Amaze Media Labs Brings New Listeners To Podcasting With ‘Trailergram’

Amaze Media Labs, an innovator in the podcast industry, announces the launch of Trailergram, an affordable advertising product that helps podcasters discover, grow, and retain new listeners. Using advanced AI targeting, Trailergram reaches a show’s ideal audience, drives consumption, and keeps fans engaged with mobile push notifications.

How Trailergram works

Podcasts are promoted by ads on high-quality websites with contextually relevant articles, exposing the show to millions of potential listeners. When people interact with the ad, they can watch or hear the podcast trailer, follow the show, listen to episodes, and opt-in for push notifications about new episodes.

Campaign progress is transparent with trailer plays, ad views, and opt-in reports available in Trailergram’s analytics dashboard.

Trailergram works for podcasters of all sizes from independent creators to large networks. Click here for case studies across different genres and investment levels. Pricing is based on a guaranteed number of podcast trailer plays. Amaze Media Labs has partnered with Cloudflare to certify and ensure accuracy and full transparency with consumption.

“The team at Amaze has created amazing audience development tools that have helped us find an audience for our shows,” said Anjay Nagpal, Founder of Entropy Media Podcast Network. “They are incredibly collaborative and working with them has been a pleasure.”

“Without predictable and efficient tools to attract and keep listeners, even the best podcasts can struggle to thrive,” said Robert Tuchman, Co-Founder of Amaze Media Labs. “We’ve put Trailergram to the test, and it’s a game changer. Now, any podcast creator can use it – let’s all grow together.”

“Trailergram is the first product emerging from the labs following our strategic acquisition of podcast ad network Rockable in March, said Brett Sklar, Co-Founder of Amaze Media Labs. “We’re in a unique position working with large brands and developing proprietary podcast technology. Every day, we introduce people to podcasts and convert them into loyal listeners.”

After selling premium experiential and event business Goviva to Creative Artists Agency (CAA), longtime business partners Tuchman and Sklar teamed up with sports marketing executive and former head of Nielsen Global Sports Group Stephen Master to launch Amaze Media Labs in 2020. Amaze has crated branded podcasts for 70+ clients, including iconic companies like Pfizer, Visa, Facebook, Metlife, Ford, and Estee Lauder. In addition to producing world-class content, Amaze Media Labs has established itself as a leading platform with a network of shows and innovative ad tech to grow podcast audiences.

Trailergram is available to anyone in the podcast industry for the first time. For more detail or to book a demo visit

About Amaze Media Labs

Founded in 2020 by Robert Tuchman, Brett Sklar, and Stephen Master, Amaze Media Labs was built to help brands succeed on the next frontier of community engagement with podcasts. The Amaze Media Labs platform consists of branded podcast and audience development solutions, like Trailergram. For more information, visit and

Amaze Media Labs Announces Casey Rabin as Head of Podcast Talent

Amaze Media Labs – a game changer in the podcast space by combining compelling customizable content with live experiences – has hired Casey Rabin as the company’s Head of Podcast Talent and Experience. Rabin will strategize and execute innovation in-person, hybrid and virtual events and experiences for brands utilizing Podcast Talent and Creators as a way to help brands connect with their audiences in a more authentic and captivating way.

“I am thrilled to be joining the team at Amaze,” Rabin said. “Amaze is a perfect combination of early stage startup with vast potential for parabolic growth combined with an experienced team that has great institutional experience in corporate hospitality and the entertainment industry. As the podcast industry continues to mature, the enterprise side of this space needs to grow with it. Amaze is amazingly well-placed to be at the forefront of this continuously growing medium.”

Rabin was previously the Director of Podcasts for Don Buchwald & Associates, where she represented a wide range of preeminent and up-and-coming podcasters, standup comedians, and writers. She oversaw shows from creative inception through launch, leading her clients to engaging podcast formats. Some of her work includes The Friendship Onion with Dom Monaghan and Billy Boyd, Uncut with Jay Cutler, On Display with Melissa Gorga, and Tiny Victories with Annabelle Gurwitch and Laura House.

Before beginning her career as a talent agent, the Harrison, New York, native spent nearly a decade in television production at a variety of networks, including ABC, NES, YES Network, ESPN, and SNY.Rabin graduated from Boston University in 2013, where she majored in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science.

Amaze CO-CEO Brett Sklar commented: “We are very excited to have Casey Rabin on the Amaze Team. Casey is a veteran of the podcast industry and is an expert in Podcast Talent, Experiences and Tours, and we see this as the future of the industry. Casey will head up our Podcast Talent and Experiences and will report to Hope Newman, who is our Chief Experience Office, and together they form a best in class team.”

Amaze CEO Robert Tuchman added: “I am beyond excited that Casey Rabin chose to join our team at Amaze Media Labs. Casey is a wonderful person and an absolute star in the podcasting industry. We look forward to having her lead our efforts with podcasting talent and live podcast experiences.”

Amaze Media Labs Expands its Sports Podcast Network Division

Amaze Media Labs is expanding its imprint in sports podcast networks with the launch of two new networks. The Pigskin Podcast Network and the Basketball Podcast Network will join the already successful The Hockey Podcast Network in providing over 130 top-quality podcasts.

The launch of The Pigskin Podcast Network comes at the perfect time, at the beginning of the 2021 NFL season. The network will consist of nearly 40 podcasts covering the NFL, College Football, Football Betting, and Fantasy Football.

“This year, we saw explosive growth in The Hockey Podcast Network, and we are super excited to bring that same community-based foundation to other sports markets with the launch of The Basketball Podcast Network and The Pigskin Podcast Network,” said Dylan Keyzer, Director of Amaze Media Labs Sports Podcast Division. “We believe we can make a positive impact for fans and podcast listeners across North America and globally.”

The Basketball Podcast Network features over 25 podcasts. It is rounded out by top charting shows which include The Solar Panel: A Phoenix Suns Podcast, The Spurscast the top San Antonio Spurs podcast, and The Grizz Weekly Grind hosted by Memphis Grizzlies TV play-by-play man Pete Pranica.

“It has been a thrill to watch the growth and communities that surround our hockey shows, and we are ecstatic to replicate that with basketball and football. We can’t wait to interact with fans, fantasy players, and bettors from all around the world.” Keyser continued.

The Hockey Podcast Network, which Amaze Media Labs acquired in 2020, has become one of the leaders in hockey content, producing over 45 NHL-themed podcasts and 18 original hockey content themed shows. The network is highlighted by podcasts such as Tales With TR: A Hockey Podcast hosted by former Montreal Canadien Terry Ryan, which is a top-ten hockey podcast in Canada, as well as the top daily hockey betting podcast The Ice Guys. The network’s success has allowed it to bring on major partners like DraftKings, one of its founding sponsors.

With its expanding footprint with sports podcast networks combined with the production of multiple leading branded podcast series, Amaze Media Labs has established itself as a leading podcast platform.