Ad Results Media (ARM) Hires New Chief Revenue Officer Teresa Elliott

Ad Results Media (ARM), the leader in podcast advertising as well as digital audio, broadcast radio, and influencer partnerships on YouTube, announced hiring of Teresa Elliott as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

ARM welcomes Elliott as the newest member of its leadership team where she will focus on forging strategic alliances across the audio ecosystem and leading new business development efforts. This latest addition to ARM’s roster of talented executives highlights the audio trailblazer’s commitment to fostering growth and innovation in the industry and supporting the rapidly evolving and complex ecosystem of platforms, publishers, producers, show talent, brand-marketers, and agencies alike.

“At a time when more brands are exploring audio with podcast advertising than ever before, and the landscape is becoming than ever before, and the landscape is becoming increasingly complex with more players and new technologies, experience matters,” said Elliott. “ARM is the leader in the podcast and audio space. I am fortunate to be joining the incredible team of audio experts that the ARM Partners have built over the last 25+ years and am excited to collaborate on the next wave of business growth opportunities for our partners.”

The New York City-based former Spotify executive has extensive experience in spearheading complex partnerships on a global-scale, with emphasis on driving revenue growth, fostering innovation and building C-level executive relationships. Elliott brings her expertise and passion for forging mutually beneficial long-term partnerships to ARM where she will be accountable for driving business development initiatives. 

“We’re thrilled to announce Teresa’s addition to our team at Ad Results Media,” said Steve Shanks, Co-Chief Executive Officer. “With her extensive experience in the audio industry, forward-thinking outlook, and an impressive record of delivering insight-led solutions, Teresa brings distinctive expertise that matches our commitment to industry leadership. We firmly believe that his combination will not only drive ARM’s growth and innovation, but also contribute to the progressive evolution of the audio advertising sector into new territories.”

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Strutting Your Stuff – With the Right Microphone Strut…

You might think that holding your own is easy in the world of podcasting and for many of you – you’d be right. One thing to realize however is that one cannot – in most cases – hold their own MICROPHONE when it comes to effective podcasting.

In the last 13 years of podcasting, what I’ve learned the most from is necessity. From the reasonably el crappo gaming headsets my original co-host and I started with, to the super-impression-making microphone booms that allow me to capture content inside my Podcast Bug (a 1974 Custom Super Beetle with a Recording Studio Built into the Front of it), being able to address the mic is vital to podcasting success.

The Podcast Bug - a 1974 Custom Super Beetle with a Recording Studio Built Into It - Head-turning Portable Recording Platform!Discussions will erupt during the time it takes for you to read this article on a variety of online discussion forums that ask the question, “I need to get a mic boom, but I’m looking for something cheaper.” Without question, cheaper methods exist. From bungee cords + studio lamp, to propped-up clamp lamp remnants to the several cadillac-level booms that are available – you’ll find something that fits your budget, patience and “you’ve gotta’ be kiddin’ me” level.

The First Question to Ask: Why Do I Need a Mic Boom?

The Talent Bay at 2GuysTalking HQ - St. Charles, MO USAAre you a table thumper? Can’t get past the incessant knee-donk that destroys all podcasters hope of initial, edited-less podcast capture? Can’t figure out how to hold the paper and not have the “I am holding paper” sound capture along with your vocals? How cool am I going to look while I record? There’s a myriad of questions and answers for everyone but when it’s all said and done, I have one recommendation – that has been in place since the fall of 2005…

The Heil Sound PL-2T Overhead Boom: In addition to having a name that will leave anyone you tell it to weak in the knees, the construction of these struts is simple, strong, and after having tried 3-4 different times in a variety of studio environments over 13 years, they are what I’ve chosen to feature in my different studio efforts.

The Original 2GuysTalking Podcast Network Studio - St. Louis, MO USA Circa 2005The Heil Sound PL-2T’s were featured in my original home-studio, my first, second, and 4th public commercial studios and are also featured inside my “Podcast Bug.” The clean lines, that allow for attached promotionability provide the strongest, most-dependable moving parts and confidence. Additionally, they offer the best options for attaching microphones of all kinds. While we feature the Heil PR-40s and Heil “FIN” microphones that fit as a matter of course into the booms, we’ve had guest voiceover artists that are accommodated easily with their general configuration.

The 2GuysTalking West Studio - Voiceover Booth - St. Louis, MO USAThe Heil Sound PL-2T Overhead Boom is also featured inside our existing voiceover booth making for yet another incredibly diverse environment that the Heil Sound PL-2T Overhead Boom shines.

What kind of booms do you use? What have you tried in the past? Tell me more about what you’re doing when it comes to “holding your mics” in the comments section below and let’s create the best, online source for microphone boom discussion available!