Fiction Podcast App Apollo Unveils Redesign and Launches Apollo+ Subscription Service

Apollo, the popular mobile app dedicated to fiction podcasts, announces a major redesign of its platform and the launch of Apollo+, a new subscription service for ad-free listening and access to exclusive content. Available for free on iOS and Android devices, Apollo cuts through the noise of 5 million podcasts, curating a catalog of 9,000+ fiction shows, each categorized by its genre, format, and additional tags.

Rebuilt from scratch after assessing the mistakes and successes of the prototype launch, the latest playback and discovery update brings a faster and more responsive experience to the entire app. Listeners can explore up-to-date editorial playlists, find the show they want to listen to, and save it to their library for later. Apollo makes finding new fiction podcasts easier and more accessible to a broad audience.

Apollo+ was introduced on April 24, 2023. It features 49 shows from independent creators. Participating shows and creators include Wooden Overcoats, Tonia Ransom’s Afflicted, Bloody FM’s SCP Archives and Mayfair Watchers Society, Sarah Rhea Werner’s Girl in Space, Marsfall, Jordan Cobb’s Janus Descending and Primordial Deep, Observer Pictures, Tel Minear, Next Chapter Podcasts, and more. 

Apollo+ subscribers enjoy ad-free listening, premium content previously found only on individual Patreon and Supporting Cast services, and early access to new shows and features.

For a single subscription of $9.99 per month, Apollo+ listeners support multiple fiction creators at once. 70% of the net revenue is retained by creators, proportionately distributed based on minutes listened. The more listeners enjoy a creator’s show on Apollo +, the more that creator will earn. Annual pricing options are available, with a one-year subscription offering three months for free.

New shows and creators to support will be added to the Apollo+ lineup monthly, ensuring a constant stream of fresh content for members. To explore the full catalog of shows available on Apollo+, visit

For more information about Apollo, visit the website.

If a podcast you know is missing from Apollo, let us know at Creators interested in joining the Apollo+ program can reach out to the team. Agreements are not platform-exclusive and creators always own their content.

About Apollo

Apollo is a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices that is dedicated exclusively to fiction podcasts. With a catalog of over 9,000 shows categorized by genre, format, and additional tags, Apollo offers an unparalleled listening experience for fans of fictions shows. The platform committed supporting independent creators, fostering creativity, and revolutionizing the podcast landscape.