AdLarge and Fable & Folly Announce Partnership

AdLarge announced their partnership with Fable & Folly Podcast Network for exclusive ad sales. This partnership underscores AdLarge’s dedication to amplifying underrepresented voices within the podcast community. With over 100 audio fiction podcasts, featuring compelling stories ranging from small town conspiracies, to sci-fie comedies, to Dungeons & Dragons improv, the Fable & Follow Network pushes the boundaries of representation in media.

The Fable & Folly Network prioritizes authenticity, championing a movement that empowers queer, disabled, intersectional, and gender-fluid visionaries. These creators are reshaping the landscape of media representation and pioneering the future of creative expression. At the heard of their mission is a young, diverse and extremely passionate fan base whose identities are shaped by the brands they cherish and compelling content they actively contribute to and share. Renowned as trendsetters across the realms of arts, music, fashion, politics, science, and technology, they embody a transformative force in the audio storytelling landscape.

Pioneering the frontier of brand extension, Fable & Folly’s team seamlessly integrates in-world ads, setting the standard for natural advertising experiences. Fiction is inherently brand-safe and through this partnership with the AdLarge Podcast Network, together they provide an unparalleled level of brand safety, surpassing any other available options.

“We are excited to be working with Adlarge,” says Russ More, COO of Fable and Folly. “Their team is driven to connect brands with diverse storytellers and change makers. This enables to support more independent producers to tell the stories that no one else will tell.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Fable & Folly,” shared Cathy Csukas, CEO of AdLarge. “Their compelling array of shows, coupled with a steadfast dedication to inclusivity and representation, harmonizes perfectly with the fundamental values and mission of AdLarge. We are eager to introduce these actively engaged audiences to our clients.”

The Fable & Folly Network of Podcasts including shows such as; Midnight Burger, The Amelia Project, The Strata, Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons, Wolf 359 and Unwell can be found wherever you listen to podcasts.

For more information about advertising in any of the Fable & Folly podcasts, reach out to sales@adlarge,com.