Barometer And Audiohook Partner To Enable Brand Suitability and Contextual Targeting

Barometer, an AI company specializing in brand suitability and contextual targeting technology for digital audio, has announced a unique partnership with Audiohook, the industry’s leading audio-centric DSP that provides marketers with unprecedented transparency and control of their advertising investments. This partnership will allow advertisers the ability to enforce brand suitability guidelines across thousands of podcasts while enhancing their contextual targeting through Audiobook’s programmatic platform.

The integration with Audiohook’s platform allows advertisers to instantly see if the inventory being monitored by Barometer’s AI-powered brand integrity cloud meets their integrity guidelines. The signals can then be used to enforce those guidelines across the podcast inventory, greatly simplifying the current status quo of post-campaign analysis.

Additionally, as part of this partnership, through the use of Barometer’s AI, Audiohook is now automatically blocking all content based on the GARM Safety Floor, platform-wide for all advertisers free of charge.

“As leaders in the industry, we’ve witnessed the evolution and innovation of the audio landscape,” said Jordan Bentley, CEO of Audiohook. “Brand safety has historically been done on a keyword level, missing all the context that podcasting brings with it. Just as we recognize the need for audio specific buying capabilities, the existing brand safety solutions that have been ported over from display and video, don’t cut it with audio. As an audio first technology company, we are excited to partner with Barometer.”

“Our brand integrity and contextual targeting capabilities bring a new level of clarity and control to advertisers,” said Tamara Zubatiy, co-founder and CEO at Barometer. “Brands can now enforce their standards while setting up campaigns to relieve constant monitoring and ensure their ads are meeting the safety and suitability requirements.”

If you’d like to learn more about how you can tap into the power of this partnership, please reach out to