AdLarge and Fable & Folly Announce Partnership

AdLarge announced their partnership with Fable & Folly Podcast Network for exclusive ad sales. This partnership underscores AdLarge’s dedication to amplifying underrepresented voices within the podcast community. With over 100 audio fiction podcasts, featuring compelling stories ranging from small town conspiracies, to sci-fie comedies, to Dungeons & Dragons improv, the Fable & Follow Network pushes the boundaries of representation in media.

The Fable & Folly Network prioritizes authenticity, championing a movement that empowers queer, disabled, intersectional, and gender-fluid visionaries. These creators are reshaping the landscape of media representation and pioneering the future of creative expression. At the heard of their mission is a young, diverse and extremely passionate fan base whose identities are shaped by the brands they cherish and compelling content they actively contribute to and share. Renowned as trendsetters across the realms of arts, music, fashion, politics, science, and technology, they embody a transformative force in the audio storytelling landscape.

Pioneering the frontier of brand extension, Fable & Folly’s team seamlessly integrates in-world ads, setting the standard for natural advertising experiences. Fiction is inherently brand-safe and through this partnership with the AdLarge Podcast Network, together they provide an unparalleled level of brand safety, surpassing any other available options.

“We are excited to be working with Adlarge,” says Russ More, COO of Fable and Folly. “Their team is driven to connect brands with diverse storytellers and change makers. This enables to support more independent producers to tell the stories that no one else will tell.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Fable & Folly,” shared Cathy Csukas, CEO of AdLarge. “Their compelling array of shows, coupled with a steadfast dedication to inclusivity and representation, harmonizes perfectly with the fundamental values and mission of AdLarge. We are eager to introduce these actively engaged audiences to our clients.”

The Fable & Folly Network of Podcasts including shows such as; Midnight Burger, The Amelia Project, The Strata, Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons, Wolf 359 and Unwell can be found wherever you listen to podcasts.

For more information about advertising in any of the Fable & Folly podcasts, reach out to sales@adlarge,com.

AdLarge Strengthens Sales Team, Welcomes Tom Brady

AdLarge announced that Tom Brady has joined the company’s sales force. In this new role, Brady will work directly with EVP of Audio Sales, Robin Sloan.

With over two decades of experience in audio sales, Tom Brady stands as a distinguished veteran in the industry. In his most recent role as Senior Director, East Coast Audio Sales at Disney Advertising Sales, he led a dedicated team overseeing audio sponsorships and ad campaigns for the Disney podcast portfolio and ESPN Radio Network, which consisted of sports talk programming and live broadcasts of MLB, College Football and NFL. 

Tom’s impact spans a diverse range of podcasts, emanating from renowned entities such as ESPN, ABC, National Geographic, 538, and Disney Publishing. Before his tenure at Disney/ESPN, Tom made significant strides at the ABC Radio networks, excelling in selling advertising across Talk, Music and News programming. 

Robin Sloan, AdLarge SVP Audio Sales commented on the announcement, “I am thrilled to welcome Tom Brady to the AdLarge family. His extensive industry experience and proven track record working with massive brands align seamlessly with our commitment to excellence. Tom’s addition to our team is a testament to our dedication to providing unparalleled value to our partners. We are eager to witness the impactful contributions he will undoubtedly make as we continue to elevate the standards of success in the audio sales landscape.”

“I’m delighted to be joining AdLarge Media,” added Brady. “The AdLarge portfolio is extremely impressive and provides marketers an excellent opportunity to reach potential customers. The radio networks and NASCAR provide tremendous reach and the Podcast portfolio is extremely targeted and best in class. I feel AdLarge is in a terrific position and poised for success.”

About AdLarge

AdLarge Media is an industry-leading independent ad sales company connecting audio publishers, brands, and audiences. Founded in 2011, the diverse audio portfolio at AdLarge reaches over 200 million listeners globally across all audio platforms. The AdLarge team is composed of top industry experts in podcasting radio, and streaming, with ad clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies emerging DTC brands. 

Founders Cathy Csukas & Gary Schonfeld were named two of the “Top 20 Leaders in Radio” in 2021 and 2022, and Cuskas has consistently been named one of the “Most Influential Women in Radio” by Radio Ink. AdLarge also continues to receive industry recognition for the Annual Podcast Buying Guide which provides an in-depth analysis on the most current insights, research, and expert advice available on the rapidly evolving medium. 

Since entering in 2013, AdLarge has maintained a top ranked position with Nielsen’s RADAR Network Ratings. Committed to the highest standards of customer service, team up with them from anywhere at


AdLarge Adds Headspace Studios To Sales Portfolio

AdLarge announced that Headspace Studios, the multi-platform production studio within Headspace, has joined the company’s podcast portfolio. Expanding content focused on mental health, wellness and mindfulness, Headspace’s podcast collection joining AdLarge’s Sales Portfolio includes Dear Headspace, Radio Headspace, and Sunday Scaries.

Dear Headspace, a first of its kind for the industry, allows individuals to submit questions about various common challenges, including relationships, grief, family, and starting their meditation journey, with episodes releasing every Tuesday. Radio Headspace is a daily mindfulness microcosm that encourages listeners to pause, reflect, and explore our shared human experience and how to live up to our limitless potential, co-hosted by Headspace’s popular mindfulness and meditation teachers. Sunday Scaries by Headspace, led by mindfulness and meditation teacher Dora Kaman, helps listeners reframe their anxiety and approach the work and school week with a positive outlook through weekly mini-meditations every Sunday.

All of the Headspace shows are available in-app and anywhere you listen to podcasts.

To learn more about these shows or others in the AdLarge portfolio, reach out to sales

About AdLarge

AdLarge Media is an industry-leading independent ad sales company connecting audio publishers, brands, and audiences. Founded in 2011, the diverse audio portfolio at AdLarge reaches over 200 million listeners globally across all audio platforms. The AdLarge team is composed of top industry experts in podcasting, radio, and streaming, with ad clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to emerging DTC brands.

Founders Cathy Csukas & Gary Scholfeld were named two of the “Top Leaders in Radio” in 2021, and Csuaks has consistently been named one of the “Most Influential Leaders in Radio” by Radio Ink.

AdLarge also continues to receive industry recognition for the Annual Podcast Buying Guide which provides an in-depth evolving medium. Since entering in 2013, AdLarge has maintained a top ranked position with Neilsen’s RADAR Network Ratings. Committed to the highest standards of customer service, team up with them from anywhere at

About Headspace

Headspace is your lifelong guide to better mental health. We make mental health support accessible to everyone, no matter their background or experience. Through our flagship Headspace app, we provide mindfulness tools for everyday life, including meditations, sleep casts, mindful movement and focus exercises. 

Our enterprise offerings combine this experience with a human-centered model of care, with coaching, therapy, psychiatry and EAP services under one roof. Our team of experts ranges from mental health clinicians to Emmy award-wining producers and data scientists, working together as one to help millions of people around the world be healthier and more productive. To learn more, visit

AdLarge, Flightpath, and Sounder Announce State-Of-The-Art Integration for Seamless Campaign Execution

AdLarge, Flightpath, and Sounder are thrilled to announce a first-to-market, groundbreaking integration that is set to revolutionize the podcast advertising industry. Leveraging the strengths of each platform, this collaboration brings together cutting-edge technology, brand safety, contextual targeting, and customized campaign execution to elevate podcast advertising campaigns to a new level.

Sounder, known for accurately, classifying publisher’s content for brand safety, suitability, and contextual relevance, has further expanded its capabilities by integrating with Flightpath. This integration enables AdLarge to tap into Flightpath’s Sales Availability Dashboard for campaign forecasting and planning, unlocking a new level of innovation and effectiveness for ad placement for all clients.

Key Integrations Include:

Precision and Trust at Scale: Target contextual and/or brand-suitable inventory across AdLarge’s full catalog that enables advertisers to target their message across relevant and suitable content bringing immeasurable value and security to the ad buying experience for the marketplace.

Seamless Campaign Execution: The integration simplifies the advertising process, making it more efficient and user-friendly. Publishers can now forecast advertising tags and navigate the complexities of advertising campaign execution with confidence and ease.

Enhanced Transparency and Accountability: AdLarge, long known for its commitment to transparency and accountability, and the first to partner with Flightpath, continues to deliver on its promise to advertisers.

“We are committed to providing the most effective and brand-suitable advertising to our clients,” said Ilwira Marciszek, SVP of Revenue Operations and Digital Sales for AdLarge. “Our partnership with Flightpath and Sounder is yet another way we are bringing to market tools that create innovative and unmatched solutions, transparency and continue to build trust within the entire process of podcast ad sales.”

“AdLarge is a proven leader in the industry. By bringing together two complementary partners like Sounder and Flightpath, we can work together to create significant value for the agencies and brands that Ad:arge serves,” remarked Flightpath CEO and Founder, Sean Howard.

AdLarge Publishes 2022 Podcast Buying Guide

AdLarge has released the highly-anticipated 2022 Podcast Buying Guide V5.0, illuminating the fundamental factors to create a successful buying strategy in 2023.

The guide examines the progression of the industry over the past few years and the advancement and innovation of the resources and tools available to the ad buying community. While similar to the first four guides by remaining simple to follow and understand, the fifth edition focuses on brand alignment, ad quality, and the evolution of the marketplace.

“We’ve entered a new era of advertising in the industry,” commented Ilwira Marciszek, AdLarge Senior VP, Head of Revenue Operations & Digital Sales. “According to Magellan AI, almost 2,000 new brands entered the space in Q3 and that number is expected to grow. As the space continues to mature, the abundance of opportunity is unlimited; however, it’s critical for brands to stay informed and educated in order to achieve their goals. This is a testament to the power of podcasting and its forceful ability to drive engagement and results.”

Cathy Csukas, AdLarge Co-CEO added, “As a leader in the space, we have built our business on helping our partners. Over the past five years, the marketplace as well as the Podcast Buying Guide have evolved a great deal. This year, we’ve taken the nuances and complexities of the industry and synthesized them down to give advertisers the information they need in the most transparent way possible. AdLarge continues to remain committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise with our clients in the industry.”

The 2022 Podcast Buying Guide V5.0 from AdLarge is divided into five sections

The World as We Hear It: What Podcasting Means Today

The ‘S-Word’: Brand Suitability is Here

Old School vs. New School: When Host Reads and Programmatic Collide

Creating a Sound Approach: Strategy and Case Studies

The Golden Rules: A Bold CTA for the Podcast Industry

The 2022 Podcast Buying Guide V5.0 can be downloaded here.

AdLarge Adds Matt Turck To Leadership Team

AdLarge announced Matt Truck has joined the leadership team as Head of Podcast Growth and Strategy. As AdLarge continues to expand its podcasting portfolio, Turck will oversee revenue development, partnership growth and contribute to the overall strategy of the podcast portfolio.

Turck, co-founder of Megaphone, acquired by Spotify in December of 2020 served most recently as the Head of Megaphone Publisher Solutions at Spotify, overseeing the development of podcast advertising supply. At Megaphone, Matt helped pioneer the digital transformation of podcast advertising, introducing audience targeting at scale, bringing data, measurement, and other digital tools to the podcasting space.

Prior to joining Megaphone, Matt was the Publisher of Slate and an early experimenter in podcast advertising, starting when Audible sponsored Slate’s Political Gabfest in 2008. He oversaw the development of the industry’s first branded podcasts, including GE’s Podcast Theater “The Message,” which held the #1 position in Apple Podcasts for several weeks. Prior to Slate, Turck spent 20 years with Time Incorporated, holding several prominent positions, including Publisher/President of This Old House and Associate Publisher of Time magazine.

“Partnering with Cathy and the AdLarge team for many years, I’ve gained enormous respect for their leadership in podcasting,” said Turck. “Now, I’m thrilled to be in a position to help Adlarge continue to shape the industry.”

Cathy Csukas, AdLarge Co-CEO commented on the announcement, “Matt brings an abundance of experience and expertise to the AdLarge team. With the speed at which the marketplace continues to move, it’s wonderful to have him on board to help us continue our expansion as well as provide exceptional service and products to the industry.”

AdLarge and Neilsen Renew Multi-Year Agreement

Ad-Large and Nielsen announced they have entered into a multi-year renewal agreement for Nielsen Audio measurement. With this agreement, AdLarge continues its participation in RADAR, the only Nielsen audio service that provides commercial ratings and is the best available forecast of a network’s audience delivery.

AdLarge Media is the leading independent ad sales and content company, specializing in podcasts, AM/FM, streaming, and on-demand lifestyle-driven audio content. AdLarge has utilized Nielsen’s measurement service since 2013.

“RADAR continues to be an extremely integral part of the purchasing and decision making process for advertisers,” said Don Wachsmith, Chief Revenue Officer of AdLarge Media. “Subscribers are required to adhere to strict guidelines in order to provide agencies with secure and accurate information. RADAR’s measurement data remains the most proven and reliable in the marketplace today.”

“AdLarge is an audio powerhouse, and we are pleased to continue our relationship,” said Bruce Supovitz, SVP/National Audio Services, Nielsen Audio. “AdLarge offers a tremendous breadth of scale by focusing on all audio environments, across all platforms, and we look forward to continuing to empower them with capabilities that optimize their national sales inventory.”

RADAR radio networks provide Nielsen with commercial clearance records from thousands of affiliated radio stations, which are merged with listening information from a database of almost 400,000 respondents. This added accountability allows RADAR to provide the best available forecast of a network’s future audience delivery and a high standard of reliable metrics for buying network radio.

AdLarge and G Networks Announce Ad Sales Partnership

AdLarge and G Networks are excited to announce they have entered into an ad sales partnership. With these two companies combining sales networks, this partnership creates a new dynamic and impressive ad sales powerhouse in network audio.

In addition to continuing to represent top-tier content producers, AdLarge will oversee the management, sales, and fulfillment of the network audio ad sales inventory for both companies. G Networks will continue to offer and affiliate their premium programming and services through their existing affiliations team to radio stations across the U.S.

“We’re excited to partner with AdLarge,” commented Warren Friesland, President, G Networks. “AdLarge has a reputation for delivering innovative campaigns to help brands reach their media goals. AdLarge’s ad sales efforts coupled with our own extremely targeted networks will lead to a better return on investment for advertisers, brands, and agencies.”

Gary Schonfeld, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of AdLarge said, “This unique partnership will enhance our already robust ad sales networks, as well as generate greater critical mass and increased coverage of major markets. This is a win-win for the advertisers and the network audio community. The partnership with G Networks will greatly benefit the audio campaigns of advertisers and agency partners.”

AdLarge Publishes 2021 Podcast Buying Guide

AdLarge has released the highly-anticipated 2021 Podcast Buying Guide V4.0, featuring essential information on the rapid evolution of the marketplace including the latest resources and tools for measurement, analysis, and attribution available today. While similar to the first three guides by remaining simple to follow and understand, the fourth edition goes beyond the basics of buying and delves into the specifics behind content selection, measurement efficacy, and targeted delivery.

“As more buyers continue to experience the unmatched ROI of podcast advertising, we recognized the opportunity to provide guidance and context to the quickly evolving landscape of attribution, measurement, and delivery,” commented Ilwira Marciszek, AdLarge Senior VP, Head of Revenue Operations & Digital Sales. “The unprecedented growth we are witnessing today is a true testament to the power of podcasting.”

Cathy Csukas, AdLarge Co-CEO added, “Working with a broad range of shows and clients has uniquely positioned AdLarge as an authentic resource to buyers. Our spectrum of knowledge has enabled to gain a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace, which we’ve outlined in this playbook. Our goal is to provide everyone with the tools to make the most informed advertising decisions possible. The substantial increase year-over-year in advertiser spend has proven the audience is attentive, engaged, and ready to take action.”

The 2021 Podcast Buying Guide V4.0 from AdLarge is divided into four sections:

Evaluating: Evaluating media to form solid content partnerships

Effectiveness: How to build an effective and measurable campaign

Efficiency: Level up with efficiency and scale

Experts answer frequently asked questions

The 2021 Podcast Buying Guide V4.0 can be downloaded here.