Vizzy Studio Update Makes It Compatible With Spotify Video

Vizzy Studio, a popular podcast enhancing software platform has released an additional feature to help podcasters produce video versions of their show. Vizzy is now the fastest way to produce engaging video content for Spotify; podcasters and creators can upload any mp3 audio and inject a series of images via the Vizzy Studio which will generate a video file that is compatible with Spotify for Podcasters (previously Anchor). Existing Vizzy users can use 1 click to generate videos for their already visually enhanced episodes to use in Spotify, YouTube and other video hosting services and social media platforms.

Podcasters can produce a video with Vizzy in a few simple steps:

  • Upload their audio
  • Use Vizzy’s simple timeline to add contextually relevant images at exact points in the audio
  • 1 click to generate a video file to use in YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo etc.
  • Use the Vizzy show notes generator to get chapters for Spotify and YouTube too.

This new feature integrates seamlessly with all existing Vizzy Studio features:

  • Add images to audio files that listeners see in Apple Podcast Player
  • Easily create chapters to break up your story
  • Add short form urls to create trackable links to products and advertisers

“We’ve been excited to launch this product which has broad application to podcasters, creators and even educators,” said Nic. “This method of producing video satisfies many requirements; it’s fast, simple and effective, while still providing engaging on screen visuals. We also expect this to be popular for the production of narrated video slideshows and and many other creative applications.”

About Vizzy

Vizzy’s mission is to build the software tools that enable podcasters and creatives to add images and interactivity to podcasting.

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