Flightpath Premiers First-Of-It’s-Kind Campaign Prediction One Year Into The Future

Flightpath, a trailblazer in the podcast industry, has unleashed a groundbreaking availability engine, setting a new standard by delivering a full year of trusted campaign projections across all shows on the platform. This cutting-edge innovation not only elevates transparency and control within the industry but also empowers advertisers and creators to plan campaigns with unprecedented confidence, facilitating better collaboration and trusted partnerships.

Every existing Flightpath client on the platform has already experienced an upgrade, gaining the ability to visualize a comprehensive one-year forecast of campaign performance across their entire portfolio.

This feature seamlessly integrates with all campaign targeting criteria to include: frequency capping, brand exclusion, pacing, and geo-targeting down to the DMA level. In an industry where back of the napkin historical data has been the primary tool for predicting future placements, Flightpath offers a singular source of truth, giving teams a more accurate assessment of unsold inventory and campaign performance. Buyers turn to their trusted partners first. Flightpath help clients build and maintain that trusted status.

Key Features of Flightpath’s New Platform:

Trusted projection campaign performance one year in advance, helping publishers better manage expectations and deliver on their promises.

The industry’s inaugural availability engine, providing a year of reliable availability, supporting DAI run of show, tags, and “faked-in” (episode-locked) placements.

Full support for all targeting criteria to include: frequency capping, brand exclusion, pacing, and Geo inclusion/exclusion down to the DMA level.

Integration with leading DAI-enabled podcast hosts and Order Management Systems.

Access to a team with expertise in data science, ad operations, and revenue growth that is available to all clients for ongoing consultations as the industry continues to evolve.

Flightpath CEO Sean Howard commented on the announcement, “2023 saw DAI podcast hosts announcing 90 days of availability prediction when we were already offering 9 months. We wanted to go even further and give our clients the ability to see campaign performance a year into the future with availability to match.”

“With so many clients confirming their up front contracts, we knew it was critical they be able to immediately forsee any shortfalls,” shares Flightpath CRO, Lauria Belleau. “It’s truly a game changer to enable our clients to quickly and confidently pull trusted availability for all of 2024.”

“Flightpath has a comprehensive grasp on the needs of podcasting ad ops teams,” added Ilwira Marciszek, Senior VP, Head of Revenue Operations and Digital Sales of AdLarge. “Their commitment to driving impactful results, optimizing yield, and consistently innovating through streamlined tools sets them apart, adding immense value to the entire process.”

To learn more about Flightpath, reach out to laurie@flighpath.fm.