Wondery Strikes Global First Look Deal With Campside Media For A Multi-Project Slate

Podcast studio Wondery announced an audio first-look deal with Campsite Media, a leading podcast production company known for its award-winning and critically acclaimed journalistic storytelling. Under the multi-project commitment, Wondery and Campside will produce Limited Series podcasts, including non-English language titles, to be distributed by Wondery globally.

Building further on the relationship, Wondery and Campside have collaborated previously, including three seasons of Suspect with the fourth season coming later this year, Sports Explains The World from Wondery and Meadowlark, and Campside Co-founder Matt Shaer reporting and hosting Wondery’s Over My Dead Body. Campside and Wondery both strategically align in creating compelling podcasts that serve as the building blocks for television and film adaptations. Currently, Suspect is being developed as a TV series at Amazon MGM Studios with Wondery and Campside Media producing.

“We have worked with Campside on several projects, including Suspect, and I’m honored we’re expanding our collaboration with them,” said Marshall Lewy, Chief Content Officer, Wondery. “Their instinct for fascinating stories and excellence in journalism fits perfectly with Wonder’s commitment to delivering captivating narratives to audiences worldwide. I am particularly thrilled that this partnership includes global investigative series, and it marks a big milestone as we continue to bring the most bingeable, groundbreaking and thought-provoking series we can to our listeners.”

“Marshal Lewy and George Lavender, now Wondery’s Head of Creative Production, were my introduction to audio — the helped teach me how to make a successful narrative podcast,” Matt Shaer, Co-Founder of Campside Media said. “This deal feels like a genuine full circle moment: From those early days of the medium, to collaborating on the Suspect franchise, and now working in partnership on a broad new range of shows. As a creator, I can’t think of a better home for Campside’s work than Wondery.”

Renowned for their compelling journalism-first approach and creator-driven content, Campside Media was recently recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2023, producing over 40 limited series podcasts, with 20 television and film adaptation projects in development. Wondery is an industry leader in transitioning podcasts into television shows and to date has produced 6 prestige limited TV series.