Ausha Recognized As One Of The ‘Best Workplaces For Women’

Since its creation, Ausha  has been actively committed to supporting women and recognizing their essential role in the podcasting industry.

In 2020, the company joined the ‘One in Three Women’ network, which aims to raise awareness and combat violence against women. In March 2023, Ausha also became the official partner of ‘Women and Podcasts’ network, the first influential network in France that promotes women professionals in the podcasting field.

With only 30% of podcasters in the US being women, supporting and amplifying women’s voices remains an ongoing mission for Ausha.

With a score of 99.100 for gender equality within the company, Ausha provides an inclusive and fair environment for its employees.

In a society where women are often underrepresented, Ausha celebrates the representation of women in pivotal roles within the startup, challenging stereotypes and fostering their career progression.

“At Ausha, we firmly believe that every voice matters. In mainstream media, women are often underrepresented and their voices are overlooked. That’s why they’ve turned to podcasting, where they’ve fond more freedom to make their voices heard. It was a no-brainer for us to support them – not only through our external initiatives but also within our own company. It’s a value we uphold and defend every day. That’s why we’re particularly proud to receive this recognition today.” – Jennifer Han, Chief Marketing Officer at Ausha.

In addition to this recognition for its commitment to women, Ausha is also honored to be featured in the ‘Best Workplace for Tech’ ranking.

This distinction highlights the company’s ambition to provide an environment where technology professionals can thrive and fulfill their full potential. In an ever-changing industry landscape, Ausha takes pride in cultivating a great work environment.