Triton Digital Announces YouTube Integration With Podcast Metrics

Triton Digital, the global technology and services leader to the digital audio, podcast, and broadcast radio industries, announced its data integration with YouTube.

Triton Digital has integrated YouTube views of podcast episodes into Triton Podcast Metrics, one of the first IAB-certified podcast measurement services in the industry, so publishers can now view how their content is consumed on YouTube in conjunction with their overall podcast downloads.

Publishers who are using Podcast Metrics will be able to effortlessly compare podcast downloads and views of their programming on YouTube within the interface. Additionally, the integration empowers publishers to seamlessly consolidate video metrics from a variety of programs, allowing you to choose any range of metrics including date range and country.

“YouTube’s influence on video podcasting is undeniably transformative and this integration marks a significant step forward for Triton Digital,” said Sharon Taylor, SVP Podcast Strategy & Product Operations, Triton Digital. “We’re confident that this will revolutionize the way podcasters engage with their audience, opening up a world of possibilities for content moderation and audience growth.”

A Podcast Metrics Demos+ study conducted by Triton Digital and Signal Hill Insights found that 28% of monthly podcast listeners surveyed name YouTube as the platform they use most often to consume podcasts. This integration serves as part of Triton Digital’s overall commitment to moving the podcast industry forward.

“Video has added another dimension connecting podcast creators with their audiences,” said Kai Chuk of YouTube, “The measurement and reporting of views provides critical insights to podcasters as they continue to produce the high quality content audiences want and deserve, giving publishers a more holistic view of podcast performance data.”

This initiative comes off the heels of Triton Digital’s recent partnership with Basis Technologies for over-the-air programmatic advertising and its acquisition of Manadge, a leading advertising analytics platform.