iVoox Adds New Monetization Model For Professional Podcasts

The leading platform for podcasts in Spanish, iVoox, launches  an economic delivery system based on the insertion of dynamic advertising within the audios. It is a new advertising format that will allow the sale of direct campaigns through its advertising marketplace, AdVoices. 

The company continues to work to be the best option to publish, distribute, and monetize a podcast, and with this new source of income it complements its monetization models, such as direct support from the audience and iVoox Plus subscription, sponsorships of the affiliation, with which more than €3.3M have already been generated for their creators.

Thanks to the new model, which until now has only been available for iVoox Originals, creators who publish their podcast in iVoox will be able to earn money from the advertising inserted in their episodes. They will generate revenue from listens both on the platform and outside, on Spotify, Google Podcast, or Apple Podcasts.

In this way, advertising brands will be able to broadcast audio spots for their campaign in specific podcasts on all the platforms where the creators distribute their content. This new way of advertising is added to the possibility of contracting review campaigns, mentions or dedicated episodes, as they could do up to now.

In this first phase of implementation, ads will be added in a non-intrusive way for the listener. Once the first phase of testing is complete, iVoox will incorporate a new feature whereby creators will be able to add ads in the middle of their episodes, choosing the exact point and amount of ads.

“In a first stage we are testing adding audio ads from ad networks, with the aim of optimizing settings and fill rates that will allow us to end up selling direct campaigns for our creators,” explains Juan Ignacio Solera, founder of iVoox. This is a combination of revenue for podcasters, where on the one hand there is revenue from direct ads through AdVoices and, on the other hand, programmatic network advertising, whereby the podcaster will receive a share of the revenue, as YouTube does.

Quality ads, and always updated

The new dynamic advertising inserted in the episodes will be served on all listening platforms, and takes into account the target and profile of each podcaster’s listeners to deliver ads that are tailored to their values and content. To do this, it uses industry-leading third-party technology to add targeted direct campaigns through AdVoices and programmatic advertising ads from large advertisers.

This ensures quality ad integration for the duration of the campaign, always at the right time and to the right audience, meaning that a podcast will never contain an outdated ad. In addition, it will allow advertising to be included in any of the episodes published, regardless of the date of publication, but taking into account when users listen to them.

This new dynamic advertising model will benefit both large and small creators. Those who meet the requirements will be eligible for monetary distribution, and those who do not will get promotional actions for their podcasts with the aim of helping them to increase their audience on all platforms where they are distributed.