Crock-Pot Podcasting – PCN Show 023

PCN iTunes artworkShawn and Jen are back with another round up of all the podcast related news that didn’t get an official write-up on the Podcaster News blog.

This week, we have news about: invisible listeners, crock-pot podcasting, and an ethical warning about the sandbox we all play in.

Links mentioned in this episode:

* The Podcasting Weekly
By James Martell at

* How to Aircheck Your Podcast
By Seth Resler at Rivet Radio

* Invisible Audience: What Your Podcast Stats Won’t Tell You
By Sil at MMO Gypsy

* Quit Peeing in the Sandbox – Buy Your Way to the Top at Soundcloud
By Dave Jackson at his blog

* Patreon members getting blackmailed: Ignore that email…
By Anne Sewell at The Media Waves

* Podcasters’ Roundtable 61: Audience Engagement

Meta Explosion – PCN Show 022

PCN iTunes artworkWe’ve decided to take things in a new direction with the Podcaster News Show, starting with this episode. Hosts Shawn Thorpe and Jen Thorpe will bring you a run-down of the podcasting related articles that we found interesting, but that didn’t get a write-up on the Podcaster News website.

Links Mentioned in this episode:

* Confessions of a Podcast Addict
By Rebecca Ladd at The Odyssey Online

* So You Wanna Make a Podcast/You Have a Review Request
By Captnq on Reddit

* NPR Editorial Training
A comprehensive guide to NPR’s editorial methods for content

* These 3D Printing Designers Used Podcasting To Create a Massive Audience Fast
By Cheryl Conner at Forbes

* 37 Podcasts So Meta, They All Cover the Topic of Podcasting Itself
By Harry Duran on Medium

Women in Podcasting: Interview with Angela Misri – PCN Show 021

Adas Sisters Podcast logoIn this episode of the Podcaster News Show, I bring you more news about women in podcasting.

This episode features Angela Misri, who is one of the hosts of the Ada’s Sisters podcast. (She hosts the show with Eden Spodek.) The show is a weekly podcast about technology and digital culture.

Links mentioned in this episode:
Ada’s Sisters
Angela’s Twitter is: @karmicangel
My Twitter is: @queenofhaiku

Tips for Presenting News on Your Podcast – PCN Show 020

A stack of newspapers by Daniel R Blume on FlickrOne way to add some content to your podcast is to bring in a news article. How you present that news story is important.

In this episode, I give you five tips that will help you to present news in your podcast. Do it well, and your listeners may be inspired to send you their thoughts about the news article you talked about. Listener interaction is a good thing!

You can find me on Twitter @queenofhaiku.

Image by Daniel R. Blume on Flickr.

I Still Love Podcasting! – PCN Show 019

PCN iTunes artworkIt’s been a couple months since I recorded an episode of Podcaster News Show. And now I’m back to drop a real bombshell.

Podcasting: I still love it!

During the episode, i talked a little bit about my history with the medium and how grateful I am that I’m able to make (an albeit meager) living because of podcasting.

If you’ve got any thoughts you’d like to share about this podcast, leave them below or send me a tweet. If you’d like to see the Podcaster News Twitter account come back to life, send a tweet to Todd and let him know.

What to Do if you Hate the Sound of your Own Voice – PCN Show 018

WAVDo you hate the sound of your own voice? That can be a big problem for podcasters, especially if they intend to edit their own show.

In this episode, I explain a bit about the biology that makes your voice sound different to you when you hear a recording of it. I also share a few tips that can help a podcaster who cannot stand the sound of his or her own voice.

Links mentioned in this episode:
* There’s a Real Reason You Can’t Stand The Sound Of Your Own Voice (from Elite Daily)

* @Queenofhaiku

Women in Podcasting: Interview with Lady Emma – PCN Show 16

Lady Emma WoW Podcaster NewsIn this episode of Podcaster News, I bring you more news about women in podcasting. This episode features Lady Emma who one of the hosts of the All Things Azeroth podcast. The show is about news and opinions about things happening in the World of Warcraft video game.

Links mentioned in this episode:
All Things Azeroth

It’s Time For an iTunes User Portal for Podcasters – PCN Show 015

iTunes logo newiTunes. Love it or hate it, we’re stuck with it as podcasters. Of course, iTunes is great when it works. But what about all of those times that an iTunes listing isn’t updating properly? Or how about when you need to change an RSS feed that controls an iTunes Store listing? Yeah, there are resources out there to help with these kinds of problems. But isn’t it time for a dedicated iTunes user portal for podcasters?

I ask this question and read a little but of listener feedback on this episode of Podcaster News Show.