Amanda Palmer Launched Art of Asking Everything Pocast

Amanda Palmer announced The Art of Asking Everything podcast. At the time I am writing this blog post, it appears that a trailer has been released. Amanda Palmer says the podcast will have no branding or advertisements because it is 100% patron-sponsored.

Do you know that I love to talk to people? About hard and uncomfortable things? For this podcast, I sit down with (or occasionally, phone) guests from all walks of life: doctors sex workers, musicians, writers, teachers, painters, parents, activists, TED speakers, friends…basically anyone who wants to have a deep and honest conversation with me about The Big Stuff…

The description of The Art of Asking Everything podcast on Simplecast provides a description for those who are unfamiliar with Amanda Palmer.

Amanda Palmer is a rock star, best-selling author, TED speaker and community leader who does everything on her own terms simply by asking. Now, she turns the tables on her colleagues and heroes to find out how they create art, love difficult people, work for change, and survive the worst moments of the lives. From porn stars to empathy researchers, and cartoonists to climate scientists, no topic is out of bounds.

NME reported that guests will include KT Turnstall, Tim Minchin, Lenny Henry, Laura Jane Grace, and Susan Cain.