Mamamia Enters The Podcast Ranker

The Mamamia Podcast Network has joined the Australian podcast ranker, with November’s data being published.Mamamia has come straight in with top-table figures.

Mamamia’s network of 52 original shows, serving every category of need, is driven by an underlying purpose to make the world a better place for women and girls. It’s a podcast offering unlike any other: one candid brand, an eclectic mix, and it’s winning big audiences.

With over 6 million monthly downloads of shows that are ‘pure play podcasts’ (I.E. podcast originals with high impact talent-read ads), Mamamia is the biggest Australian pure podcast network.

No shows on the network are re-purposed from radio shows, and advertising on the network is the highest-impact format of being voiced by Mamiamia talent.

Mamamia has 4 blockbusters in the overall top 20 (Au. & International shows):

Mamamia Out Loud at #3 is the biggest talk show podcast in the ranker;

No Filter, hosted by Co-founder Mia Freedman, The Quicky and True Crime Conversations also feature in the top 20.

Tony Prentice, Chief Revenue Officer at Mamamia, said: “Mamamia podcasts are unique in Australia: one coherent and compelling brand promise is delivered across 52 shows (and counting), each with sharp contextual relevance and trusted ‘friends in your ears’ hosts. The network has an impact for brands like no other. We’re pleased to join the ranker and make it easier for more advertisers to make better-informed decisions around their audio mix, benefiting from the unique efficacy of Mamamia.”

Mamamia is Australia’s #1 women’s media brand across articles, podcasts, social media, live events, online courses and summits.