan AI, the podcast analytics platform with the world’s largest database of podcast advertising data, announced a new collaboration with Experian, the world’s leading information services company. Experian’s Identity Graph will power Attribution by Magellan AI. The new attribution platform was recently announced and will enable podcast advertisers and publishers to gain insights into campaign performance and success with the Magellan AI dashboard.

“The diversification of podcast hosting and listening platforms can lead to widely varying data coming from publishers and advertisers,” said Cameron Hendrix, CEO and co-founder of Magellan AI. “Through collaboration with Experian, we can map data with precision to clean up reporting for our clients and provide them with incredibly accurate attribution results.”

“Advertisers and marketers want to be confident in planning, optimizing and measuring the success of their campaigns” said Chris Feo, SVP Sales and Partnerships, Experian Marketing Services. “While fragmentation continues to challenge marketers, we’re excited to work with Magellan AI to enable more intelligent podcast campaigns.”

Magellan AI will utilize Experian’s Identity Graph, a privacy-safe digital cross-device technology providing the most comprehensive and differentiated digital identity resolution. Along with industry leading podcast advertising intelligence, marketers will have access to precision insights to optimize and measure their podcast campaigns.

“Identifying podcast audiences and unique households can be a challenge in an open ecosystem with limited data input,” said Bryan Barletta, founder of Sounds Profitable. “Magellan AI’s approach in using Experian’s Identity Graph will enhance their ability to accurately calculate reach and frequency to provide reliable measurement and attribution data. Publishers and advertisers need to prioritize independent solutions like Magellan AI, who are dedicated to solving for this critical piece of the podcast ecosystem.”

“By working with Experian,” adds Magellan AI Head of Publisher Partnerships Jim Ballas, “we’re partnering with the market leader in data privacy, not only setting us up to respect listener privacy now and in the future, but also providing unmatched accuracy and depth of insight on attributable behavior.”

Attribution by Magellan AI is currently in its beta, with plans to make it widely available in Q1 of 2023.