Alitu Launches AI-Powered Showplanner Tool

Podcast maker Alitu is delighted to officially launch their first entirely AI-powered podcasting tool, the Alitu Showplanner.

The tool is designed to help experienced podcasters and newbies alike to take a new podcast concept from idea state through to launch in minutes by auto-generating an entire podcast action plan for free.

User answer a few short questions about their podcast idea to receive feedback on their concept, along with a full, detailed, podcast action plan. Plans include a podcast pitch, ideas for their first five episodes, suggested format, audience profile, and ideas on how to make the podcast unique from other shows already on the market.

The tool also comes with a catchy podcast name generator and an auto-generated script for the show’s initial trailer, meaning creators can immediately get the ball rolling and record their first episode.

Once podcasters submit their idea and generate their action plan, they also have the opportunity to join a 7-day bootcamp, get access to a 2,300-strong community of fellow podcasters, and a free trial of Alitu to record, edit and publish their podcast – all for free.

Co-Founder and CEO of Alitu, Colin Gray, has said:

“Anyone who’s ever started a podcast knows how tough that first step can be – taking that half-baked idea you’ve had floating around in your head for ages and turning it into something solid. It’s the challenge that kills so many podcasts before they even begin. We created Showplanner as a way for the podcasting community to use AI as an assistant to jump the hurdle, so we can go on to create the best content we’ve ever made.”

Jacob Anderson, Head of Marketing at Alitu has said:

“Talking about AI in our creative spaces like podcasting can put some people on the defensive, like it’s a threat or will somehow dilute their work. We’re looking at this crazy new landscape wit ha totally different mindset: AI as a tool to assist podcasters in a way that wasn’t possible before, and level the playing field. Not everybody can afford consultants, producers, whole teams around them. Showplanner is our first tentative step towards giving podcasters real, AI-fueled superpowers.”