Libsyn Unveils December 2023 Podcast Advertising Rates

Liberated Syndication Inc. (“Libsyn”), the leading all-in-one podcasting platform for creators and advertisers, announced its December 2023 Podcast Advertising Rates, including the highest and most accessible CPM categories.

“Podcast advertising undeniably works, reaching an estimated 120 million listeners in the U.S. each month. Since 2016, we’ve led the way in connecting brands with highly engaged audiences via seamless, in-content podcast and simulcast integrations. The pathway to success hinges on authenticity and trust for driving audience action and maximizing campaign results,” commented Dave Hanley, Chief Revenue Officer of Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast. “In 2024, we look forward to leveraging our expanding array of compelling content, influential hosts, and strong podcasting communities to boost discoverability, foster fandom, and drive performance outcomes for both new and existing advertisers.”

December 2023 Podcast Advertising Rates

The following rates, which are denoted as cost per thousand CPM, are published monthly by Libsyn’s AdvertisCast, the industry’s premier podcast advertising marketplace that comments advertisers with podcasters. The Company releases the figures to empower the podcaster and advertiser communities to readily monitor market pricing and provide greater insight into podcasting advertising as a monetization vehicle. The data is derived from actual sales data across AdvertiseCast’s network of thousands of shows.

The 60-second ad spot in 2023 had an average CPM rate of $22.58, reflecting a decrease of 6% versus 2022, where the average CPM rate was $23.87. Considering the challenging overall advertising market, this relatively small decrease demonstrates the resiliency of the podcast advertising ecosystem.

For December 2023, the average CPM rate was $22.91 for a 60-second ad spot. That figure is up slightly compared to last month (November 2023 avg. CPM rate: $22.85) and has decreased year-over-year (December 2022 avg. CPM rate: $25.53).

The three highest CPM categories in November based on delivered advertising were:

Arts: $26

Technology: $25

Health & Fitness: $24

Moreover, three categories where advertisers can effectively tap into highly engaged audiences at more accessible CPM Raes include Games, History, and True Crime, which averaged around the low 20s in December.

Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast combines an industry-leading ad buying and management platform with full-service capabilities that makes it easier for podcast advertisers to initiate and manage highly targeted and measurable campaigns, while providing maximum return for creators. Historical monthly CMP rates can be found on AdvertiseCasts’s website at: