Winners Of The 2024 Ear Worthy Independent Podcast Awards

Ear Worthy — the influential podcast online publication — has announced the Winners of the 2024 Ear Worthy Independent Podcast Awards.

There are many podcasts — hundreds of thousands of them — and a sizable majority are independent podcasts. Podcasting has also found itself awash in awards: The Ambies, iHeart Podcast Awards, People’s Choice Podcast Awards, The Webbys, The Signal Awards, British Podcast Awards, and others. Yet, with few exceptions, these awards either don’t recognize independent podcasts or have them do battle against their well-financed, network-supported brethren.

“Many bootstrapped indie podcasters have paper-thin budgets and are led by overworked and unappreciated podcasters,” says Frank Racioppi, executive editor of Ear Worthy and owner of Willow Grove Communications LLC. “Indie podcasters wear more hats than any network-supported podcaster. They are creator, writer, producer, sound engineer, I.T. troubleshooter, researcher, host, distribution pro, marketing guru, public relations professional and, most important of all, financial backer for the podcast.”

The Ear Worthy Independent Podcast Awards are sponsored by This new service works like this: Listeners contribute US$4 a month, which is split between the top 4 podcasts they chose. While not exclusively for independent podcast, offers indie podcasters a monetization option that was not previously available. Courtney Carthy of says: “We want to help podcasters be rewarded for their work by people who value it and help drive an overall increase in listeners supporting podcasters.”

The Award Winners are:

Best Overall Podcast of the Year – The Life Shift – From: Matt Gilhooly – Hosted by: Captivate

Best Interview Podcast – PreconceivedFrom: Snack Labs – Hosted by Acast

Best Life Lessons Podcast – Multispective From: Jennica Sadhwani | Not Today Media -Hosted by: Buzzsprout

Best Health Podcast – Salad With A Side Of Fries – From: Jen Trepeck – Hosted by: Simplecast

Best Workplace Podcast — Surfing Corporate – From: Surfing Corporate -Hosted by: Megaphone

Best Young Adult Podcast – Seraphina Speaks – From: Seraphina Malina-Derben – Hosted by: Libsyn

Best Business Advice Podcast – Bippity Boppity Business – From: Rita Richa -Hosted by: Simplecast

Best Podcasting Success Podcast – Leverage Your Podcast – From: Lyndsay Phillips

Best Movie Podcast – Verbal Diorama – From: Verbal Diorama – Hosted by: Captivate

Best Film History Podcast – Every Single Sci-Fi Film Ever – From: Ayesha Khan -Hosted by: Buzzsprout

Best Music Podcast – Watching the Covers Flow – From: Ray Padgett

Best LGBTQIA+ Podcast – Because The Boss Belongs To Us – From: iHeartPodcst – Hosted by: Omni Studios

Best Politics Podcast – Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie – From: Ken Rudin – Hosted by: Blubrry

Best History Podcast – Music History Monday – From: Robert Greenburg

Best True-Crime Podcast – The Murder Sheet – From: MurderSheet – Hosted by: ART19

Best Society / Education Podcast  – Impostrix -From: Whitney Knox Lee – Hosted by: Buzzsprout

Best Short-Form Podcast – Daily Tips That May or May Not Help You With Arielle and Ned – From: Play+1 – Hosted by: RedCircle

Best Celebrity Accountability Podcast (1) – Trashy Divorces – From: Hemlock Creatives -Hosted by: Megaphone

Best Celebrity Accountability Podcast (2) – What A Creep – From: Margo Donahue – Hosted by: Spreaker

Best Audio Fiction Podcast – Hobo Code – From: Hammer Canyon Productions -Hosted by: Libsyn 





Annie Brown And Thomas Curry Join BBC Studios Audio

BBC LogoRichard Knight – Director, BBC Studios Audio, announced the appointment of 2024 Ambie award winner Annie Brown as Executive Editor in the U.S.

BBC Studios Audio was created in 1 April 2024 following the transfer of some audio production from the BBC’s in-house production team to BBC Studios, the broadcaster’s commercial arm. The move established a multi-genre audio operation in BBC Studios which makes high quality programming for BBC audiences and explores opportunities in the global audio market. 

BBC Studios Audio productions include Desert Island Discs, In Our Time, This Cultural Life, Things Fell Apart, You’re Dead To Me, The News Quiz, I Am Not Nicholas, Evil Genius, History’s Secret Heroes, The Infinite Monkey Cage, To Catch A Scorpion, and many more.

Annie will be based in New York where she will lead BBC Studios Audio’s US strategy, oversee development for US audiences and platforms and work closely with development executives and producers in the UK.

She has a stellar track record as a producer and creative leader on The New York Times’ The Daily and 1619 podcasts. She also created the smash hit serial podcast, Ghost Story, with Wondery and Pineapple Street Studios. Ghost Story won the 2024 AmbieÒ Award for Best Documentary Series.

Thomas Curry is also joining Knight’s top team as Head of Production. Thomas will lead production management across BBC Studios Audio and oversee the delivery of a breath of outstanding content to the BBC and global platforms.

A British Podcast Award winner, Thomas brings a wealth of commercial and production experience to the role having worked with Apple, Audible, CBC, Criminal, Crooked, Love + Radio, Spotify, Wondery and others.

Annie and Thomas take up their positions this summer.

Richard Knight, Director, BBC Studios Audios, says: “At BBC Studios Audio, we’re proud of where we came from. Our heritage is unique. But we’re also excited about where we’re going. Our transfer to the BBC’s commercial arm opens up new possibilities and I’m delighted Annie and Tom are joining to help us explore them.”

Annie Brown says: “I’m thrilled to be joining such an exciting team and looking forward to supporting the future growth of the BBC Studios.”

In addition to appointing Annie Brown and Thomas Curry, BBC Studios has also hired Ella Woods as is first dedicated podcast marketing manager and Mary Milan as its first dedicated podcast insights analyst. 

Player FM Unveils Self-Serve Advertising Portal For Creators

Player FM, a leading independent podcasting app by publisher Maple Media (available on the App Store, Google Play, and on the web at Player.FM), proudly announces the launch of its innovative self-serve advertising portal, designed to provide podcasters with powerful tools to promote their shows, increase audience engagement, and drive downloads.

As a top podcasting platform, Player FM has consistently demonstrated a commitment to supporting podcasters through its robust suite of advertising opportunities. Player FM experiments with new and innovative features that can enhance listener engagement and offer podcast creators unique ways to interact with and build their audience, setting them apart from mainstream platforms.

The new self-serve portal enhances this commitment by offering podcasters unparalleled control over their promotional efforts, enabling them to tailor campaigns that align with critical dates for show launches or episode releases, while staying within their budget and achieving growth objectives.

With the self-serve advertising portal, podcasters can:

  • Customize Campaigns: Create personalized promotional campaigns to coincide with important launch dates or special episodes, ensuring maximum impact and audience reach.
  • Manage Budgets: Self-serve options offer an array of flexible campaign choices, making advertising accessible to podcasters with varying budget sizes, from small independent creators to larger networks.
  • Analyze Performance: Player FM provides podcasters with deeper insights to better understand listener behavior, engagement and new subscriber growth. These insights empower podcasters to refine their content and marketing strategies to achieve better results.

“Player FM’s new self-serve advertising portal is a game-changer for independent podcasters,” said Johnathan Demel, Advertising Sales at Play FM. “We understand the unique challenges podcasters face in growing audiences and promoting content effectively. This portal empowers them with the tools and flexibility they need to quickly launch successful campaigns that resonate with their target listeners. Promoting your podcast on independent apps means less competition compared to larger platforms, increasing the chances of your podcast being featured prominently and discovered by new listeners.”

The introduction of this feature underscores Player FM’s ongoing dedication to innovation in the podcasting space. Independent podcasters looking to elevate their promotional strategies are encouraged to explore the new self-serve advertising portal on Player FM. For more information and to create a customized campaign today, visit the website.

About Player FM

Player FM is a top-rated independent podcast player app that offers listeners a seamless cross platform podcast discovery experience and provides podcasters with powerful tools to reach, engage, and meaningfully grow their audiences.

Barometer And Audiohook Launch Brand Suitiability Framework

Barometer, a contextual AI engine redefining the legal of contextual targeting and brand suitability, and Audiohook, the audio industry’s leading independent platform, present an innovative applied brand suitability framework for audio advertising. This alliance is set to bring clarity and consistency to brand standards in podcasting with the introduction of these brand suitability definitions. 

In this collaboration, Barometer and Audiohook present brand suitability definitions that enhance and expand upon the existing GARM categories, ensuring unmatched transparency and accuracy in risk assessment. The Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) originally created the industry-standard definitions, but these were primarily designed for visual, user-generated content, not premium audio, leading to inconsistent interpretation across different vendors.

The definitions, tailored specifically for audio content, address it’s unique nuances, including context, content length and alignment with advertiser requirements. Through long-time table stakes in display and CTV media-buying, brand suitability standards have only recently been made actionable in podcast advertising, thanks to Barometer. Last year, Audiohook became the first DSP to integrate Barometer as a pre-bid targeting solution, finally making it possible for advertisers to achieve the workflow they’ve come to expect.

Designed in collaboration with industry leaders and refined over many years, these definitions are purpose-built for audio, moving beyond the limitations of definitions created for visual short-form user-generated content. Furthermore, through advertiser feedback, the partners have expanded the categories to include non-GARM defined segments such as Natural Disasters, Gambling, Occult, and more.

This makes it possible to more finely pinpoint brands’ specific requirements, resulting in including more inventory and excluding less. As the industry wisdom goes, brand suitability should be used as a scalper not an ax. By adopting these definitions, industry leaders are setting a new, fit-for-purpose benchmark for brand suitability, fostering a consistent and reliable standard across the audio advertising landscape.

This approach empowers buyers to confidently address brand safety and suitability concerns more efficiently, facilitating responsible investment growth in audio advertising. Despite audio’s status as a top ROI channel, leading marketers like Rocket Companies’ Trent Polley have emphasized the need for robust brand safety processes, stating that “without a proper brand safety process, audio’s performance is not worth the risk.” 

Even those who continue to evaluate content manually can leverage these definitions to streamline their assessment process, ensuring a consistent and effective evaluation. The goal here is to make it possible for advertisers to benefit from the incredible power of the podcast advertising medium while still enforcing their brand standards in the way they have come to expect.

“We are thrilled with Barometer to bring a new level of brand suitability to the podcasting industry,” stated Audiohook CEO, Jordan Bentley. “This refined framework offers advertisers a robust and nuanced approach to evaluating and aligning content with their brand values. By implementing these industry-tailored definitions, we are enhancing transparency and trust across the audio advertising ecosystem. This partnership marks a significant step forward in enabling advertisers to confidently scale their investments in audio, ensuring that brand safety and suitability are upheld to the highest standards.”

Tamara (Zubaity) Nelson, CEO of Barometer adds “As the leader in the podcast brand suitability space, I believe in the importance of brand suitability definitions that can be easily related to the industry-standard definitions available for display and other channels. Clear standards ensure that brands can navigate the podcasting landscape with confidence in the context of their omnichannel buy. It’s not just about avoiding controversy; it’s about fostering trust and authenticity in every episode — ensuring that every brand’s message aligns with it’s audience. 

Barometer prides itself on being an “inclusive” brand suitability solution, meaning that we strive to qualify as much content as possible for inclusion through an unprecedented understanding of context.”

This alliance between Barometer and Audiohook is poised to set a new standard in audio advertising, offering unparalleled confidence and clarity for advertisers navigating the ever-evolving world of podcasting.

Industry Leaders Launch New Podcast Ad Agency EarMax Media

Respected industry leaders Andy Maxwell and Ralph van Dijk have launched EarMax media, Australia’s first specialist podcast media agency.

EarMax, which soft launched in January, has been formed in response to lacklustre media in the booming podcast medium, creating wastage for advertisers and jarring ads for audiences. Services offered include podcast media buying, sponsorships and creative production through sister agency, Eardrum.

According to co-founder van Dijk, who is one of the world’s most awarded audio creatives, a client’s rant was the catalyst for launching the agency.

He explains: “Our client was saying how frustrated she was with the ‘opaque and lazy’ podcast plans being presented to her by her agencies. While the podcast world has boomed in recent years it’s still a complex and ever-evolving space which can be hard for non-specialists to navigate effectively.

“Our approach is not about ticking boxes; it’s about making meaningful connections with the right listeners. Even with the world’s best creative, if it’s served to the wrong audience, it’s doomed to fail. Being completely independent allows us to work with every network and independent publisher or podcaster to find the best solutions for our clients.”

EarMax crafts targeted media plans by meticulously analyzing Australia’s podcast ecosystem, from niche independent players to large podcast networks in order to find the most relevant audience fits, creating campaigns which resonate in these environments.

van Dijk is Australia’s best-known exponent of audio advertising as the founder of the hugely awarded creative agency Eardrum. Maxwell’s experience spans highly regarded branding agencies including WWP’s Superunion now Design Bridge & Partners, as well as global broadcasts specialists Markettiers and 4DC in London.

Australia leads globally in podcast listenership, with 48% tuning in monthly.  Despite this, podcast advertising typically gets only a fraction of media budgets allocate to it. Part of EarMax’s role is to educate brands on harnessing podcasting’s potential and how to effectively measure the results.

EarMax co-founder Maxwell says: “Australia’s podcast market is booming, with the biggest podcast listenership per capita globally, and a plethora of content. So there’s a great opportunity for brands to take advantage of a medium with the most engaged audiences. There’s lack of time and attention given to both podcast plans and creative, resulting in unnecessary wastage. That’s what EarMax is here to solve.”

Early successes include campaigns for ANZ Bank and Explore Worldwide, demonstrating EarMax’s innovative strategies and impactful results.

ANZ Associate Director, Marketing, Bonny Cheng, says of her experience working with EarMax: “From day one, Ralph and Andy demonstrated a deep understanding of our target audience and podcast landscape.

“Their expertise in crafting compelling messaging and strategic placement ensured our podcast reached more of the right audience segments, leading to a notable increase in engagement and subscription rates. We’re pleased with the outcomes achieved thus far and look forward to further collaboration to reach an even broader audience.”

Nearly Half Of Australians Hooked On Crime Podcasts

Global brand lift measurement company On Device has unveiled new insights into Australia’s podcasting landscape, highlighting a nation captivated by True Crime content with 45% of Australians devoted to the genre, making it the most popular category.

The study reveals that 53% of Australians tune in to podcasts monthly, spending an average of 1.6 hours daily listening. Australian are also early risers in their podcast habits, with 25% listening between 6:00 AM – 9:00 AM on weekdays. Daily podcast listeners are also 49% more likely to engage with broadcast radio daily, indicating a strong synergy between these two audio formats.

Humour/comedy (39%), society and culture (25%), TV and film (25%), and educational (24%) are also popular genres for Australians to listen to. Conversely, the least popular podcast themes include fashion (9%), beauty (10%), politics (10%), fiction (14%), and technology (14%).

Allan Breiland, ANZ Research Director from On Device says of these findings: “Australia’s podcasting landscape is evolving rapidly, with a significant preference for true crime content suggesting narrative podcasts are a very strong medium for engagement. What’s fascinating is the strong correlation between podcast listeners who are also highly likely to tune into broadcast radio, showing the two mediums are complementary and can tap into the different mindsets these channels afford.”

Unsurprisingly, mobile phones dominate as the preferred device for 79% of users, with YouTube (47%) and Spotify (54%) leading the platform preference.

The motivations behind podcast listening in Australia are primarily for entertainment (57%) and relaxation (46%). While 38% of listeners appreciate ads for providing free content, 33% express concerns over ad clutter, highlighting the need for more effective advertising strategies.

Breiland expands: “It’s clear that Australians use podcasts as a way to break away from the daily grind. Whilst they don’t mind the odd ad, brands and podcast producers should be mindful of over-indexing on the number of ads included in each episode for risk of creating fatigue and losing listeners.”

Comparing these findings with the UK, where 61% listen monthly and spend 1.8 hours daily, Australia’s engagement levels are strong yet slightly lower. However, Australia closes matches Singapore, where 55% listen monthly. These insights are based on responses from 1,100 Australians.

Kym Treasure, CEO of Audacia Audio, notes the increasing trend of Australians tuning into podcasts in the morning, which has become a part of Australian culture. According to Treasure, “It’s fantastic to observe more Australians starting their day with various podcast genres such as News, Comedy, Lifestyle, Sports, True Crime, or Business.

“This presents an ideal opportunity for brands to engage with consumers more meaningfully by ensuring that their content is both relevant and timely, fostering a deeper and more authentic connection with the audience.

“This shift signifies a natural progression from traditional broadcast media such as radio to on-demand platforms like podcasts. On Device’s in-depth analysis of Australian podcast consumption habits not only offers valuable insights but also empowers the brands we collaborate with to sponsor this premium content with confidence.”

Adthos Adds A Multitude Of New Voices In 200 Languages

Leading AI Audio Platform Adthos announced it has teamed up with a number of new voice providers to be able to offer users access to a multitude of new voices, bringing the number available in the platform’s library to 4,600.

In addition to the existing Microsoft voices, Adthos now supports Google, Amazon, ElevenLabs, PlayHT, WellSaid Labs, and Respeecher. These new voices contribute to an already expansive library designed for use in audio formats, including audio ads.

The library features hundreds of carefully selected and trained AI voices, and over 100 Adthos’ handpicked top quality AI voices that collectively hold 1000 IMDB credits, including voices from Emmy Award-winning artists. Additionally, voices can be generated and translated into multiple languages, with the new platforms adding support for 200 or more languages and dialects.

Raoul Wedel, CEO of Adthos, says, “Offering high-quality AI and synthetic voice options has always been the key featured of Adthos. Working with all these providers allows our users to benefit from an even greater array of out-of-the-box voices to create engaging audio content. I’m proud to say that we now offer three times as many voices as any of our competitors.”

Users who have previously created their own models with these providers can now seamlessly integrate and use all of Adthos’ AI audio features to enhance their audio content. This interoperability allows for a more streamlined and versatile audio creation process, enabling users to leverage the extensive capabilities of the Adthos platform.

Voices can be previewed on or people can sign up for a free trial through the portal.

Asia Podcast Awards Now Open

The 2024 season of the Asia Podcast Awards has opened for entries.

Launched last year by radioinfo, the awards celebrate the best of podcasts published across Asia in the past year. They are open to independent publishers, radio companies, and podcast hosting businesses.

Anyone who produces a podcast for the Asia or the Pacific, in any language, can enter. Steve Ahern, CEO of parent company AMT Pty Ltd, says the awards are bigger and better this year. “These Asia-wide awards have expanded in 2024. Last year we tested the desire for an awards competition across the region and the response was strong, so we expect to see an even greater set of entries this year.”

Winners will receive recognition on the radioinfo and Podnews publications, with the overall winner being flown to Kuala Lumper in September to attend the Radiodays Asia conference.

Podnews Editor James Cridland says: “As podcasting continues to grow across Asia, I’m delighted to see another year of the Asia Podcast Awards. The high quality of podcasts from this part of the world deserves more attention, and the Asia Podcast Awards are a great way to do that.” 

Entries close Sunday 28th, July. You can enter here.

Asia Podcast Awards 2024

The Podcast of the Year will be selected as the Best of the Best from any of the Podcast categories below. The winner will receive the Grand Prize of flights, accommodation and free conference entry to Radiodays Asia 2024 in Kuala Lumpur (you must be available to travel or to send an alternative person if you cannot make it).


Entrants can choose from the range of the categories offered and will select their sector – independent or major. Major and indie winners will be awarded in each of these categories.

  • Best Children’s Entertainment Podcast
  • Best Comedy Podcast
  • Best Crime Podcast
  • Best Education Podcast
  • Best Factual Podast
  • Best Health and Wellness Podcast
  • Best Interview Podcast
  • Best Money and Business
  • Best New Podcast
  • Best News Podcast
  • Best Radio Show Podcast
  • Best Society & Culture Podcast
  • Best Sport Podcast

Individual Categories

  • Podcast audio producer of the year
  • Podcast publisher of the year (indie)
  • Podcast Publisher of the year (major)

Category winners will receive winners’ certificates, recognition on and social media coverage on our social platforms.

Acast Enters Japanese Market Through Partnership With Otonal Inc.

Acast, the world’s largest podcast company, announces its partnership with Japan’s premier digital audio advertising agency, Otonal Inc. This strategic alliance will further amplify Acast’s global footprint, meeting the surging demands from advertisers and creators in Japan by providing innovative and far-reaching podcast advertising solutions.

The partnership will open up Acast’s 125,000 podcasts to the Japanese market, offering local brands and advertisers access to globally-acclaimed content, including that of the BBC, Financial Times, The Guardian, and History Hit. 

It will also create a transpacific bridge, allowing Otonal to introduce Japanese advertisers and brands to Acast’s extensive global audiences. A significant milestone, Acast will facilitate Japanese companies reaching expansive and influential podcast audiences n the US and Europe on an unprecedented scale, transforming the podcast advertising landscape and providing unparalleled opportunities for cross-market growth and engagement.

Acast’s expansion into Japan marks a pivotal step in its journey toward becoming the biggest global player in podcasting. This move follows successful launches in Spain and Singapore, as well as a recent reseller partnership with Next Broadcast Media in the Middle East. The partnership with Otonal not only strengthens Acast’s presence in Asia, but also highlights its unique capability to integrate and elevate markets worldwide.

“Officially entering the Japanese market is extremely significant,” said Megan Davies, Managing Director, International. “We’re responding directly to local and international demand, and connecting, in particular, the major markets of Japan and the US, which shows how extensive the extensive the abilities of our marketplace are. What is really important is that this partnership underscores our commitment to connecting diverse global audiences and advertisers through high-quality podcast content.”

“Podcast ads are starting to gain traction, including in Japan. Japanese companies are showing great interest in using podcasts domestically and overseas to expand their global footprint. At Otonal, we continue to pursue avenues to expand the digital audio market in Japan. Otonal, up until now, has formed may partnerships with international partners. Through our efforts with Acast, Japanese companies can now easily expand their global marketing efforts through podcasts,” said Taisuke Yagi, CEO of Otonal.

About Acast

Since 2014, Acast has been creating the world’s most valuable podcast marketplace, building the technology which connects podcast creators, advertisers and listeners. It’s marketplace spans nearly 125,000 podcasts, 2,700 advertiser and c.400 million monthly listens. Crucially, those listens are monetized wherever they happen — across any podcasting app or other listening platform.

He company operates worldwide and is headquartered in Stockholm Swede. Acast is listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market (ACAST.ST)

About Otonal Inc.

Otonal Inc. is a digital audio advertising company that develops digital audio advertising business. Our mission is to create an audio advertising market in Japan through the development and provision of audio solutions, and to date, we have helped plan more than 2,000 audio0 advertisements and improve the placement and operation of more than 650 advertisers in Japan.

Otonal can provide total support for audio marketing initiatives, from data-based audio ad planning to creative production by narrators and voice actors, ad delivery, reporting, and voice content production.

In addition, through the conducting of a yearly survey regarding the Japanese podcast market and provision of audio ad technology, along with cooperation with several international partners, Otonal continues our efforts to create an audio advertising market in Japan.

Mark Levin Extends Contract With Westwood One

Cumulus Media proudly announced that legendary talk radio host Mark Levin has extended his contract to host both his syndicated radio program, The Mark Levin Show on Westwood One and his podcast, Mark Levin Audio Rewind, on the Cumulus Podcast Network for multiple years. Levin will also develop and host an all-new show for the network, his first ever original content podcast series.

Levin has been a part of the Cumulus Media family since 2007 and has consistently provided unique insights and commentary on top news events and issues on air for nearly 23 years.

“The Mark Levin Show” airs from 6 to 9 p.m. ET each weekday on nearly 400 radio affiliates, in all ten top metro markers as well as in 21 of the top 25 markets. Westwood One is the exclusive distribution and sales representative for Mark Levin’s radio program.

The daily companion podcast, Mark Levin Audio Rewind, drops each Monday through Friday on most major podcast platforms. A weekend podcast, The Best of Mark Levin, features a roundup of the week’s top stories. The Cumulus Podcast Network exclusively distributes, markets, and monetizes the podcast.

“This has been my radio home for 23 years, an I am more excited than ever — especially during these tumultuous and historic times — to continue my relationship with my first-rate broadcast partners for many years to com,” Levin said. “I understand my obligation to server the millions of patriotic Americans in the audience. I am blessed to do what I do, and I am committed every day to providing detailed analyses of current events along with historic context, commentary, and my in-depth perspectives to deliver the very best broadcasting I am able to share with our many listeners.”

“Mark is a powerful and influential voice with an incredible ability to establish strong relationships with his listeners while driving tremendous results for his advertising partners,” said Collin R. Jones, President of Westwood One and EVP, Corporate Strategy & Development for Cumulus Media. “Mark has been dubbed ‘The Great One’ for his ability to concisely break down the day’s most significant topics, and we are thrilled to grow our partnership with him for years to come.”