Podimo Arrives In Mexico

Europe’s fastest-growing podcast and audiobook subscription service Podimo announces its arrival in Mexico at the end of March this year, offering listeners exclusive access to an extensive range of content created by the best local talent, intelligently curated, and with an intuitive design that will provide a personalized experience.

The Copenhagen-founded company aims to change the rules of the audio entertainment game in the country, promoting the creation of exclusive high quality content with a regional focus, produced and hosted by Mexican creators, covering a variety of topics from true crime, sexuality, investigative journalism, body positivity and personal relationships, amplifying the stories and voices that need to be heard. The Podimo Mexico team is located in Mexico City, and will be in continuous search of new talent and original content.

“The Mexican creator community has welcomed us with open arms: we’re extremely honored to be working with such a diverse range of talent, and to provide high-value content that supports our ambitions of providing a fair and sustainable subscription model for both creators and listeners,” says Wendolín Perla, Head of Content at Podimo Mexico.

Since its founding in 2019, Podimo has been committed to offering a unique value proposition for both listeners and content creators, providing the possibility of monetization without needing to rely solely on ads. This philosophy became a reality thanks to a team of four visionaries – CEO Morten Strung, who wanted to elevate the audio listening experience, Eva Lægdsgaard, one of Spotify’s early executives, as well as Nikolaj Koppel and Andreas Sachse.

The service arrives on the strength of the recent podcast boom in Mexico the last four years, in which the number of users who consume audio entertainment in podcast format and the country has increased 70%, along with the number of influencers, youtubers, journalists, and communicators who have decided to join this industry.

“Podimo wants to empower Mexican creators, based on the idea that a podcast is a product that deserves to be paid for. Placing local talent and their stories in the spotlight is our priority,” says CEO and Founder Morten Strunge.

The app is already available in Latin America, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and Finland, and will be launching in more markets soon.