Podcast Creation Made Simpler With Vib3s Platform

The French start-up Vib3s is announcing the full scale launch of its podcast making platform.

The online platform is available at the Vib3s website and enables podcast makers to record and edit their contents very simply, thanks to a user-friendly interface.

The start-up has developed its software based on a simple observation: today, podcasts have become a powerful digital tool, either at the heart of corporate communications, propelling influencers message or simply used as an amateur hobby.

Hence the podcast making process should be accessible to all users, audio experts or content makers with little to none technical background. “Vib3s aims at simplifying and democratizing the podcast making phase” states Matthieu Perreard, Director of Operations at Vib3s. “Our platform for recording and editing enables podcast makers to focus on the contents and not worry about the technical aspects” adds Perreard.

The Vib3s platform handles all technical aspects

With Vib3s, users may start a podcast while having neither technical, audio background, nor using specific equipment: only on the Vib3s platform users can connect two+ standard USB microphones for sound recording. The platform also features the recording of remote contributions. In addition, the software will automatically manage the tracks mix and and the audio quality for premium outcome. Last but not least, users can create custom templates on the Vib3s platform: these structuring patterns define the format of each episode and provide the podcast maker, as well as its audience, with a unique signature.

The Vib3s platform has a free version and subscription packages for amateurs and professionals who wish to explore the possibilities of podcasting as a powerful communications tool.

Audio quality at the core of Vib3s’s DNA

In 2021, the Grenoble-based start-up had already stood out in a fast-growing podcast market when it released its online audio quality assessment tool. Today, the Vib3s teams capitalize on their solid experience in the audio world to deploy accessible services while guaranteeing professional audio quality.

About Vib3s

Vib3s is a team of podcast enthusiasts and audio experts who want to leave their mark in a booming podcast market. At Vib3s, we love a good challenge, especially when it comes to innovation and audio. We could not be prouder to launch our podcast making platform, 100% developed and engineered in France.