Libsyn Introduces Podcast Creation & Recording Features And New Interface

Liberated Syndication Inc. (“Libsyn”), the leading “Podcasting As A Service” platform, announced the rollout of enhancements to the Libsyn platform that delivers the most intuitive, user-friendly, and innovative experience for podcasters. Among the features are the integration of Studio into Libsyn, allowing creators to record their podcast inside the Libsyn toolset, as well as a brand-new navigation and user experience.

“We’ve built Libsyn to be a one-stop destination for the full spectrum of new to established podcasters to access everything they need to unleash their full creative potential,” said Yvette Meanse, Senior Product Manager, Libsyn. “We’re continually investing in cutting-edge tools to make it even easier for creators to record shows directly from Libsyn and we’re streamlining workflows for podcasters so they can quickly record, distribute, and monetize their content.’

Seamless Integration of Libsyn Studio

Studio, an all-in-one podcast planning, recording and distribution platforms now fully integrated within the Libsyn podcasting platform. Studio is designed to benefit both new podcasters and experienced creators who want a simple, reliable, and fast recording solution – and it will continue to serve as the fastest and easiest way to create and launch a podcast for Libsyn creators. Studio is now exclusively included with all Libsyn podcast hosting plans, and episodes published with Studio won’t count towards storage limits for consumer plans.

The Addition of Reusable Chapters & Editing

With sample recordings and content tips, Studio guides the podcaster through creating and recording the chapters that comprise a podcast, such as the opener, closer, teaser, and main chapter. Additionally, Studio has a Reusable Chapter tool to help speed up podcast creation. By allowing podcasters to record in chapter, they can create portions of their episode – like an intro, an outro, and a call-to-action – just once.

Those chapters are then automatically inserted into future episodes when a new recording is started to minimize recording and editing time, as well as provide structure and consistency to the episodes. Podcasters can always re-record the Reusable Chapter while editing an episode if they want to modify them. Reusable Chapters can easily be moved around to create a finalized high-quality episode.

New User Interface & Navigation

Libsyn has elevated the podcasting workflow experience for creators with a whole new look. The entire experience has been redesigned with a more modern aesthetic and the new structure makes accessing and analyzing insightful podcast performance data even better. In addition to the clearer user interface for managing podcasts, Libsyn now has a more intuitive layout and navigation has been moved to the top for easier access and clarity.

For the month of December, you can try Libsyn Studio for FREE using code “STUDIO” at checkout. More podcasting tools, features, and functionality will be introduced in the coming months. Stay tuned.