Pro Podcast Announces LinkedIn Partnership

Pro Podcast has announced its production partnership with LinkedIn, which will see them oversee the production, strategy, and amplification of their series Take The Lead.

Darcy Milne, head of podcasting, said “it’s a pleasure to take the skills and expertise that has come from producing almost 300 podcast series and apply it to a brand we all know and love.”

The most recent episode features a live episode from the Salesforce World Tour where global leaders came to gather and shared around the theme of “embracing equity.”

The episode features:

Grace Kerrison, Head of Sales Solutions, APAC, LinkedIn

Fiona Low, VP/Group Director of Global Marketing, Worley

Gail Moody-Byrd, Vice President of Marketing, LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Colin Timm SVP & Country Manager at Salesforce

Carrie Smith CMO, Accenture

Sally Mack, Head of Revenue Operations, Safety Culture

Earlier this year, Pro Podcast announced its rebranding effort, the expansion of its team and their exclusive podcaster portal designed to provide a seamless creation experience.

“We are committed to delivering the best podcasting experience to anyone looking to refine their message and attract the right audience,” says Darcy who founded the company in 2016.

LinkedIn is the latest to enlist the support of Pro Podcast and are joined by Xero, Lifeline, SES, Acast, Mediaweek and a range of independent podcasters, including Nova’s Tim Blackwell, Lux Listings Gavin Rubinstein and Logan Paul for Australian Productions.