Libsyn Expands Into Canada To Meet Growing “Podcasting As A Service” Demand

Liberated Syndication Inc. (“Libsyn”), the leading ‘Podcasting As A Service’ platform, announced it has launched podcast advertising services in Canada as part of the Company’s continued expansion. Building on its investments in innovative platform and tools for creators across the entire podcasting journey, Libsyn has also appointed a seasoned expert and podcast ad sales veteran, Bob Kane, as Country Manager to lead its growth in the Canadian podcasting market.

Additionally, Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast, the industry’s premier podcast advertising marketplace, has signed iconic Canadian Sportscaster Bob McCown’s Podcast and Canada’s largest independent comedy podcast company, The Sonar Network, to exclusive deals. These new exclusives add to other AdvertiseCast titles available in Canada like Bigger Pockets Media Network, Darknet Diaries, Dr. Phil’s Phil in the Blanks, and The Optimal Living Daily Network, among others – in total delivering nearly 23 million Canadian downloads per month. To date, AdvertiseCast represents more than 240 exclusive podcasts and the marketplace includes a broader network of 3,000 shows. The marketplace offers advertisers the unique opportunity to access highly sought-after podcast advertising inventory at scale.

According to Infinite Dial 2022 Canada, podcast listening in Canada continues its growth to its highest point in weekly and monthly habits, leading both the U.S. and Australia with 43% of Canadians 18+ listening monthly.

“Our expansion into Canada marks an important step in our global growth strategy,” said Brad Tirpak, CEO of Libsyn. “With podcast listenership at its highest level yet in Canada and advertisers following suit to embrace the medium, we look forward to helping the full spectrum of Canadian podcasters by expanding access to both our industry-leading hosting and monetization tools and AdvertiseCast marketplace that links creators to advertisers.”

Libsyn is continuing investing in its platform strategy and leading the industry as the go-to destination for hosting, creation, distribution, and monetization solutions to power the creator economy. With its comprehensive and innovative ad tech tools and insights, Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast makes it easy for podcast advertisers to initiate and manage highly targeted and measurable campaigns, while providing maximum return for creators.

Podcast Radio’s Podcast Futures Conference To Take Part In New York

Podcast Radio has announced an international conference which will be held as part of NAB Show New York.

Podcast Futures will be held on Wednesday 19th October at the Javits Center on 11th Avenue in Manhattan. Full details of speakers, sponsors and registration will be announced soon. The Podcast Futures thought-leadership event follows a similar successful conference in Westminster, London, in February.

Once again, the theme is Getting Podcasts Heard, with fresh insights into podcast consumption, monetization, trends and technology, including a special exploration of podcast integration into new platforms and vehicles.

Gerry Edwards, CEO of Podcast Radio, says: “We’re excited to be part of this massive, well-attended NAB Show New York organized by the National Association of Broadcasters. Our event will run parallel with the NAB Show New York’s first day.”

“The idea is to explore the biggest challenge facing the industry right now, whether you’re a corporate player or an indie, and that is quite simply getting your podcast heard. Podcast Radio uses the trust and familiarity people have in radio to help supersize podcast discoverability.”

Chris Brown, NAB executive vice president and managing director, Global Connections and Events, says: “Podcast Futures is an exciting addition to the line-up of dynamic conferences and exhibits in store for our return to an in-person NAB Show New York.”

“With its focus on providing a unique perspective of the podcasting ecosystem, Podcast Radio offers an insight into the latest trends reshaping audio entertainment and the cutting-edge programming that captures audiences’ attention. We look forward to exploring this evolving form of storytelling with Podcast Radio at NAB Show New York.”

Podcast Radio launched more than two years ago and has grown in listenership with a focus on increased use of smart speakers and digital devices. Over half its online listenership is in the U.S. The platform plays sample episodes of podcasts, clips from podcasts, as well as interviewing podcast producers and presenters.

The company raised investment earlier this year and plans for expansion into the US. Nation Broadcasting was a strategic investor.

Recently, Podcast Radio Business was launched, the first of a series of brand extension channels that will also include Podcast Radio Comedy and Podcast Radio Crime.

Acast+ Now Supports One-Time Payments

Acast has expanded its Acast+ monetization options to allow podcasters to recieve one-time payments, in addition to recurring subscriptions. This new functionality gives podcasters added flexibility in the paid-for content they can offer their listeners through Acast+ – opening up possibilities such as one-off episodes or series, without requiring listeners to commit to ongoing payments.

Acast+, which fully launched in January 2022, allows podcasters to offer premium, exclusive benefits to paying subscribers – from ad-free streams to early access, bonus episodes and more. With the addition of one-time payments, Acast+ now supports creators with even more ways to monetize both new and existing content.

One-time payments are perfect for creators looking to test their audience’s appetite for premium content, podcasters whose shows are seasonal in nature, and those who want to create evergreen content – such as limited series or one-off episodes. This feature also enables podcasters who aren’t ready to commit to an always-on subscription offering to still earn revenue from paid-for content – an option especially important for creators who take holidays or artistic breaks.

Stacey Goers, Senior Manager, Product at Acast, said: “Since we launched Acast+, podcasters have been asking for a more flexible entry point – especially to trial Acast+, without needing to commit to creating bonus content for long term – and, with one-time payments, we’re able to give it to them.”

“We look forward to seeing podcasters launch new offerings using one-time payments. Whether you have a health podcast and want to launch a companion audio course, or want to package together your interview podcast’s greatest hits, one-time payments can really be whatever a podcaster wants them to be.”

Acast+ is generating new revenue streams for podcasts of all sizes, across the globe. Success stories have included thousands of subscribers signing up the Swedish documentary podcast, Sorry, Everything Went To Hell, and Ireland’s weekly The Tommy, Hector, and Laurita Show. This July, podcast heavyweights WTF with Marc Maron, Shagged. Married. Annoyed, and, RHLSTP with Richard Herring have also unveiled their own Acast+ tiers.

Acast+ allows podcasters to make money from podcast subscriptions and premium content, enabling them to develop closer relationships with their audience. Fans can listen to this content in nearly any podcast app they choose and enjoy additional benefits like Q&A’s and members-only communities. To learn more and to launch your Acast+ subscription now, go to

Audacy and CBS Sports Digital Announce Content Distribution

Audacy and CBS Sports Digital have announced a partnership where Audacy will be the exclusive, multi-year ad sales and distribution partner for CBS Sports’ leading network of award-winning sports podcasts.

“We are incredibly excited to be partnering with CBS Sports in the podcasting space – properties I know well from my time spent there,” said Ken Langara, Executive Vice President of Digital Sales, Audacy, “Adding this family of content to our roster provides Audacy with a number of the leading sports, fantasy sports and betting podcasts, areas we have enjoyed significant success to date and are important to our clients. This partnership could not come at a better time with football season fast approaching.”

“We are continuing to heavily invest in our podcast network and the creation of award-winning audio content at a time our network is experiencing sustained periods of audience growth and engagement,” said Jeffrey Gerttula, Executive Vice President, Digital, CBS Sports and CBS News and Stations. “We’re exited to partner with Audacy, an industry leader in ad sales and delivering premium opportunities for advertisers, to bring impactful interactions and campaigns to the podcast market.”

CBS Sports Digital has grown to reach more than 90 million monthly active users, making it the second-largest sports group in the U.S., and with more than 65 shows and nearly 100 million downloads in 2021, CBS Sports also has one of the largest multi-platform sports podcasts networks. Its shows include Pick Six, The Early Edge, Fantasy Football Today, the Cover 3 College Football Podcast and Attacking Third as well as the network of 247Sports podcasts.

Audacy’s podcast network reaches nearly one-third of all monthly U.S. podcast listeners, and over 40 million monthly listeners globally, in addition to over 30 million monthly sports fans across Audacy’s broadcast and digital assets. Audacy is the nation’s leading collection of radio play-by-play coverage with over 90 professional and Division 1 collegiate teams.

Global’s DAX Signs Sounder To Provide Automated Brand Safety Verification

Sounder, an audio intelligence platform that builds powerful data solutions to unlock podcast monetization, brand safety, contextual targeting, and discoverability for audio content, announced it will provide its automated brand safety technology to DAX, the pioneering advertising exchange created and operated by Global, the Media & Entertainment group.

Global will leverage Sounder’s Audio Data Cloud and its best-in-class brand safety solution to ensure advertisers in the US can confidently and transparently invest in the expansive catalog of diverse content on DAX which reaches more than 110 million listeners every month.

Sounder’s brand safety solution will enable advertisers to purchase media across DAX’s robust podcast portfolio, including shows from Breakbeat Media such as Top Billin’ With Bill Bellamy, all backed by the assurance that they adhere to brand safety guidelines, including those outlined by the IAB and GARM.

Global also plans to share Sounder’s brand safety information with its network of creators and their editorial teams to help them shape future content.

“We’re thrilled to be providing a trusted brand safety solution for DAX’s advertisers, helping unlock more inventory and increasing the value of DAX’s audio content,” Sounder CEO and Co-founder Kal Amin said. “With Sounder’s Audio Data Cloud, we’re integrating a layer of data that is crucial for advertisers to feel confident taking advantage of the world’s high level of engagement with podcasts.”

Sounder’s Audio Data Cloud leverage proprietary speech recognition technology and powerful AI/ML models to enable large publishers to quickly gain access to auto-generated episode ratings, full transcripts, keywords, summaries, topics, and more across vast libraries of content. This actionable data allows publishers to maximize the value of their content catalog.

“Advertisers want to make educated audience buying decisions about what content is right for their brand and their customer,”said Les Hollander, CEO of DAX US. “Sounder’s brand safety solution lets us provide this information automatically, transparently, and at scale across our entire catalog. Automated brand solutions are now at the forefront of verifying the suitability of content and making podcast audience buying easier.”

As part of this partnership, brand-safe podcast inventory on DAX will be made available to the programmatic marketplace including The Trade Desk, the leading demand-side platform (DSP) use by many Global and DAX clients.

“Brand safety controls are critical components that our advertising clients have waited for to ensure they can safely invest in the programmatic podcasting marketplace,” said Tomas Rodriguez, Director of Audio Inventory Partnership at The Trade Desk. “With this technology we will be able to bring a wide array of brand marketer demand into podcasting, resulting in a better experience for listeners and more revenue for content creators.”

Triton Digital Announces Three Executive Promotions to Expand Global Growth

Triton Digital, the global technology and services provider to the digital audio and podcast industry, today announced three new executive promotions. Oscar Sermeno has been promoted to Vice President of Market Strategy, Americas, Daniel Karlsson has been promoted to Vice President, Marketing Development and Global Strategy, and Michael Chien has been promoted to Vice President of Advertising Product Strategy.

“Triton Digital continues on a trajectory of rapid growth and global expansion,” said John Russo, President and CEO, Triton Digital. “These recent promotions within our leadership team will play an instrumental role in furthering Triton’s innovative spirit while maintaining operational excellence and expanding the company’s presence around the world. All while continuing to provide best-in-class audio streaming, podcasting, audience measurement, and advertising technology on a global scale.”

Oscar Sermeno is an expert in the field of international market development, with nearly 20 years of experience working through North and South America. He is known at Triton Digital for building strong strategic partnerships that enable customers to streamline workflows and optimize audio strategies. In his new role as Vice President of Market Development, Americas, Oscar will tap into his vast knowledge of programmatic advertising, digital audio measurement, and content distribution to expand publisher adoption across the United States, Canada, and Ibero-American countries.

With over 20 years of experience, Daniel Karlsson provides extensive digital audio and podcast knowledge to the Triton Digital team. He is known for his unmatched customer service skills, establishing long-standing relationships with his clients. Daniel supports his clients by helping them seamlessly execute their digital audio strategies through the provision of Triton’s innovative tools and services. As Vice President of Market Development & Global Strategy at Triton Digital, Daniel will lead the sales team of audio advertising technology, podcast and streaming services, and audience measurement solutions across Europe, Middle East, and North African regions.

As a key member of Triton Digital’s product team, Michael Chein has over 12 years of experience building enterprise SaaS solutions that serve the audio and advertising technology sectors. In his new role as Vice President of Advertising Product Strategy, Michael will oversee the management of Triton Digital’s advertising solutions and the product management team, ensuring that the right features and initiatives are undertaken with the appropriate resources, timing, and scope to delight Triton’s numerous publishers and technology partners. Most recently, Michael was a Director of Product Management for Jelli, where he played a key role in the integration of Jelli’s programmatic advertising solutions with Triton Digital.

These executive promotions further demonstrate Triton Digital’s dedication to growing its global team and continued expansion into global markets, as a world leader in the audio space.

Get Advertising For Your Podcast Today

Podcasters looking for monetization opportunities look no further than Blubrry’s new programmatic advertising. Available to all Blubrry hosting customers today, regardless of your show’s size or how long you’ve been podcasting, you can monetize your show immediately.

You can easily set it, forget it, and earn revenue on every episode. Podcasters aren’t responsible for choosing the companies to advertise in their shows – it’s all programatic (automatic) and done with Blubrry’s ad partner SoundStack.

All you have to do is sign up. Most shows will begin receiving ad placements immediately, but volume will grow in the first 60 – 90 days as the advertising platform learns your posting patterns and matches your show’s episodes with the best advertisers.

Our partner, SoundStack, has been perfecting audio ad delivery since 2010, and is an expert in this unique technology. Blubrry started as an advertising agency for podcasters in 2005, before most people had even heard the term “podcast.” As we’ve evolved, so has the industry. Now, we’re excited to provide a simple but powerful advertising opportunity to help every podcaster put money in their pockets.

What to Expect

For Blubrry Publishers, users head to “Make Money” in the sidebar of the Podcaster Dashboard and accept the terms of service agreement. For PowerPress users, select “Make Money” from the PowerPress Settings tab. Don’t worry – we’ll only put ads in your show if you opt-in. You can always opt-out at any time.

    • Fill out the required information about your podcast(s).
    • Choose to enable your desired podcasts hosted by Blubrry.
    • WordPress/Powerpress users will want to Sync.
    • Companies can then bid on your episodes in real-time and deliver ads.
    • We expect earnings potential for CPMs to range from $5-$15. Those rates can vary from minute to minute

Programmatic Advertising Details

  • Learn more about how it all works before you dive in.
  • There are no download requirements.
  • There are no audience expectations.
  • It will typically take 60-90 days for your show to receive maximum fill rates.
  • Not every podcast listen will be monetized, as region, time, and inventory all play a part.
  • Payments are made monthly via PayPal, starting approximately 90 days from the time you begin after reaching a minimum commission.
  • The entire process is automated.

Excluded Categories

  • Politics
  • Gambling
  • Religion
  • Adult
  • Alcohol/Vaping/Cannabis

Note: Pro-hosting customers using our dynamic advertising insertion cannot simultaneously use programmatic advertising. Currently, only one tool works at a time, so please contact us for details.

All Blubrry hosting customers can start immediately. For those who are using PowerPress, we will update your media URLs through the sync function when you opt into programmatic advertising.

Are you interested in an example? Our company show, Podcast Insider, uses programmatic advertising. Tune in and hear a variety of ads, some of which might be geo-specific to the listener. Please contact our team on your website if you have further questions.

The Programmatic Ad Service page is available for review as well.

Jam Street Media Joins Sounder Platform And Announces New Consulting Partnership

Jam Street Media, founded by Matty Staudt, former Vice President of Podcast Programming at iHeartRadio and Director of Content at Stitcher, which focuses on podcast production and consulting on podcast start-ups, is announcing its new partnership with Sounder. Sounder is an audio intelligence platform that builds powerful data solutions to unlock podcast monetization, brand safety, contextual targeting, and discoverability for audio content. Jam Street will use Sounder to accelerate the growth of its network and branded shows via its advanced transcription and automated promotional tools and monetize them with dynamic ad insertion.

Dan Dougherty, Co-Founder and Head of Revenue of Sounder, said, “We are so excited to welcome Jam Street Media to the Sounder platform. Matty and his team are expert storytellers, and we’re thrilled to have them grow their audience leveraging our powerful tools.”

“I have worked with just about every platform out there, and I have never seen anything to compare to what the team at Sounder has build,” added Matty Staudt. “They are also a great group of people who are passionate about what they are building. That is personally important to me.”

Jam Street has also signed deals to do creative/network structure consulting for Muddhouse Media, a growing podcast network founded by Kris Myer, an Emmy-nominated and award-winning producer who has worked for the past 20 years with the comedic duo The Farrelly Brothers, Bright Sided Podcasting, founded by Emmy-Nominated journalist Christine O’Donnell, The Bright Sighted Network is a podcasting network that shares stories about humanity that showcases the bright side of a bad situation and Story Studio Network, one of Canada’s fastest growing networks with a deep stable of experienced and award-winning broadcast journalists Founded by veteran radio broadcasters and father-daughter duo Dave and Erin Trafford.

“It’s truly an honor to help the talented people at these amazing networks grow, monetize, and get their quality content out to the world,” said Matty Staudt.

In addition, Jam Street will advise two start-ups, Stampede Social, the most comprehensive Instagram campaign performance tracker ever, and Audiolabs, allowing creators to distribute their audio content in podcasting, video apps, and social audio for maximum reach. They join current client OSSA Collective. A podcast advertising marketplace focused on connecting brands with female audiences. As an inclusive marketplace, they have a growing community of over 1500 women and non-binary podcast creators.

“I can’t believe that all of this has happened in the past two months,” Staudt said. “I think this shows that Jam Street is not like any other podcast company out there. Our years of experience in the space make us a go-to for podcast networks, creators, and start-ups to get counsel and direction as they navigate the podcast industry. I can’t wait to share what we are doing with our network soon!”

To learn more about Jam Street Media, visit

Southern California Public Radio Bolsters Management Team With Key Hires

Southern California Public Radio (SCPR) announced two new hires, bolstering the organization’s management team. Shana Naomi Krochmal (she/her) has been appointed as vice president of LAist Studios, SCPR’s podcast development and production studio. Sophie Chap (she/her) is joining SPCR as director of marketing & communications, overseeing activities for all SCPR platforms.

“SCPR has long been a pillar of the Los Angeles community, and, as we look to the future, expanding our team with respected media professionals such as Shana and Sophie who have their pulse on what makes this region tick is key”, said Herb Scannell, president and chief executive officer, SCPR. “Shana has an impressive background successfully leading entertainment media brands in the digital space and is an asset as the LAist Studios team continues to grow and refine its podcast strategy. Sophie brings a great wealth of experience crafting effective brand-building tactics, media strategies, and overall brand messaging that will allow us to further build awareness among the communities that SCPR serves.”

LAist Studios, SCPR’s podcast development and production studio, is the latest addition to the organization. Founded in 2019 to tell “LA stories to the world” and champion the diverse voices of the region, LAist Studios have received recognition from the Webby Awards, and New York Festival Radio Awards for shows that include audio memoir, California Love; investigative series California City; Norco ’80, which told the story of the robbery that changed policing in America. Other shows such as The Big One: Your Survival Guide, WILD, and Snooze have received critical acclaim from The Atlantic, Vulture, The New Yorker, The Guardian, and more.

Krochmal joins LAist Studios from Entertainment Weekly (EW), where as editorial director she created award-winning digital covers, oversaw a site relaunch, and executive produced podcasts, video content, and social media projects. During her time at EW, she also co-hosted a Schitt’s Creek companion show with exclusive access during the show’s sixth and final season. Prior to that, she was the editor in chief of Entertainment Tonight online, where she scaled the show’s microsite into a top-tier 24-7 digital video and news operation, and she has also worked at Current TV and was a longtime contributing editor at OUT magazine. Krochmal and her wife live in Pasadena with their dog, Miss Thing.

Chap comes to SCPR from the Los Angeles Times, where she was most recently senior manager, media and marketing partnerships. During the eight years she spent with the Los Angeles Times, she helped lead the brand messaging to improve brand visibility within the local LA market. She created, executed, and managed all media campaigns that leveraged the Los Angeles Times’ owned and operated communication channels, external partnership relationships, and media buys helping to drive awareness and results. Prior to that, Chap also held roles at Beachfront Media, Tribune Publishing, and KABC-TV.