Adthos Adds A Multitude Of New Voices In 200 Languages

Leading AI Audio Platform Adthos announced it has teamed up with a number of new voice providers to be able to offer users access to a multitude of new voices, bringing the number available in the platform’s library to 4,600.

In addition to the existing Microsoft voices, Adthos now supports Google, Amazon, ElevenLabs, PlayHT, WellSaid Labs, and Respeecher. These new voices contribute to an already expansive library designed for use in audio formats, including audio ads.

The library features hundreds of carefully selected and trained AI voices, and over 100 Adthos’ handpicked top quality AI voices that collectively hold 1000 IMDB credits, including voices from Emmy Award-winning artists. Additionally, voices can be generated and translated into multiple languages, with the new platforms adding support for 200 or more languages and dialects.

Raoul Wedel, CEO of Adthos, says, “Offering high-quality AI and synthetic voice options has always been the key featured of Adthos. Working with all these providers allows our users to benefit from an even greater array of out-of-the-box voices to create engaging audio content. I’m proud to say that we now offer three times as many voices as any of our competitors.”

Users who have previously created their own models with these providers can now seamlessly integrate and use all of Adthos’ AI audio features to enhance their audio content. This interoperability allows for a more streamlined and versatile audio creation process, enabling users to leverage the extensive capabilities of the Adthos platform.

Voices can be previewed on or people can sign up for a free trial through the portal.

Adthos Launches First-Of-Its-Kind AI Generated Ads

From April 4, 2023, and for the first time anywhere, users of the Adthos Platform can generate complete audio ads from start to finish using AI technology.

Advertisers simply submit a short briefing via a self-service portal, and using AI-technology, Adthos will generate the script, adding AI voices, sound effects and music, resulting in a fully AI-produced ad that’ available to be played out instantly. 

The platform utilizes a dozen AI technologies including GPT-4, the lates language model to be released by Open AI. The platform’s own library offers 100’s of hand-pocked and trained top quality AI voices that collectively hold 1000 IMDB credits. This includes Emmy Award winning voice actors and talents who are part of the Top 10 Morning Shows in the US.

This breakthrough technology provides advertisers with efficient self-service and instant production of high-quality audio ads that offer the best voice talent available. For publishers it enables the kind of micro-transactions that will help to support long-tail revenue streams. 

Publishers are also able to add their own branding to the self-service portal to provide a more personalized service for customers. Adthos offers out of the box integrations with radio automation systems and ad-servers meaning that creative audio can be immediately played out, enabling publishers to create a true self-service ad-buying platform.

Raoul Wedel, CEO of Adthos: “Adthos has delivered several first to the industry, but I am more excited about this than any other so far. We have been working with OpenAI for the last two years as part of their programs and have already pioneered its use for creative script writing. The addition of AI to select voices, music, and sound effects takes it to a new and exciting level. I can’t wait to see what people do with it!”

Two dozen of the world’s largest publishers have already been selected to test out the product. To apply to participate in the. Trial, please contact