Focus on Blubrry Podcasting: Private Podcasting

illustration of an opened blue padlock with the logo of Blubrry Podcasting in the middle of the padlock; the logo looks like a round blueberry with three shine marks on the upper rightThis article is part of an ongoing series that focuses on features provided by Blubrry Podcasting.

Podcasts are typically published on the open web and distributed through many apps and directories. This works well for most podcasts. But, sometimes, it’s necessary to keep a podcast private so it’s only available to a select audience. Private podcasts usually require a combination of services working in concert: media hosting, user authentication, playback tools, and more. It can be challenging to get these different pieces to run smoothly together. That’s where Blubrry Private Podcasting comes in.

Who Can Use Private Podcasting?
Private podcasts are great for many different use cases. Here are some examples:

  • Podcasters who’d like to provide courses to paying listeners. Blubrry also has a Premium Podcasting offering with its unique features.
  • Educational institutions can provide courses for students.
  • Businesses can distribute training materials, internal announcements, meeting recordings, and more to employees.
  • Families can share oral histories and other personal messages to specific groups of family members.

Safe. Secure. Private.
Blubrry Private Podcasting provides total control. Private podcasts are invitation-only. Invitees can be assigned to specific groups based on what content they should have access to. This is useful for podcasters who want to provide tiers of content for different users. For example, a business may want to create dedicated groups for trainees, sales staff, or management. Schools could create groups for different grade levels or course tracks. Indie podcasters could create tiered episode levels based on supporter contributions.

Shows created with Blubrry Private Podcasting are not publicly accessible. Listeners invited to access a private podcast are authenticated with encryption through Blubrry servers. Blubrry Private Podcasts can be integrated with existing OAuth2 or SAML providers so participants can use existing credentials.

Episodes published through Blubrry Private Podcasting are available for playback only within the Private Podcasting system. No direct download options could be used to share episodes outside of the private podcasting system.

Simple, Familiar Playback
Private podcasts alone don’t mean much if they’re difficult to access. That’s why Blubrry Private Podcasting provides different options for consuming private podcasts:

  • Web Interface: audience members log in to a customized, dedicated URL and see their available content. Playback controls are immediately familiar and easy to use.
  • Progressive Web App: audience members can install private podcasts directly onto their devices as standalone apps.
  • Mobile Apps: Blubrry Private Podcasting provides dedicated iOS and Android apps, making it easy to listen/watch on mobile devices.

Podcast Stats Included
Blubrry Private Podcasting customers receive the same Advanced Stats that Blubrry media hosting customers have enjoyed for years. Blubrry stats are IAB-certified to be highly accurate and reliable. Advanced Stats provides audience retention and partial-play data to help producers understand how their audiences interact with their content.

Go Private!
Whether it’s a large organization that needs to enhance internal communications or an independent producer looking to provide extra content, Blubrry Private Podcasting has a plan that’s right for the job. Blubrry Private Podcasting truly makes it easy to go private!

Podspace’s Expansion Welcomes New Hire Aiming For International Growth

Podspace proudly announces the appointment of Lotten Skeppstedt as Director of Platform Services. With over a million listeners each week, Podspace leads the way as Sweden’s commercial podcast scene is ready to embark on an international journey.

Lotten Skeppstedt brings extensive experience from various corporations, startups, and scale-ups in media, entertainment, and technology. She has held senior positions at companies like Storytel, Bonnier Books, and Sesamy. Her experience spans various domains, from product development, text, and audio production to business development and forming commercial partnerships in international contexts.

“I’m genuinely thrilled to be part of the entrepreneurial team at Podspace. Their technical platform represents a new benchmark in podcast hosting and distribution in my view. With the growing popularity of podcasts, which have become intregral to many people’s media habits and a powerful advertising medium for brands, Podspace is well-positioned to take advantage of the continued growth and momentum in the market” says Skeppstedt on her decision to join the company.

“I look forward to contributing to the platform’s strategic direction, ensuring its competitiveness and exploring new business opportunities to ensure that the platform and services remain innovative and responsive to the ever-changing needs of the company and its customers, both large publishers and media buyers.”

CEO Carl Fridsjö underscores the significance of Skeppstedt’s appointment in the context of Podspace’s international plans: “We are delighted to welcome Lotten aboard. Her seasoned leadership will be instrumental, particularly as we embark on our journey toward internationalization. The overwhelming interest from Swedish publishers and media buyers has pushed us to accelerate our expansion plans. As we plan for 2024, expanding on new markets, including the broader Nordic region, is a natural next step.

About Podspace

Podspace is a premium distribution platform and marketplace for podcasts, collaborating with professional publishers and creators. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools encompassing CMS, hosting, advertising networks, campaign management, verified analytics, paywall solutions, and more. Ensuring cross-platform compatibility, Podspace distributes content across all major podcast players within the open ecosystem, while also providing seamless integrations with premium platforms such as Apple and Spotify.

Former Spotify Exec And Parcast Studios Founder Max Cutler Launches New Media Company

Spotify’s former VP, Head of talk Creator Content and Partnerships, Parcast Studios Founder, and entrepreneur Max Cutler, announced the launch of his new media company PAVE Studios – positioned at the forefront of audio, video, books and entertainment, With a commitment to empowering creators and fostering connections through engaged communities, PAVE Studios will pave the way for a new era in media.

“In today’s media landscape, the convergence of formats is reshaping the way we consumer content. Storytellers who successfully engage audiences and create fandoms through written, audio, and video content have led the charge in cultivating their robust communities into diverse businesses,” said Cutler. “PAVE Studios will set the stage for a better way of producing, distributing and consuming the world’s greatest original content, all while empowering creators, simplifying content discovery, and fostering vibrant fan communities.”

Unlike many entertainment companies that pursue a broad content strategy, PAVE Studios is dedicated to building a unique ecosystem of genre-specific brands aimed at amplifying discoverability and super serving audiences with the content they want and love. Alongside top creators, each community will unveil an array of fresh, original content across audio, video, books, live experiences, merchandise and more. The media company will initially launch two new studios – OpenMind and Crime House – focused on Wellness and True Crime respectively, with plans to introduce additional brands in the future.

PAVE Studios is already collaborating with numerous creators to develop original content, with more announcements to be made soon. Confirmed creators include:

* Nicole Lapin (Instagram; TikTok): New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author or Rich Bitch, Boss Bitch, Becoming Super Woman and Miss Independent. Lapin has been an anchor on CNN, CNBC and Bloomberg. She’s the founder of Money News Network, which is the home of her daily show Money Rehab with Nicole Lapin that reached #1 on Apple’s business charts.

* Mark Hyman, MD (Instagram; TikTok): Internationally-recognized Functional Medicine family physician and leader who’s fifteen-time New York Times best-selling author. Host of the leading health podcast, The Doctor’s Pharmacy, co founder and chief medical officer of Function Health, and medical contributor on CBS This Morning, Today, Good Morning America, The View, Fox and CNN.

* Ally Leuber (Instagram;TikTok): Vanderpump Rules star and spiritual astrologer dedicated to the complexities of the cosmic universe and empowering clients through natal astrology to foster self-live and acceptance.

* Jemma Sbeg (Instagram; TikTok): Australian podcaster best known for her self-help podcast, The Psychology of your 20s, where she tackles relevant topics for fellow-20 year olds such as impostor syndrome, hangiexty, situationships and the myth of the dream job. It was a Top 20 Podcast Globally last year and remains one of the top Mental Health and Self Help podcasts.

* Aliza Kelly (Instagram;TikTok): Renowned celebrity astrologer, bestselling author, and media host known for her regular column in New York Magazine’s The Cut and as the resident astrologer of Bumble. She’s appeared in numerous publications and TV shows, including Vogue, The New York Times, Today, E! and Jimmy Kimmel Live!


OpenMind is a vibrant and dynamic, global community where you can ignite your mind, expand your horizons and nourish your soul. Through meaningful conversations, uplifting stories, curiosity-inspired content, and transformative experiences, we aim to inspire, educate, entertain, and empower your personal growth and well-being. This is where you can explore, learn, and connect with an array of content from purpose-driven creators and storytellers, including thought leaders, experts, visionaries, educators, change-makers, and more.


Crime House is your ultimate destination that delves deep into the human psyche and explores the captivating world of true crime. By collaborating with expert creators, we deliver ethical storytelling, thought-provoking investigations, gripping narratives and immersive experiences like never before. In a genre where reality is often stranger than fiction, this is where you go to uncover the mysteries and truth behind the headlines.


Max Cutler is a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur best know for founding Parcast Studios and previously serving as Spotify’s VP, Head of Talk Creator Content and Partnerships, where he oversaw all top creators, including securing licensed deals on the platform with influential voices such as Alex Cooper, Emma Chamberlain, Markiplier, Brené Brown, and many more.
He also managed the partnership with The Joe Rogan Experience, which consistently ranks as the Top Global Podcast.

As the founder of Parcast, Cutler rapidly propelled the platform and podcast studio to international acclaim, leading to its acquisition by Spotify in an unprecedented +$100M deal in 2019. He has been recognized by numerous industry publications such as Fortune’s 40 under 40. Forbes 30 under 30, The Hollywood Reporter’s 35 Rising Executives Under 35, and their inaugural Most Powerful People in Podcasting list.

Audacy And ElevenLabs Strike Partnership

Audacy is partnering with voice AI research and deployment company ElevenLabs to augment its existing programming and production workflows.

Through ElevenLabs’ market-leading synthetic voice capabilities, this partnership will create a robust library of voices for Audacy to deliver custom experiences for listeners and advertising clients. Audacy will infuse creator-led ideas and concepts with ElevenLabs’ technology to further bolster its programmers’ and talents’ unique ability to engage deeply with audiences at scale.

“By experimenting with ElevenLabs’ synthetic voice capabilities, we’re transforming how we connect with our listeners and create value for our advertising partners,” said Jeff Sottolano, Executive Vice President and Head of Programming, Audacy. “By streamlining workflows, this collaboration will empower creators with more bandwidth to focus on the exceptional content and listening experiences our audiences love and expect from Audacy.”

“Through our work with Audacy, we’re bringing new voices to life, making radio more diverse and accessible for everyone,” says Carles Reina, Vice President of Revenue, ElevenLabs. “This technology also means we can produce more creator-led content faster, keeping up with the speed of today’s world.”

ElevenLabs is a voice AI research and deployment company with a mission to make content universally accessible in any language and voice. ElevenLabs creates the most realistic, versatile and contextually aware AI audio, providing the ability to generate speech in hundreds of new and existing voices in 29 languages. As a technology research company, ElevenLabs is at the forefront of developing new cutting-edge voice AI. The company deploys the most advanced models and features accessible via web app or API to a user base from creators to publishers and beyond.

About Audacy

Audacy, Inc. is a leading multi-platform audio content and entertainment company that connects with 200 million consumers. Powered by its exclusive, premium audio content that includes unrivaled leadership positions in news and sports radio, Audacy operates one of the country’s two scaled radio broadcasting groups, a rapidly growing direct-to-consumer digital audio platform, multiple audio networks, a major event business and a leading, award-winning podcast studio. Learn more at, Facebook, X, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Sonnant and Barometer Dispel Unfounded Fears About Brand Safety

Knowing that programmatic advertising for audio is on the rise [cite: IAB], and digital revenues were becoming the focus of more publishers, Sonnant and Barometer started a customer project to prove that data and AI could overcome any unwillingness of advertisers to invest in audio advertising spend.

Tony Simmons, Founder and CEO of Sonnant, says “Publishers have been concerned that any piece of content, that was labelled ‘unsafe’ or ‘high risk’ by tech would reduce its advertising potential to zero. Our wide-reaching research indicated that just because a 90-minute show discussed ‘Murder’ around the 10 minute mark, advertisers would still be eager to advertise at a later point of the show if the content and audience mix was brand relevant. So, when I started discussing this opportunity with the Barometer team, our collective goal was to get to that later advertising placement with simplicity, cost-efficiency, and precision.”

Dr. Tamara Zubatiy, co-founder and CEO of Barometer stated, “Brands need a safe, suitable and contextually relevant advertising environment. We’ve been working hard to help brands move away from whole category exclusions towards scaled show and episode approvals, allowing advertisers to be more nuanced in their targeting. This work with Sonnant continues that pursuit and introduces a new level of granularity; ad-break to ad break, offering advertisers the most precise contextual adjacency targeting possible.

Barometer’s contextual engine decodes the nuances of spoken-word content, allowing publishers and advertisers to uncover structured content signals, intent, sentiment, tone, and relevance, setting a new standard for contextual targeting and brand suitability in audio and beyond.

Sonnant is building the digital infrastructure to unleash spoken word content into the digital age. Its platform uses specialists AI to digitise content, automating manual, non-remunerative workflows and connecting via API to publication and advertising systems to increase revenues.

Together, Sonnant and Barometer’s allows customers to find contextually relevant, suitable insertion points via API:

* Choose contextual targets + suitability and safety levels: Select your contextual framework to build safe and suitable targeting criteria.

* Create timing barriers: Ensure that any ad is placed with contextually relevant content, but at a safe enough time distance, of your choosing, to remove unwanted alignment.

* Create mid rolls and activate: Midrolls placements are now created at a safe distance, and these timing and targeting data / rules integrate directly to your existing platforms.

For more information or a demo, please see our deck here meet with us at NAB, or contact: Tamara Zubaity, CEO & Co-founder, or Tony Simmons, CEO,Sonnant

The 2024 Independent Podcast Awards Are Open For Entry

The Independent Podcast Awards 2024 are now open for entry, with entry fees held at 2023 prices, and brand new categories added too. The deadline for entries is Friday 31st May which gives indie podcasters two months to get their submissions in.

The Awards were set up in 2023 by why now Media and Em McGowan from the Verbal Diorama podcast, for podcasts that are truly independent of corporate ties and celebrity hosts. With the aim of highlighting shows that other awards events often pass over, the already-popular awards are open to podcasts in the UK and Ireland.

New categories for 2024 are Branded Content, Lifestyle, The Outdoors & Adventure, and Parenting, taking the total number to 25. This of course includes overall Independent Podcast of the Year which is chosen from the winners of all the other categories. Due to their popularity, Best Artwork and Best Jingle are also making a return to the lineup.

Em McGowan, Host and Producer of Verbal Diorama and Co-Founder of the awards said: “I’m delighted the awards are now open for entry, and that indie podcasters once again get a chance to shine alongside their peers. We’ve tried to keep the entry process simple again this year, and to help anyone that may have questions I’ll be taking part in a Growth Labs session with Captivate in the coming weeks, so do sign up for that.”

Emma Turner, Head of Events & Publicity at why now, Co-Founders of the awards said: “The announcement that the awards were coming back was so well received, with a lit of good feeling towards our first event. I’m really hopeful that we’ll get lots of indie podcasters submitting their shows for our expert panel of judges to listen to this year. We were blown away with the standard of entries we received last year which is a testament to the amount of talent there is in this community.”

The Podcasting, Seriously Fund is back as a Media Partner again this year, offering bursaries for entry fees to those qualifying. Also on board as sponsors for the event are Adelicious, AudioUK, Captivate, Kings Place, Pod Bible, Podnews and Spotify.

Following the previous call for judges many excellent industry experts have signed up to take part this year. The team is still on the hunt for more, so if you think you’ve got what it takes and would like to support this wonderful community email Emma at whynow on

The awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday 23rd October at Kings Place in Kings Cross, London where the inaugural awards were held in 2023.

The deadline to enter is 5pm Friday 31st May. To find our more information and to submit your entry head to

Steven Bartlett Launches Flight Studio

Steven Bartlett, entrepreneur and host of Apple’s #1 podcast of 2023 and the 2nd largest podcast on YouTube, The Diary of a CEO (DOAC); announces the launch of Flight Studio a global podcast media and technology company. The new company is working across every component of the podcast entertainment development, creation, growth and monetisation process – and is aiming to redefine the industry.

Flight Studio’s podcast and media growth platform is the culmination of the last three years of Bartlett’s and the team’s rigorous approach to experimentation and innovation, resulting in the creation of one of the world’s largest and fastest growing podcast brands, The Diary of a CEO.

DOAC has had nearly 400M views to date on YouTube, its audience on Spotify grew by 94% in 2023 and each episode has an audience of 2M. DOAC is forecasted to hit 10M YouTube subscribers by December 2024, a predicted 100% CAGR.

Flight Studio’s growth platform is focused on creating podcast brand that contribute to a happier, healthier, whole human experience, providing a global audience for the category-leading experts across a variety of content verticals.

At Launch, the first podcasters joining Flight Studio include;

* Davina McCall, one of the UK’s most loved and trusted broadcasters and authors.

* Paul C Brunson, a global leader in relationship science, author and broadcaster. A DOAC guest on two occasions, Paul has amassed over 3M views and some of the highest engagement data to date.

* Dr Tara Swart, MD, neuroscientist, advisor and author whose DOAC episode has 11M views to date – the highest performing guest of all time.

* Africa Brooke, author, consultant, coach and international speaker whose DOAC episode had one of the biggest impacts across social metrics after its release.

* Kristen Holmes, Global Head of Human Performance and Principal Scientist at WHOOP.

* The Diary Of A CEO will sign exclusively to Flight Studio, DOAC now has over 5.5 million YouTube subscriber and over 350 million views.

These new, video-first podcast brands will be scaled on the Flight Studio platform via proprietary data and experimentation methodology, across the end to end podcast process; from production to audience growth, to distribution and omni-channel optimisation.

The company and platform has a unified approach on integrating leading-edge AI technology in every aspect of this process, including audio translation into multiple languages – as seen on DOAC from late 2023.

Flight Studio will maximize the IP expansion for these new podcast brands; with a product, e-commerce, live events, publishing and rights team in place. The company has created an innovative commercial offering that will include multi-platform brand partnerships and equity opportunities via Flight Fund, the $100M Fund powered by Steven and some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Alongside Steven Bartlett, Flight Studio will be led and co-founded by Georgie Holt, Acast’s former Regional Managing Director for the Americas, and former US Head of Sales and Brand Partnerships, Christiana Brenton. Georgie and Christiana will be combining their years of global podcast and media expertise with the existing DOAC team to accelerate the company’s ambitions.

Focus on Blubrry Podcasting: Podcast Statistics

Blubrry Stats screenshot showing a set of headphones with the number 196726 below, with the text "total show listens" below that, and the text "443 episodes" at the very bottomThis is the first in an ongoing series that focuses on features provided by Blubrry Podcasting.

Whether you’re just starting out in podcasting or a longtime producer, it can be common to feel like you’re just speaking into the void. Is anyone out there? Are they really listening? The answers to these questions may seem difficult to find, but they’re not as complicated as you might think. Many of these questions can be solved with Blubrry Podcast Statistics.

Is There Anybody Listening?
In the early days of podcasting, show producers had few ways to determine if their shows were being consumed. Occasional audience communication, like e-mail or social media connections, was always gratifying. However, direct feedback usually only represents a small percentage of any show’s audience. To better understand audience size, it was necessary to sift through server logs, trying to parse raw data into something meaningful.

A Beacon of Hope
Blubrry was founded by podcasters with roots in the very beginning of podcasting. Growing with the medium, Blubrry understood podcasters’ challenges, including the need for audience measurement. That led Blubrry to launch its own podcast statistics platform in 2007. Blubrry Stats was immediately open to all podcasters, regardless of what platform they used to publish their shows.

Constantly Growing
The podcasting industry has changed significantly over time, and Blubrry’s been growing with it. Blubrry Stats started as a standalone offering and was later paired with Blubrry Podcast Media Hosting to provide the most profound insights possible from any podcasting platform. Blubrry Stats was the first podcasting stats system to receive entire Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) certification.

Options for All Podcasters
Blubrry offers three different tiers of podcast statistics:

  • Blubrry Free Statistics: A quick and easy solution for getting a snapshot of how many downloads your podcast receives and how/where people consume your show. Free Stats can be used with any podcast publishing platform that supports third-party stats providers.
  • Blubrry Standard Statistics: This version of Blubrry Stats is available for $5/month and is a big step up from Free Stats. Standard Stats allows you to compare episodes and see download trends across your stats history. Standard Stats unlocks Blubrry Media Kit, an excellent tool for promoting your show. This level of Blubrry Stats is also available as part of Blubrry’s $12/month Standard Media Hosting package, providing an affordable full-service podcast publishing solution.
  • Blubrry Advanced Statistics: With all Blubrry Advanced Media Hosting plans (starting at $20/month), Blubrry Advanced Stats provides the most comprehensive look at your show’s audience. Along with all of the features in Standard Stats, Advanced Stats estimates total listeners/subscribers and provides listener retention/partial plays and impactful play data.

Go Even Further
Knowing your show’s audience goes beyond just the numbers. Each tier of Blubrry Stats allows you to create Listener Surveys that can be used to gain more specific insights into your audience, like age/gender/economic demographics. Listener surveys are anonymized on the listener side, but their aggregate data can help you get the most indepth picture of your show’s audience.

Leaving the Void
Sign up for Blubrry Stats today and start getting the full picture of your show’s audience. You’ll never again feel like you’re podcasting into the void!

Empowering Creators – Blubrry Podcasting Offers 50% Off For Higher Education Students

Students save money with Blubrry’s new verified discount.

Blubrry Podcasting, a trailblazer in the podcasting industry, is significantly lowering the barrier to entry in podcasting by announcing a generous 50% discount on its podcasting services for higher education students. Recognizing the importance of empowering the next generation of learners, Blubrry Podcasting is taking the initiative to support new creators who otherwise wouldn’t be able to host a professional podcast due to cost.

Podcasting has become a powerful medium for storytelling, sharing knowledge and building communities. It’s accessibility and versatility have made it an ideal tool for students to meaningfully connect with their communities. Recognizing the importance of nurturing the next generation of learners, Blubrry Podcasting is committed to removing students’ barriers to entry when starting or continuing their podcasting efforts.

For students, podcasting offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore topics of interest, develop valuable digital communication skills, and create a portfolio of work that can impress future employees or educational endeavors. Blubrry’s discount directly addresses challenges, making podcasting accessible to a broader range of college students

Why does podcasting matter for younger generations? It offers a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Real-World Skills: Podcast production develops skills in scripting, recording, editing and marketing, preparing students for future careers.
  • Continued Growth in the Podcast Industry: Podcasting will only maintain sustainability of younger generations continue to share their voices and can get their ideas off the ground quickly.
  • Student Engagement: Podcasting empowers students to become content creators, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills.
  • Flexible Learning: On-demand access to content accommodates different lifestyles, busy schedules, and learning styles.
  • Community Building: Podcasts connect students with their peers and in some cases, are used in more academic environments with their teachers and classmates.

Blubrry Podcasting’s commitment to providing this discount to higher education students underscores its dedication to nurturing the podcasters of tomorrow. In an era where technology is reshaping education, podcasting stands out as a tool that empowers educators and students. This is only the first opportunity to lessen the barrier to entry for students and educators.

This initiative is a significant step toward fostering a generation of podcasters who will continue to explore and evolve this exciting medium and the industry. To access this offer, students simply verify their student status and use the discount code available during the podcast hosting checkout. Those interested in learning more about the podcasting student discount can visit Blubrry’s website and blog post.

About us: Blubrry Podcasting is a leading provider of podcasting services, including hosting, distribution, analytics, and monetization. With a focus on innovation and community, Blubrry supports podcaster at every stage of their journey, offering tools and resources to help creators reach their fullest potential. To learn more about how to Publish, Analyze, and Grow, please visit our website.

Sony Music’s Global Podcast Division Acquires Neon Hum

Sony Music’s Global Podcast Division announced the acquisition of podcast production company Neon Hum, streamlining the company’s U.S. creative division and broadening its work for hire services under Neon Hum Founder/CEO Jonathan Hirsch.

In his new role as Vice President, Global Podcasts and Head of U.S. Creative, Hirsch will spearhead the U.S. creative business and report directly to Steve Ackerman, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Podcasts at Sony Music.

With the acquisition, Sony Music will leverage Neon Hum’s production expertise to continue to develop award-winning premium podcasts for its subscription channel The Binge and across its always-on entertainment slate. In addition, Sony Music will further expand its work-for-hire business to provide more service beyond audio production for its client and branded podcasts.

“We have worked closely with Jonathan and the team at Neon Hum for several years now and value his creative and strategic vision to produce premium shows across our successful true crime and always on slates,” said Ackerman. “This move allows us to maximize Neon Hum’s creative and production input as we further grow our roster of original and client shows.”

“Neon Hum and Sony Music have always been aligned in our audio-first mentality and approach,” said Hirsch. “I’m excited for the next steps as the Neon Hum team becomes a full part of Sony Music Podcasts and we continue to produce premium audio content.”

In 2019, Sony Music announced a strategic investment in Neon Hum. Together the two companies have launched a range of acclaimed shows including Dinners on Me with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and multiple seasons of its true-crime franchise Smoke Screen including current hit My Fugitive Dad. Neon Hum has also produced hit podcasts for top tier clients, including Crunchyroll, Discovery, HBO Max, NBC News, The Wall Street Journal, and more.

About Sony Music Global Podcasts

We are Sonly Music Entertainment’s Global Podcast Division — where podcasters are artists. We put creators first and develop premium shows that loyal audiences keep coming back to. Based in New York, Los Angeles, and London, we are a team of podcast obsessives covering creative, sales, marketing and business development teams focused on one thing — our listeners and the shows we make for them.