Paradiso Media Acquires Binge Audio

As the podcast market continues to grow (podcasts currently attract approximately 424.2 million active monthly listeners worldwide, with over 170 million in the United States and nearly 18 million in France), Paradiso Media is proud to announce its acquisition of a majority stake in Binge Audio, one of France’s leading podcast production company/networks.

Together, these two industry pioneers are poised to become a top player in the European podcast arena, offering listeners a diverse range of rich, compelling content. The combined entity forms the largest independent studio in France and is among the top 5 in Europe in audience and revenue, with more than 50 full-time employees based in Paris, Los Angeles, and New York, 170+ shows including 15 owned and operated umbrella feeds and nearly 40 million downloads per year.

Founded in 2015, Binge Audio became known for its always-on documentary podcasts, with provocative audience favorites, such as Les Couilles sur la table (Balls on the Table), Le Cœur sur la table (Heart on the Table), À bientôt de te revoir (See You Soon), and Programme B

LVMH media subsidiary Groupe Les Échos, a Binge Audio minority stakeholder since 2018, collaborated closely with Binge on the production and distribution of audio content across the group’s brands, helping Binge Grow into a major player in the French podcasting industry with two million monthly downloads. By joining Paradiso Media, a company at the forefront of original podcast production and marketing, Binge Audio is seizing an opportunity to expand the podcast ecosystem in France and Europe.

Lorenzo Benedetti, CEO of Paradiso Media: “Through the acquisition of Binge audio, Paradiso Media is committed to consolidating independent podcast production in France. The union of our teams, as two major players with complementary editorial strategies, will allow listeners to access an even richer and more diversified offering. We are excited to work with Binge teams, whose work we admire and accomplishments we salute.”

Pierre Louette, Chairman and CEO of Les Echos – Le Parisian Group: “A heartfelt thank you to the Binge Audio team whose work was instrumental in establishing our company in the field of podcasting. We are also proud to have played a role, for five years, in the growth of Binge Audio. Its alliance with Paradiso Media bodes well fro the future, not only for this new union, but more broadly for French podcast production.”

Joël Ronez, President and Co-Founder of Binge Audio: “A new era is dawning for Binge Audio, which has the opportunity to join a group that will evolve at the forefront of European podcasts. We look forward to brining our expertise to bear in furthering the ambitions of Paradiso.”