Audioburst Introduces Finder

Audioburst, The Audio Search and Delivery Platform, released a beta version of Audioburst Finder, the world’s first embeddable web search widget for podcasts and conferences. The solution was unveiled in partnership with the largest gathering of podcasters, Podcast Movement 2021, with exclusive early sign-up available during the event. It has also been deployed by The Voicebot Podcast and VOICE Global 2021 conference.

Audioburst Finder enables podcasters to transform their websites into powerful podcast distribution and discovery platforms. A keyword search across episodes allows visitors to find and listen to engaging audio “bursts” (bite-sized clips), sampling content before subscribing. An integrated social sharing feature enables listeners to share their favorite bursts directly to social media, thereby distributing the podcast to entirely new audiences.

“The Audioburst Finder brings us one step closer to solving the challenge of discovery,” said Amir Hirsh, Co-founder and CEO of Audioburst. “It opens a window through which listeners can search and sample creators’ content before subscribing. Additionally, as brands build out audio strategies and produce high-quality content, Audioburst Finder gives them a new way to repurpose the content and engage consumers right from their corporate website.”

As online and hybrid events continue to grow, The Audioburst Finder for Conferences provides a way to search conference sessions online. This empowers organizers to engage virtual participants, leverage content to drive ticket sales, and boost sponsorship revenue.

New Audioburst Platform Brings Podcasts to Any App

Audioburst the audio search and delivery platform, announces the launch of its Platform for Apps, the world’s first podcast feed for mobile apps. While providing incremental, recurring revenue for the thousands of app developers looking to increase app monetization, it also offers consumers personalized, up-to-the-minute audio content within their favorite apps.

“At audioburst, our mission is to champion the entire podcast ecosystem, making content accessible to users while also benefiting creators and publishers,” said Amir Hirsh, co-founder and CEO of Audioburst. “With this new product launch, we are taking another step towards achieving that goal. We are bringing a wealth of content to users in their favorite apps, helping podcasts reach new audiences, and driving mobile app engagement and monetization.”

Podcasts have gone mainstream in the last year, with over 100 million Americans regularly listening. The Audioburst Platform for Apps capitalizes on this monumental shift in consumer behavior – away from visual content on screens and toward audio content – to layer podcasts, talk radio, and more into apps that don’t currently deliver audio content.

From travel and navigation apps to casual games, fitness, music, shopping, and more, audio content is the perfect accompanying layer for apps interested in boosting user engagement and retention. An engaging audio player is available for apps interested in introducing audio for the first time via SDK, while apps with an existing player can integrate content via API.

The ability to provide audio-hungry consumers with the content they seek is what drew Zen Labs Fitness, the publisher of one of the world’s most popular and highest-rated running apps, C25K, to Audioburst.

“Audioburst’s solution is a great fit for our running community,” said Bradley Duong, co-founder at Zen Labs Fitness. “Our users are already out there, trying to improve their physical well-being. Adding a dynamic feed of informative and entertaining podcast highlights helps our runners on their self-improvement journey. We expect this innovative solution to boost user engagement and significantly increase our revenues.”

Additionally, Perfect365, the Webby-award-winning, augmented reality beauty platform, is incorporating Audioburst’s beauty playlist into its app to enrich user experience.
Audioburst’s AI technology listens to, analyzes, and indexes hundreds of millions of minutes of audio content, including podcasts, radio, and more. This customizable source of content is segmented to short audio clips – or “bursts” – that are then aggregated into playlists. Users enjoy a recommended content stream based on trending topics, past behaviors, and defined interest areas. Content is updated 24/7 from thousands of sources and optimized by Audioburst’s patent-pending technology, resulting in the ability to uniquely personalize every experience.

Audioburst Introduces Audioburst Creators

Audioburst has introduced Audioburst Creators. It allows broadcasters and content creators to easily reach out to a wider audience and engage new listeners. You can join Audioburst Creators by signing up through the Audioburst website. It is also possible to request a demo.

Here are some things Audioburst Creators can do for your podcast:

Distribute: Expose your content to search engines and applications.

Audioburst’s technology automatically indexes and segments your show to create snippets, or what they call “bursts”. They then surface the best moments from your shows to new audiences on mobile apps, smart home devices, and in-car entertainment systems. With Audioburst Analytics, you can track user engagement and the distribution of your content.

On-demand: Extend the shelf life of your content.

Audioburst’s extensive library of short-form audio clips is centered around metadata tagging, making your content searchable by keyword. Bursts always link back to the source, making sure new listeners know where to find you. Content creators also get access to Audioburst’s Creators portal, a powerful product where you can edit your content and promote your brand on social media channels.

Monetize: Discover new revenue resources.

Bursts are easily searched, shared, credited, collected and linked to their original source, so your content has the ability to reach new heights. Discover new ways to distribute and monetize your content through promotions, sponsored playlists, and personalized offers.

Audioburst Launches Audioburst Studios for Apps and Website Integration

Audioburst announced the launch of Audioburst Studio, a quick, free, and easy-to-use SaaS platform that developers and non-developers alike can use to integrate the Audioburst experience – short form audio content playlists filled with the best moments from podcast and talk radio into their websites and apps.

After logging into the Audioburst Studio users are presented with a simple 4-step wizard to help them create an integratable audio player into their apps and websites. The platform offers pre-built playlists, as well as “Build Your Own” option, letting users take advantage of short-form audio-talk clips or “bursts” from more than 4,000 radio stations or podcasts, and 100 different topics and categories, including sports, news, entertainment, business and local traffic and weather.

Audioburst’s uniquely curated audio content is proven to increase users’ time spent and experience satisfaction on partner apps and devices, and this comes at a time when 200M smart speakers are expected in-home by the end of 2019 and the interest-in and creation-of podcast content is exploding.

Studio-generated players and playlists can be integrated into Android and iOS apps via SDK, as well as to web and mobile sites using a simple javascript embedded code or APIs. Users will be given access to powerful analytics capabilities that provide insights including number of listeners, number of bursts played, listening duration, and distribution by device and location.

Those who embed the player will also be given the ability to monetize an aggressive share of Audioburst’s revenue. In the coming months, Audioburst will release an update to Studio that includes Amazon Alexa and Google Home skill integrations.

This news comes on the heels of a $10M+ pre-Series B round including partnerships with Hyundi Motor Company for their new in-car experience and Dentsu, for a custom voice content ad solution, both expected to come to fruition in the coming year. Audioburst also has partnerships with major brands including Bose, Samsung, Harman, Bytedance, and others who have long understood the benefits of providing users with audio-based content in a world that’s becoming increasingly screen-independent.

Blubrry Podcasting Partners with Audioburst

Blubrry Podcasting and Audioburst announced an evolutionary partnership that will allow Blubrry hosting customers to have access to Audioburst’s suite of tools and the Audioburst library of searchable voice “bursts.” This library uses technology to listen, understand, segment, and index the content to be searched and generate new cross-platform distribution.

“Our mission is to empower podcasters and radio professionals with a robust solution for monetization, distribution, and discovery,” said Amir Hirsh, co-founder, and CEO of Audioburst. “The integration of our Audioburst Creators platform gives Blubrry thousands of creative community members of the unmatched tools to transcribe, increase exposure and earn money.”

Blubrry hosting customers will be able to obtain full transcripts, create short clips called “bursts” of their audio or video content and then share those bursts on social media platforms. This extends the life of their content using modern AI programming to highlight specific segments that can further earn Blubrry creators revenue and listenership.

“This partnership with Audioburst is exciting for our Blubrry customers as I’ve been a big fan of their technology for some time,” said Todd Cochrane, Blubrry CEO. “The audio bursts, automated transcripts and indexing of audio content will allow Blubrry customers to reach new listeners and engage with a wider audience.”

Blubrry hosting customers can sign up for Audioburst free within their podcast dashboard and have their personalized content created within minutes. Bursts, transcriptions and new content can be found on any one of Audiobursts distribution platforms where users specify topics and categories for results.

AudioBurst Announced AudioBurst Search

AudioBurst develops technologies and products that take spoken-word media to the next level. They believe that auditory media will continue to play an important role in society and in the future. Their vision is to digitally organize that mass of audio information on a global scale.

AudioBurst announced a new product called AudioBurst Search. It is a search engine for finding, discovering, listening to, and sharing the latest news over audio. It accesses the world’s largest library of live and pre-recorded podcasts and radio simply by searching a keyword.

If you used AudioBurst’s skills on Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, then you will see that AudioBurst Search works exactly the same way. Only now, its available on web and mobile-optimized web.

AudioBurst Search is one more step in the direction towards our mission to organize the world’s audio information. We’re excited to be able to offer the world’s content creators and publishers one more channel to serve their audio content, and we can’t wait to see how you find ways to interact with our new search engine.

Each 1-3 minute burst of audio is stored in AudioBurst’s content library. Those bursts are not only readily retrievable through AudioBurst Search, but also major search engines like Google, Bing, and Safari. It is possible to come across one of their clips while searching on Google for news on your favorite topics.

In addition, AudioBurst has something called Podcaster Pro. It is an RSS Based Automatic Audio Transcription service that is free to use.  Enter your RSS Podcast URL Feed into the AudioBurst website.  AudioBurst automatically pulls your last podcast and transcribes and extracts the best audio highlights based on topics.