Libsyn Announces Integration With Apple Podcast Subscriptions

Liberated Syndication Inc. (“Libsyn”), the leading ‘Podcasting As A Service’ platform, announced that is is among the first podcast platforms to integrate with Apple Podcasts Subscriptions. The integration empowers Libsyn creators to launch and grow podcast subscriptions by streamlining the publishing process to Apple Podcasts.

Apple Podcast Subscriptions is designed for creators who want to offer their audiences premium experiences through monthly or annual paid subscriptions. Subscriptions can offer listeners early access to new content, access to exclusive or archival content, ad-free listening, and more premium benefits. All Libsyn customers can now publish Apple Podcasts Subscriptions from Libsyn without any additional fees.

“We’ve built our business on supporting creators and making it easier for them to share their work across more platforms and we’re thrilled to be collaborating with Apple, the pioneering platform of the podcast industry, with the availability of Apple Podcast Subscriptions,” said Libsyn President and Chief Product Officer, John W. Gibbons. “We look forward to building on our partnership with Apple to simplify podcast distribution for Libsyn’s 75,000+ podcasters and make it seamless for them to grow their shows and subscriptions on Apple Podcasts.”

For more information on Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, visit Apple Podcasts for Creators at Additional resources to help creators get started and take advantage of the features available and distribution opportunities with Apple Podcasts can be found on Libsyn’s blog.