Sonnant and Barometer Dispel Unfounded Fears About Brand Safety

Knowing that programmatic advertising for audio is on the rise [cite: IAB], and digital revenues were becoming the focus of more publishers, Sonnant and Barometer started a customer project to prove that data and AI could overcome any unwillingness of advertisers to invest in audio advertising spend.

Tony Simmons, Founder and CEO of Sonnant, says “Publishers have been concerned that any piece of content, that was labelled ‘unsafe’ or ‘high risk’ by tech would reduce its advertising potential to zero. Our wide-reaching research indicated that just because a 90-minute show discussed ‘Murder’ around the 10 minute mark, advertisers would still be eager to advertise at a later point of the show if the content and audience mix was brand relevant. So, when I started discussing this opportunity with the Barometer team, our collective goal was to get to that later advertising placement with simplicity, cost-efficiency, and precision.”

Dr. Tamara Zubatiy, co-founder and CEO of Barometer stated, “Brands need a safe, suitable and contextually relevant advertising environment. We’ve been working hard to help brands move away from whole category exclusions towards scaled show and episode approvals, allowing advertisers to be more nuanced in their targeting. This work with Sonnant continues that pursuit and introduces a new level of granularity; ad-break to ad break, offering advertisers the most precise contextual adjacency targeting possible.

Barometer’s contextual engine decodes the nuances of spoken-word content, allowing publishers and advertisers to uncover structured content signals, intent, sentiment, tone, and relevance, setting a new standard for contextual targeting and brand suitability in audio and beyond.

Sonnant is building the digital infrastructure to unleash spoken word content into the digital age. Its platform uses specialists AI to digitise content, automating manual, non-remunerative workflows and connecting via API to publication and advertising systems to increase revenues.

Together, Sonnant and Barometer’s allows customers to find contextually relevant, suitable insertion points via API:

* Choose contextual targets + suitability and safety levels: Select your contextual framework to build safe and suitable targeting criteria.

* Create timing barriers: Ensure that any ad is placed with contextually relevant content, but at a safe enough time distance, of your choosing, to remove unwanted alignment.

* Create mid rolls and activate: Midrolls placements are now created at a safe distance, and these timing and targeting data / rules integrate directly to your existing platforms.

For more information or a demo, please see our deck here meet with us at NAB, or contact: Tamara Zubaity, CEO & Co-founder, or Tony Simmons, CEO,Sonnant

From Length to Limbaugh? – PCN 042

PCN iTunes artworkIn this episode, Shawn and Jen discuss the idea that there is a perfect length for a podcast episode. We mention the potential future of podcasting for Conservatives. We also talk about why a brand could benefit from having its own podcast – and end with an example of how NOT to do that.

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Footballing Introverts Anonymous – PCN 041

PCN iTunes artworkIn this episode, Shawn and Jen discover that there actually are audio footballing (or soccer) podcasts out there.  Who knew?  We give hope to introverts who think they couldn’t possibly do podcasting. (You can do it!). And we point out a podcast with an anonymous host who is providing a beneficial service to listeners.

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We’re All Mainstream Now! – PCN 040

PCN iTunes artworkIn this episode, Shawn and Jen give you a round-up of articles that predict what will happen in podcasting in 2017.  We discuss what we think about the potential rise of “walled gardens”, the future of advertising in podcasts, and what it means that we’re all mainstream now.

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Podbbang! – PCN 039

PCN iTunes artworkIn this episode, Shawn and Jen talk about a Korean podcasting platform that is more popular in Korea than iTunes is.  We debate the value of transcription of podcast episodes, and ponder if Shortcut (and services like it) can really make audio more sharable.

Ironically, we also get into a discussion about the importance of consistency in podcasting (despite the fact that we haven’t been super consistent.)

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Thank you to: Dave Nelson of Galactic Network and Grizzly Smith of Grizzly’s Growls Podcast for their comments.

The Passion of the Pods – PCN 038

PCN iTunes artworkIn this podcast, Shawn and Jen talk about the passion involved in podcasting. People often start podcasts about something they are passionate about. That same passion can come out in weird ways in response to either praise or a critique of their show.

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Movies, Moms and McPoverty – PCN 037

PCN iTunes artworkIn this episode, Shawn and Jen talk about what could happen if your podcast became a movie (or TV show). We also discuss why moms should listen to podcasts, and point out the stories behind some podcaster’s Twitter handles.

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Pirates, Wrestlers, and Runners – PCN 036

PCN iTunes artworkIn this episode, Shawn and Jen talk about pirates that steal other people’s audio content. We review some options about what you can do if your content is stolen, and point out a site that tends to end up with a lot of stolen content.

We also talk about why it is a good idea to listen to a podcast while you are running. And we finish the show with a nice story about a podcaster who participated in the Rio Olympics.

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The Unskippable Episode – PCN 035

PCN iTunes artworkIn this episode, Shawn and Jen discuss the dream of all advertisers who place their ads on podcasts – the unskippable episode.

The advertisers are super interested in finding some way to know, for certain, how many listeners actually heard their ad (and how many skipped right over it). This motivation values ads more highly than the content of your podcast.

In addition, we give you a really good example of how to advertise your podcast without annoying people. It takes a little creativity, but has great potential. We also poke at the concept of getting to the top of iTunes.

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A List, a How To, and a WTF – PCN Show 034

PCN iTunes artworkIn this episode, Shawn and Jen discuss two articles that provide advice on how to start your own podcast. One is intended for those who are brand new to podcasting, and the other brings up thoughts of WTF.

We also review yet another list that is in response to the infamous one done by Collision Media.

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