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Acast has Partnered with JioSaavn

Global podcast giant Acast has partnered with JioSaavn, South Asia’s largest audio streaming platform, to enable it to leverage Acast’s extensive global network of shows. The partnership expands JioSaavn’s content offering exponentially, providing access to Acast’s infrastructure and latest advances in podcast technology.

The clear appetite in South Asia – shown through JioSaavn’s existing 104 million+ Monthly Active User (MAU) base – is paramount to Acast’s understanding of the huge opportunity for podcasts in the market. And Acast and JioSaavn will align on one central mission, to popularize podcasts in South Asia.

The companies’ aim is to educate listeners on both the merits of podcasts – including the flexibility to listen anywhere at any time – and the opportunity they provide to share culturally diverse, compelling content with global voices.

The infrastructure of the partnership provides a platform for Indian voices, enabling new independent podcasters to produce content, and connects JioSaavn with Acast’s large collection of global publishers including The Guardian, The Economist, Financial Times, BBC, VICE, PBS NewsHour, The Times, and many more.

Acast and JioSaavn believe connecting South Asia to this content in particular – already generating 200+ million listens on a monthly basis in Europe and North America alone – will help both expand such content beyond borders, and encourage and provide publishers with the opportunity to reach new audiences and create bespoke content with them in mind.

Over the next two months the full effect of Acast and JioSaavn’s partnership will be visible, with Acast’s content appearing in full through JioSaavn.

Acast Hired Brian Danzis to Lead Growth in the Americas

Acast has appointed Brian Danzis as Managing Director, Americas. Danzis will spearhead expansion in the US, Canada, and Mexico, focusing on business development, major partnerships, content acquisition, and the delivery of new technology in local markets.

His hire supports Acast’s ambition to scale its market-leading products and services for creators, advertisers, and listeners across the globe.

Acast invented dynamic ad insertion technology – which delivers timely, contextualized podcast ads to listeners across any device or platform – and its pioneering an automated podcast ad buying solution. Its services include hosting, distribution, consultancy, and monetization for its podcast creators and its publishers, such as Complex, BBC, HuffPost, and VICE.

“The Americas are Acast’s fastest-growing markets, and we’re excited to welcome Brian to the team to lead the next phase of our expansion,” said Oskar Serrander, Chief Operating Officer at Acast. “His credentials speak for themselves, but what impressed us further is his belief in Acast’s vision and his dedication to accelerating our growth in a space with massive potential.”

Danzis was most recently Global Head of Video and Live Events at Spotify, where he led the direct sales team in monetizing the company’s streaming video ad formats and experiential offerings across 79 markets.

Prior, he was Chief Revenue Officer at programmatic video platform Virool, and spent six years at Videology as Senior Vice President of Sales and Sales Strategy for the Americas.

“We’ve reached a watershed moment for audio content. Just as we saw with video, we have an incredible opportunity with audio to provide a platform for creators and publishers to monetize content at scale,” said Danzis. “The podcast industry is still in its relative infancy, but that presents huge growth potential both in content and in its value for advertisers. Acast has the people, the vision, and the technology to drive that growth.”

Danzis will be based in Acast’s New York office.

Acast Seeks a Customer Success Manager

Acast is seeking a Customer Success Manager. It is a full time position at Acast in Los Angeles, California. In the want-ad, Acast describes itself this way: “We are a flat organization that supports a culture of autonomy and respect, and find those with an entrepreneurial spirit and curious mindset thrive at Acast.”

As a Customer Success Manager (CSM) you will be joining our Global Customer Success team to become the “first contact” for many of the interactions we have with our Podcast customers. In this role, you will play an integral role in shaping the customer experience we provide, by helping our content creators (our Podcasters) get the most value out of the Acast platform and monetization services we provide. We want all our Podcasters to rave about our service and to recommend Acast to the highest level!

You can:

  •  Navigate and gain a deep understanding of Acast’s platform and products so as to create a fantastic support experience for new and existing podcasters
  •  Build great relationships with Acast’s Podcaster partners and become their trusted expert on platform and support requests and other general business and product inquiries
  •  Connect with a wide-range of customer types, from non-technical to more technical advances
  •  Oversee all support communication channels, including email support, phone support, social media and live chat
  •  Contribute to product backlog by logging issues, bugs, and feature requests when applicable
  •  And more!

    Competencies and Characteristics include:
  •  Bi-lingual English and Spanish required (tri-lingual including French, Swedish, or German a bonus!)
  •  A genuine interest in podcasting and digital audio content
  •  Experience using customer/tech support technology
  •  Logical thinking
  •  Unrivaled problem-solving skills
  •  Experience of basic HTML and/or code structuring
  •  Strong Excel skills – preferably intermediate
  •  And more!

To learn more about Acast’s Customer Service Manager position, visit the Acast website where the want-ad is located. There is a button at the bottom called “Get more details. Acast is also seeking a Senior Customer Success Manager in Australia, and a Customer Success Manager in France.

Acast Announced Acast Open

Acast announced Acast Open. Its launch brings the world’s most sophisticated podcast hosting engine to every podcaster, big and small. Acast Open is available in English and French at launch, with more languages to follow.

Acast Open is a new product for anyone looking to create their own podcast for the first time, or who want to take the next step in their podcasting journey. They can choose Acast Open’s three service tiers, one of which is – ‘Starter’ – is free.

Acast Open is described as a “simple, smart podcast hosting for all creators.” It gives podcasters the choice of four pricing plans: Starter, Influencer, Ace, or Pro Service.

Starter: Free

  •  Podcast RSS feed for distribution to every podcast app
  •  Basic analytics
  •  Basic podcast website

Influencer: $14.99/month

  •  Podcast RSS feed for distribution to every podcast app
  •  Customizable podcast website
  •  YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud
  •  Unlimited episodes and downloads

Ace: $29.99/month

  •  Podcast RSS feed for distribution to every podcast app
  •  Advanced analytics
  •  Customizable podcast website
  •  YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud
  •  Unlimited episodes and downloads
  •  Episode transcriptions
  •  Team & Network Management
  •  Advanced support
  •  Pro Webinars
  •  Publishing API

Acast also offers a Pro Service. To be eligible, you must be an established podcaster, publisher or network, Or, you expect to launch with more than 10,000 weekly listens. If that describes you, then you can talk with Acast’s dedicated team about the premium hosting, monetization and marketing support they offer.

This news follows Acast’s acquisition of technology company Pippa earlier this year. Pippa has now been integrated into the Acast platform. Acast says that the Pippa brand will no longer exist.

All Acast Open subscribers – including former Pippa users who have been automatically migrated to the platform – will receive access to Acast’s world-class tech stack, which now includes the slick product suite built by Pippa.

Acast Acquired Pippa

Acast announced the acquisition of Pippa, a technology company offering hosting, analytics, and monetization for podcasters. With this acquisition, Acast is offering a marketplace for advertisers, cutting edge technology for creators of any size, and discovery tools for listeners. Until now, Acast’s tools have been available only to podcasts with an established number of listeners.

Pippa will bring Acast a consumer-facing offering that will enable any podcaster to sign up to host their show with just one click, whilst also having the ability to make money from their podcast from day one through Acast’s sophisticated monetization tools.

Together, Pippa and Acast represent a comprehensive solution for all podcasters, whatever their size. When Acast was founded in 2014, the company pioneered dynamic ad insertion for podcasting, bringing scalable monetization to the forefront for podcasters.

Pippa’s simple, sleek, easy to use platform complements Acast’s depth of revenue solutions and pushes podcast creation and distribution to the next level. Pippa was part of the first Techstars music program in 2017 and is the first company from that program to be acquired.

Pippa announced that they are thrilled to have been acquired by Acast.

Joining Acast represents an important, necessary, and extremely exciting leap forward for Pippa. Acast’s reputation as the premier podcast company in the world is well deserved. We’re honored to join their team and – with you – to continue crafting the future of podcasting together.

Pippa wants “Pipster” podcasters to know two important things about their service:

  • Pippa is here to stay. Your podcast is safe and sound with Pippa – and our superb service will continue to run with all the bells and whistles you’ve come to love.
  • Pippa is already working on awesome new stuff. Joining Acast is an opportunity for use to flex harder and work faster, so you can look forward to some really exciting stuff in the months to come.

Acast Launches in France

Acast announced its expansion into France. The French business will be led by Yann Thébault, former managing director of Continental Europe for Spotify, who joins Acast with the mission of establishing Acast France as the go-to podcast company locally.

This will include supporting independent publishers, working with media groups and brands on their audio strategies and helping to develop the French podcast market.

The launch of Acast in France is in response to the rapidly growing popularity of podcasts in the region, as well as demand for support for podcasters. According to Médiamétrie’s Écoute des Podcasts study (April 2018), over four million people in France listen to podcasts every month. 25% of these are new listeners to the medium.

Ross Adams, CEO of Acast said: “Launching in France is the natural next step for Acast – it’s a market where the appetite for podcasting from a creator, listener and advertising point of view is starting to explode. We have big plans – global expansion is a real focus for Acast in 2019 and beyond, as well as working with content in many different languages as possible. Yann’s rich experience and love for audio means he is the perfect person to take us into such an important market for Acast.”

Yann Thébault, managing director of Acast France said: “France is a dynamic market that has historically been known for its high radio consumption. The podcast market is now booming and represents a real growth opportunity for Acast. With our ability to address every need of both independent podcasters and publishers – including hosting, distribution, marketing, measurement and monetization – we are able to bring innovative and tailored solutions for podcasters, advertisers and listeners.”

Acast Available to Drivers Via Ford SYNC

Ford announced at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, that the Acast mobile app would be made available to drivers via Ford SYNC 3 AppLink.

Ford SYNC AppLink enables drivers to use supported smartphone apps on their vehicle’s integrated touchscreen; with advanced voice and steering controls. AppLink is powered by SmartDeviceLink (SDL) an open source software solution promoted by a number of auto makers. SDL provides a common interface between apps and vehicles.

Acast is a curated platform for podcasts. They connect listeners, podcast creators, and advertisers in a fully integrated, one-stop shop. Acast helps listeners discover new content by suggesting new voices and popular shows, as well as fully curated lists.

Acast also provides podcasters with a simple publishing service for their content. Acast+ is a marketplace for podcasts. Acast describes Acast+ this way: “We created a destination where you can sell your premium content directly to your loyal audience for a price you set yourself”.

Ford announced that the mobile app from audio-on-demand podcast Acast would be made available to drivers. This offers online downloads and an intelligent recommendation engine analyses commute times to suggest podcasts which best fit journey length.

Acast was one of the winners of Ford’s 2017 “Make it Drivable” Paris AppLink Challenge, a start-up focused event to help companies develop ideas that make journeys better.

Acast raises $5 Million for Expansion

Acast logoSweden-based podcasting services provider Acast recently announced that it had raised five million dollars in order to fund an expansion of its services. The capital was provided by Sweden’s Bonnier Growth Media and Moor, a company that had invested in Acast before. Acast plans on using this infusion of cash to move into more European countries as well as North America.

Acast offers a 360-degree style system for podcasters. The platform handles hosting and publishing of episodes and feeds, including statistics. It also offers podcasters monetization opportunities thru its built-in advertising delivery system. Acast also has an “interactive show notes” feature available thru its own app. This feature allows users to, “Insert videos, images and other interactive media to the episode timeline.” The Acast media player is compatible with desktop and mobile web browsers and can be embedded onto external sites.

Acast also courts potential podcast ad buyers by telling them that podcast ads are noticed because podcasting is more engaging than radio and that podcast listeners are “committed.” Acast also tosses out a statistic that, “15% of Americans listened to a podcast last month.” No source is given for that nugget of data, and it also seems odd that Acast is offering that as a selling point when the company is just now entering the North American market.

Overall, Acast’s expansion should be seen as a good thing for the podcasting industry. And while Acast has clearly had some success as a smaller provider in Europe, it’s going to find much more competition here in America. Podcasters have a habit of running to the latest, shiny thing when it comes to these types of platforms. Hopefully, Acast turns out to be a reliable player in this space. But VC-backed firms have been known to disappear in the past. Podcasters who are eyeing Acast as the next big thing should proceed with a healthy sense of skepticism, and (as always) have a backup plan.