Coleman Insights Announces Leadership Team Promotions

Coleman Insights announced that four members of the media research firm’s leadership team have been promoted effective immediately.

Eileen Genna is promoted to Senior Vice President, Business Operations; David Baird is promoted to Senior Vice President, Research Operations; Jay Nachlis is promoted to Vice President/Consultant & Marketing Director; and Meghan Campbell is promoted to Vice President/Consultant & Director, Qualitative Services.

According to Coleman Insights President Warren Kurtzman, the promotions represent an investment in the company’s long-term health and its commitment to customer success. “Beyond the insights we deliver to our clients, I’m most proud of how we’ve built an incredible leadership team at Coleman Insights,” said Kurtzman. “Eileen and David’s promotions are a recognition of the enormous multi-decade contributions they have made to our success. In a shorter amount of time, Jay and Meghan have also had a tremendous impact for us and our clients, and I expect even bigger things from them with their new responsibilities.”

Genna will continue to oversee the company’s business operations, including finance, human resources, facilities and information technology, while Baird will continue to head the company’s research operations, including study design, fielding strategy, quality control, data analysis, and software development. In their new positions, Nachlis and Campbell will take on more “point person” roles on client projects. Nachlis will continue to lead Coleman Insights’ marketing efforts, while Campbell will continue to direct the company’s qualitative services, including the CampfireSM Online Discussion Groups service it launched in 2021.

On Air Fest Returns February 22-26

Exploring storytelling and creativity in sound, the next installation of On Air Fest will be presented in person on February 24-26, 2022 at Wythe Hotel (80 Wythe Ave at N. 11th Street, Brooklyn). The event will comply with all local, state and federal recommendations and protocols.

The annual gathering – often described as the “Sundance of Audio” – brings together creators and industry notables from audio and podcasting for two days of live storytelling, intimate conversations, performances, art exhibitions, listening parties, and more. The festival will unfold in a range of spaces in the Wythe Hotel including its main hall, screening room, performance suites, restaurants and bars.

On Air Fest is the brainchild of work x work, a storytelling and branding agency composed of audio creators in their own right. Now in its sixth year, the festival continues to carve out a place for artists and storytellers who are defining this moment in audio, as well a the curious listeners who enthusiastically engage with the content. This 2022 incarnation will feature many of the biggest names in audio and podcasting including Design Matters’ Debbie Millman, Everything is Alive’s Ian Chillag, For Colored Nerds’ Eric Eddings, Object of Sound’s Hanif Abdurraqib, Hot Pod’s Ashley Carman, and the talent behind The Moth, Dustlight Productions, Cultured Mag, Talkhouse, and more.

In addition, Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad will receive the prestigious On Air Fest 2022 Audio Vanguard Award, the annual award highlighting an individual who has fostered a creative legacy in audio storytelling. Joining ranks of previous Audio Vanguard Awards honorees, Terry Gross (2021) and Ira Glass (2022), Abumrad is lauded for his innovative work as co-founder of the beloved radio program, which marks its 20th anniversary in 2022.

“On Air Fest has grown into an inspiring event for anyone interested in the culture of sound – thanks to an incredible mix of industry folks, fans, and creators who participate, as well as the high energy exchange of ideas generated,” says Scott Newman, founder and creative director of work x work, the agency presenting On Air Fest. “Things that happen here win awards, spark conversations, and continue to reverberate throughout the year. We’re excited to see what emerges from this year’s festival.”

“Our approach is to seek out experimental, innovative, and distinctive voices” says Jemma Rose Brown, Director of Programming at work x work. “We don’t believe in there being a ‘best’ podcast, instead we’re always curious about meeting and showcasing creators who are bringing unique contributions to the medium.”

Event Details:

Where: Wythe Hotel (80 Wythe Ave. at 11th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

When: February 24-26, 2022

Tickets: $149 day pass (Friday or Saturday). $249 two day pass. $499 VIP pass. Full schedule/additional information here.

2022 Presenting Sponsors include: Audible, Spotify & Stitcher.

Program Partners include: WYNC Studios, Raidiotopia, Sonos, BAM, The Moth, Cultured, Audible, Talkhouse, Dustlight Productions, Hot Pod, The Verge, and Vox Media Podcast Network.

All programming will be presented live at Wythe Hotel, the Brooklyn-based boutique hotel known for its commitment to culture, food, and community.

Netflix Launches The Gay Agenda, an Original Podcast Celebrating Queer Joy

Netflix has launched its first LGBTQ+ podcast, The Gay Agenda, produced by MOST, the home of LGBTQ+ storytelling. The new podcast takes an entertaining and honest look into the lives of LGBTQ+ creatives at the top of their fields across different industries and celebrates their success stories in the community through a loving and humorous lens. The Gay Agenda will launch on January 10, 2022.

The podcast is created and produced by lesbian actress, singer/songwriter and podcaster Jasmin Savoy Brown (she/her), (The Leftovers, Yellowjackets, new Scream reboot), who is also currently recording her fist EP. She co-hosts the show with producer and nonbinary actor, comic and playwright Liv Hewson (they/them, Santa Clarita Diet, Yellowjackets, Let it Snow, Bombshell). On the show, Brown and Hewson interview queer trailblazers in the community and explore the wonderful, funny (and sometimes ridiculous) parts of the LGBTQ+ experience. The show is also produced by Multitude, a podcast production company in Brooklyn.

Gabrielle Korn (she/her), Netflix Editorial & Publishing Manager for MOST said, “With our first foray into the podcast space, MOST is entering a new era — one where the gay agenda continues to expand into all corners of our audience’s lives, making it easier and more fun than ever to discover Netflix’s LGBTQ+ talent, titles, and storytelling. I love this podcast so much; it’s truly a joy to listen to, and I hope it brings that same joy to our followers.

Savoy said, “I’m proud of The Gay Agenda. It’s joyful, it’s inquisitive, it’s welcoming. I think it’s a real reflection of the LGBTQ+ community and I hope our listeners feel the same. Interviewing guests this season made me a better person. Hearing people’s unique stories and perspectives on life and happiness was a learning experience and I don’t take that for granted.”

Hewson added, “The first item on The Gay Agenda is, of course, for our guests to have fun and be themselves. There’s room for all of it, for connection and healing and irreverence and silliness. It’s serious and it isn’t. We contain multitudes! Part of the impetus behind this podcast was creating a space to talk about being LGBTQ in entertainment that centered on something other than pain. The pain is there of course, but the joy is too! We want to live in joy.”

The inaugural season has 45-minute episodes released consecutively over eight weeks. The first episode, launching January 10, kicks off with co-hosts Brown and Hewson expressing the importance of celebrating queer joy and welcome nonbinary actor Ben Taylor-Klaus (they/them), who proudly and humorously identifies as a “problem”. The candid episode dives into their love of Shakespeare and Tegan and Sara, softball and growing queer and Jewish in the South. Regarding coming out to themself, Taylor-Klaus declares on the show, “Let’s stop sitting in a little box that feels comfortable… stick m hand out and make sure the sun’s not going to melt me.”

Episode 2, launches on January 17 with director, writer, actor, actor Natalie Morales (she/they, Director of Language Lessons), who waxes nostalgically about the various queer characters have portrayed including an asexual axolotl on BoJack Horseman, their mother’s deep friendships with gay men, along with a spirited bonus rapid-fire game of Gender This!

Additional guests with more humorous personal revelations, life stories and how they will further the gay agenda this season includes actor Ally Beardsley (they/them), actor Java Leslie (she/her), comedian Caleb Hearon (he/him), author Carmen Maria Machado (she/her), actor Leo Sheng (he/him), and writer/comedian/actor Fortune Feimster (she/her).

Storyboard Announces Over 3,000 Podcasts have Launched Private Podcast Channels

Storyboard, a best-in-class audio platform where companies can release private podcasts to their internal audiences, announced that over 3,000 organizations have now launched podcast channels on the platform. With Storyboard, creators can build their own groups of listeners, such as employees or teams at their company. These selected listeners can access the creator’s private podcast channels after logging in from Storyboard’s website and mobile apps.

“This is a massive milestone for our creators,” says JP Gooderham, CEO of Storyboard. “Storyboard podcasters have used our platform for so many creative ideas, including training a a sales team that is constantly on the road, visiting clients, a CEO connecting with their company through a virtual town hall that someone can listen to in any time zone, or a family recording their stories and sharing across the country.”

Storyboard’s suite of apps allows access across all devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web. Creators can either record and upload their content, or use Storyboard’s tools, like in-app recording, to share their audio.

“Audio in the workplace is really taking hold, especially as so many companies explore remote or hybrid strategies,” Gooderham said. “Many of the most innovative companies are thinking about how to get key messages across time zones and working from home. Audio absolutely should be a key part of that toolbox.

“The 3,000 creator channels include Storyboard’s Enterprise customers who use the platform’s secure features – like Single Sign-On (SSO) – to enable podcasting to be used as a workplace communication channel. It also includes Storyboard Free, which allows creators to create channels at no cost for up to 50 listeners, including small teams and hobby-focused podcasts.

HT Media Ltd. Launches First Programmatic Podcast Marketplace with AdsWizz

HT Media Ltd. has partnered with AdsWizz to create India’s first programmatic podcast marketplace. This strategic relationship enables brands to access millions of listeners in India with real-time buying and selling of podcast advertising. Named “FabX”, this is the newest addition to HT media’s vast offering.

Podcast advertising is still at a nascent stage in India. Among the choices one has in podcasting, sponsored episodes and branded content are the obvious options available to both publisher and advertiser, with Programmatic as a new avenue it is is a win-win situation for the podcast industry in India. In a market that is fragmented with Subscription-based models and independent content selling, this move sets itself as a sure way of providing access to monetization avenues.

“Our partnership with Hindustan Times highlights the growing opportunities in this market,” says Patrick Roger, VP of New Markets, AdsWizz. “Our technology combines the power of programmatic advertising with the power of podcasts, enabling advertisers’ easy access to a highly engaged audience. Additionally, with our AI Transcription Technology, advertisers can ensure brand safety by only serving ads to podcast shows our episodes that have specific topics as a central theme.”

This relationship will automate real-time buying, targeting, optimization, and reporting of podcast ad inventory. Advertisers will always be able to choose their geography, time, and demographics as the content increases. What is more exciting is the fact that one of the biggest reasons why podcasts are making their space into the heart of the Indians is because the content is present in numerous languages. Local advertising too can be enabled via this platform.

It is estimated that the number of listeners will rise to 170.6 million by 2023, and India’s music, radio and podcast market will double itself by 2023. The advent of programmatic advertising in podcasts opens doors to more brand communications spend towards the format as the audience grows.

“It is an exciting time for us and a proud moment, to make advertisers experience the power of an immersive medium like Podcasts.” says Ramesh Menon, CEO, Fever Network and Next Radio Ltd.

“HT Smartcast is paving the way for advertisers to have higher efficiency and greater impact for their advertising bucks through Programmatic audio advertising that will be time-saving, targeted and data/analysis friendly and performance-oriented. Our focus now is to quickly scale this for the benefit of podcasters and advertisers alike and help them take advantage of a marketplace on increasing the volume of new and engaging content and exploring the full potential of audio.”

Indian Podcasts are available in Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, and other vernacular languages. This diversity increases engagement and promotes a larger attention span in podcasts. This learning is not only beneficial for advertisers, but for podcasters in India who are looking to create monetizable content.

HT Media plans to be for podcasters, what YouTube is to creators. It believes that there is a podcaster hidden in every Indian who has a story to tell. It is enabling then with their podcast content-generating company HT Smartcast and partner companies like HubHopper. By the virtue of its legacy is enabling another medium of sharing voice.

The Young Audio Awards Partner with YoungMinds to Launch New Category

The Young Audio Awards, the national awards for 8-18-year-olds with a passion for creating audio, are back for another year and are open for entries. The awards give recognition to young people with a talent for producing audio content and are supported by both BBC and commercial radio. Winners are offered a chance to host their own show on a national radio station, along with mentorship, masterclass events, and state-of-the-art audio recording equipment.

Following a rollercoaster two years, it is apt that the new category My Year in Audio has been created with mental health support charity for young people YoungMinds, where under 18s across the UK are being asked to use phones, tablets, or microphones to record their thoughts about the last two years. The aim is to encourage people to talk about their feelings and emotions during this stressful time. Entries could be about the things that have helped young people to cope in challenging times, advice for others or lessons learnt during the pandemic. The audio entry could be in the form of a podcast or radio show, an interview, a piece of poetry or more. Audio can be used in any form, as long as it shows creativity, honesty an expression.

Teachers and schools will have access to a free assembly video featuring some of radio’s biggest stars explaining everything about the awards and how to enter, along with classroom resources to help students record their audio entries at school. These can be downloaded at from the first week of January.

Other categories include BBC Sounds Rising Talent Award, Arquiva Award for Technical Excellence, Achievement within the Community, School Radio Station of the Year, Most Innovative Team – Sponsored by Broadcast Bionics and Best Podcast with Cast. Last year’s Young Audio Awards ceremony was watched by over 4,000 people live on YouTube, featuring stars including Greg James, Clara Amfo, Fleur East and Rylan. Past winners have been given a link to the audio sector, with prizes like shows on national radio station Fun Kids, masterclass events with radio presenters and producers, new recording equipment and being invited to an event at parliament.

The award are run by the industry body for commercial radio Radiocentre, with support from partners Acast, Arqiva, BBC Sounds, Broadcast Bionics, Fun Kids, KISS and BBC Young Reporter. The 2021 Young Audio Awards will be supported with a national radio campaign, live social media masterclass sessions from radio presenters and a comical launch video.

Radiocentre’s CEO Ian Moss said: “We’re excited to once again shine a spotlight on the next generation of audio talent and provide under 18s with a taste of our amazing industry. We also hope that by teaming up with the brilliant team at YoungMinds, young people across the UK can use the intimacy of audio to creatively express their thoughts and feelings, following a turbulent few years.”

Tom Madders, Director of Campaigns at mental health charity YoungMinds said: “We are delighted to be launching the ‘My Year in Audio’ with YoungMinds’ awards category this year to encourage young people to talk about how they got through the pandemic.

“Many people told us that they struggled in the past year as they lost their coping mechanisms, their daily routine and had to deal with social isolation and fear about the future. Sharing how you coped or giving advice to other young people is a really powerful reminder to anyone listening that you are not alone with your mental health and it’s okay to reach out for support if you need it.”

It’s free to enter the awards on their website. The entry process closes for entries in mid-February.

Fresh Media Bulgaria Selects Triton Digital to Power its Streaming Audio Strategy

Triton Digital, the global technology and services leader to the digital audio industry, announced Fresh Media Bulgaria, the largest radio group in Bulgaria operating some of the best known radio brands throughout the country, is leveraging Triton Digital’s audio streaming technology services, and network to help build its audience, maximize ad revenue, and streamline the day-to-day operations of its streaming audio strategy.

“Partnering with Triton Digital means that we are able to create a more efficient and successful streaming audio advertising strategy,” said Nikolay Yanchovichin, General Manager, Fresh Media Bulgaria. “Their platforms, specifically built for audio advertisers, will allow our team to expand the reach of our radio programs and provide the best audio experience for our listeners. As the biggest radio group in Bulgaria we are always first to bring the best innovative solutions to the Bulgarian market and to help develop the radio industry and bring it to the digital world.

Through this partnership, Triton Digital will provide Fresh Media Bulgaria with cutting-edge Dynamic Ad Insertion technology to their publishers to effortlessly control and monetize content through precision-targeted ads. Fresh Media Bulgaria will also utilize Triton’s fully integrated Supply Side platform (SSP), Yield-Op, to maximize their revenue opportunities through programatic ad buys; all monitored by Triton’s transparent, on-demand access to insightful and reliable reporting.

“We are excited to be partnering with Fresh Media Bulgaria”, said Stephanie Donovan Head of Global Revenue, Triton Digital. “It has always been Triton’s mission to connect audio, audience and advertisers to not only grow the global online industry, but to help our customers enhance the quality of their audio programing. It’s inspiring to see Fresh Media Bulgaria leverage our technology to do just that.”

Fresh Media Bulgaria has seen impressive growth since joining Triton Digital’s network, the publisher’s debut was the third largest in Triton’s EMEA steaming ranker in 2021 despite being in a geographical market with the smallest population among the publishers listed in the ranker. Additionally, Fresh Media Bulgaria was among the top ten publishers and earned the second largest Average Time Spent Listening (ATSL) per session in Triton’s October 2021 EMEA streaming ranker.

Ten Percent Happier Expands to Launch its Own Podcast Studio

Building on the momentum of its current platforms and success reaching various audiences during times of need throughout the pandemic, Ten Percent Happier is expanding to launch its own podcast studio, developing a wide range of shows that will explore the intersection of everyday life and mindfulness.

With the overwhelming success of Ten Percent Happier Podcast throughout COVID-19, the brand saw opportunity to expand and better serve its audience while reaching new consumers with the benefits of mediation. Under the leadership of Jen Poyant, formerly of WWYC Studios and Stable Genius Productions and Kimmie Regular, formerly of Gimlet Media, the shows launched under Ten Percent Happier will continue the brand’s work of helping consumers “do life better,” providing listeners with a set of proven tools to help shift their perspective and improve their relationships. The new Podcast studio will include a team of 10 producers and editors, who will bring the shows to life.

“The podcast network at Ten Percent Happier will become a key component of the overall success of the brand. Our podcasts attract a diverse audience and cater to folks looking for more tools in their overall approach to their health and wellness. The shows will serve as a landing place for people curious about how meditation and mindfulness might help with the ups and downs that we all experience in our day to day lives. Our listeners then have the benefit of incorporating what they’ve learned with guided meditations and courses in Ten Percent Happier App,” said Jen Poyant.

Childproof, one of the first shows launched by Ten Percent Happier’s podcast studio, just released its inaugural episode. Hosted by Yasmeen Khan, the show will explore stories of the foundational relationships between parents and children and how to learn the skills of mindful parenting. Prior to joining Ten Percent Happier, Yasmeen was a public radio journalist for almost 15 years, serving successful stints at WNYC Radio in New York City, and North Carolina Public Radio. While at WNYC, her award-winning work included coverage of the New York City schools; youth and family life; and policing.

Ten Percent Happier’s podcast studio will launch three new shows featuring a diverse range of hosts over the next six months. Show topics will touch many areas from emotions, to parenting, and meditation coaching, and will feature a number of different guests, and experts in various fields including psychology, science, meditation, sleep wisdom and history. In Spring of 2022, Ten Percent Happier will be launching More Than A Feeling, a new podcast hosted by Saleem Reshamwala that explores the stories and science behind the emotions we all experience, available on Apple and Spotify.

On what’s next for Ten Percent Happier’s podcast studio, Poyant shared, “the new slate of podcasts will feature beautifully crafted audio storytelling with original music by artists including Andrew VanWyngarden, Carolyn Packer Riggs and El Michaels Affair. Our goal is to partner with artists in order to create a fun, collaborative creative environment. We’re seeking to serve a community of listeners interested in hearing meaningful and entertaining stories that relate to a desire to grow and create authentic connection.”

Acast Appoints Georgina Holt as Managing Director for the Americas

Acast, the world’s leading independent podcast company, has announced the appointment of Georgina Holt as Managing Director for the Americas. In a move that underlines Acast’s ambition to significantly grow market share in the US and surrounding regions, Holt – who currently fulfill the same role for the UK and Ireland – will oversee both commercial sales and podcast acquisition and retention.

Since joining Acast in early 2020, Holt has spearheaded phenomenal growth for the business in the UK, as well as leading its UK-based team through the challenges of a global pandemic. Her relocation to the US, where she’ll be based in New York City, is a strategic move as Acast seeks to build on its growing success in the region – following net sales growth of 111% in Q3 of 2021, versus the same period in 2020.

Holt will also be responsible for the welfare of close to 100 Acast employees based in the US, Mexico, and Canada. Her move to the Americas role follows Veronika Taylor’s recent promotion to Senior Vice President of the Acast Creator Network.

In more than two decades in media publishing, Holt has led and delivered successful strategic and commercial transformation for the likes of Stylist and Cosmopolitan, and was most recently Executive Director of Stylist Studios before making the move into podcasting.

Oskar Serrander, Chief Operating Officer at Acast, said: “Georgie embodies Acast’s leadership philosophy, and our desire to operate as a distributed, global business, without losing grip of our most powerful asset – our culture. And, in a relatively short span of time, she’s had a transformative impact on our UK and Ireland operations – no small task given she came aboard at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and couldn’t meet colleagues in person for months.

“Our mission to become the app-independent marketplace of choice for podcast creators is accelerating in 2022 and, while we will be expanding into many new markets, the US remains an important focus. I’m confident we have the leadership in place to take us to the next level.”

Holt added: “Moving to the US to lead Acast in the Americas is a dream-come-true opportunity, as the team continues its incredible growth journey in this region. Leaving the amazing UK and Ireland team, especially after its most successful year, feels like a fitting moment to pass the baton.”