Social Impact Leader & Osiris Media Co-Founder RJ Bee Named Executive Director Of Heritage Radio Network

The Board of Directors of Heritage Radio Network (HRN) has named RJ Bee as its next Executive Director. Bee’s appointment follows a national search led by Koya Partners, the executive recruiting firm focused on mission-driven leadership. As Executive Director, Bee will lead all aspects of HRN, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit media organization dedicated to amplifying the voices of farmers, chefs, servers, activists, and entrepreneurs working to improve the food system. Founded in 2009, HRN has provided more than 80 podcasts with a diverse array of hosts and topics.

“RJ’s experience creating outstanding content that inspires audiences and builds community makes him the ideal choice to be HRN’s next Executive Director”, said Liza Hamm, Chair of NRN’s Board of Directors. “His passion for HRN and his entrepreneurial spirit will help drive a new wave of growth and impact for HRN and for the broader food system.”

RJ is the co-founder of Osiris Media, the largest independent podcast network focused on music. As co-founder, Bee led a team of 15 audio music industry professionals in all aspects of content creation, revenue generation, and organizational development. Under his leadership, Osiris has grown to reach hundreds of thousands of fans per month.

In addition to his work at Osiris, RJ served as Senior Vice President of Hattaway Communications, leading day to day operations at the firm, including client service, business development, strategy and operational leadership. At Hattaway, he led the design and execution of communications strategies for such mission driven organizations as City Year, the Ford Foundation, the Gates Foundation, and USAID. In collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation, he also created the Storytelling for Good platform, a multi-year initiative to enhance the storytelling capacity of advocates working on a range of issues around the globe, including agriculture and food issues.

Most recently, RJ has served as Director of Operations for Global Situation Room, a public relations firm specializing in thought-leadership and crisis communications strategies, including issue advocacy campaigns, podcast and content creation, and event planning.

“I couldn’t be more excited by the chance to lead HRN in this next chapter,” said Bee. “I’ve long admired HRN’s podcasts. There’s never been a more important time to elevate the voices, issues, and forces shaping our footways and food systems, and I look forward to working with the HRN community to grow our reach and our impact in the years ahead.