Frequency Drives 3x Efficiency For Audacy With Podcast Vetting Automation

Frequency, the next generation of ad management for the audio industry, and Audacy Inc., a leading multi-platform audio content and entertainment company, reveal how technology is fueling Audacy’s dramatic increase in podcast sales productivity. Since using Frequency’s automated workflows, Audacy’s podcast vetting process is now 3x more efficient.

Audacy is driving sales speed and scalability with automation. Having used Frequency’s platform to vet 10K+ requests across ~200 podcasts, the results are in:

  • Hundreds of hours saved for the ad ops team
  • 300% faster responses from shows
  • Happier team members
  • More revenue supported and captured

Frequency’s unique ad management platform for audio is the necessary infrastructure Audacy needs to conduct individual vetting requests for thousands of advertisers. Audacy can turn around RFP’s quickly, include more pre-vetted shows, and win larger budgets.

“A 3x more efficient vetting process is a huge advantage. We’re responding faster and minimizing human error. Our ad ops team, talent, and agency partners are happier and less frustrated too,” said Danny Kutrick, Senior Director, Podcast Operations & Traffic, Audacy. “Without the typical ad ops pain points, we’re scaling with ease. There’s no doubt that Frequency is an essential platform for audio publishers to improve workflow, save time, and make money.”

“For too long, Podcasting has been held back by the process to get an ad placed, approved, produced, and delivered,” said Pete Jimison, CEO of Frequency. “Audacy has been an amazing partner leading the charge with us to automate all of the manual work, saving their team time to focus on stronger partnerships with talent and sponsors, and opening up new revenue opportunities.”

Audacy and Frequency have been working together since 2019 when Audacy first signed on to use Frequency’s platform. Audacy saw immediate advantages with Frequency’s copy rotation and contextual ad serving tools.

The two companies are excited to unveil additional podcast sales optimization features and integrations later this year.

Companies that want to become more efficient should look to tech to make it happen. Frequency offers audio publishers essential infrastructure to move quickly and accelerate podcast, radio, and streaming sales growth. 

Serving 4B+ ad impressions a month, 1K users tap into Frequency to automate workflow, centralize campaigns, and maximize revenue. Frequency simplifies the ad ops process and speeds up vetting by 3x+.