Acast Reveals Podcasts As The Most Influential Media Channel In Singapore

In a digital age where distractions are abundant and mindless scrolling prevails, podcasts have emerged as a beacon of authentic, motivational, and useful content and connection.

According to the latest data from Acast – Sounds Smart Asia 2023 – Singaporean consumers are turning to podcasts as their preferred media choice, positioning podcasts as the most influential media channel in the country.

Acast commissioned Attest to survey individuals in Singapore aged 18 or over, who regularly listen to podcasts at least once a week. The research was designed to replicate the focus of the 2022 study, delving into aspects such as podcast consumption, engagement, and receptivity, to provide an up-to-date outlook on the current podcast landscape.

Podcasts are part of daily routines: 93% of respondents in Singapore embrace podcasts in their daily routines.

Podcasts demand focus: When asked about focus while consuming various types of media, podcasts ranked at the top (72%), surpassing streaming TV (68%), and social media (64%).

Podcasts fuel minds: Over a third of respondents stated that podcasts are motivational, thought-provoking, and highly useful for learning. 95% of respondents stated that podcast discuss “things of interest.”

Podcasts positively impact brands: 74% of respondents agree that podcast advertising improves brand perception and 62% believe podcast advertising to be more influential than other media.

Podcast advertising drives consumer action: Over half of Singaporean podcast listeners admitted to making a purchase after hearing a product advertised on a podcast.

Podcasts offer authentic and trustworthy media: 86% of listeners regard podcast hosts as authentic and highly knowledgable, 66% of respondents trust podcast hosts to genuinely endorse brands, while 64% believe them to be more trustworthy than most people in the media.

Timi Siytangco, Key Account Director, International (Asia), said: “What every podcast listener has always known to be true is now unequivocal – podcasts are an effective, integral part of the media funnel. Their impact on consumers is unparalleled, presenting a game-changing opportunity for brands. In our study, conducted in 2022, we saw immense potential for podcasts, and now in 2023, it has become evident that podcasts are delivering on that promise.

To truly resonate with their audiences, brands must adopt a smart, tech-savvy approach to podcast advertising. Podcasts are a rare combination of measurable long-form storytelling. This opens up a unique opportunity for brands to use podcasts as a gateway to niche, engaged communities. A brand can flex their creative muscle while also leveraging industry-leading targeting and measurement features, all of which Acast can help with.”

Megan Davis, Managing Director, International at Acast, added: “Trust is crucial for any successful advertising campaign. It hinges on consumers’ belief in the brand, the product, and the advertising. Our results speak volumes, with 64% of respondents finding podcast hosts more trustworthy than most media figures. In my experience, this evidence alone underscores the significance of podcast advertising. Having partnered with leading brands like UOB, Glefiddich, Chanel, and Adyen, we eagerly anticipate witnessing more brands embracing the transformative potential of podcast advertising in Southeast Asia.”