AudioMate Brings Podcasters and Advertisers Together

AudioMate logoMuch time and energy is spent within the podcasting community on the subject of advertising. Many podcasters want to know where they can get it, and whether or not it’d be a good thing to pursue. The long-running story on podcast ads has always been, “Until you have X-thousand regular downloads per episodes, advertising platforms won’t even talk to you.” Albeit slowly, that mindset may be changing as new services are constantly popping up to try and bridge the gap between podcast producers and advertisers.

AudioMate is one such service. The company offers to bring content creators of all kinds together with potential advertisers. The AudioMate platform allows creators to offer available ad inventory. Then, ad buyers can bid on those ad spots:

Our front-end user friendly interface allows publishers in our network as much control over their inventory as possible. Through our client login portal, publishers can ban or approve any brand or buyer in the advertiser network, access revenue and reporting information, connect directly with a live client service representative, set and adjust pricing floors for their inventory, and view highly detailed information on the kinds of agencies and brands buying into their inventory and why.

AuidioMate also offers a “zero-touch” embeddable media player that publishers can use on their own websites to simplify the process of delivering AudioMate-enhanced content. It’s unclear if AudioMate’s ads appear only in this special player or if creators can also distribute their ad-enhanced shows thru other channels.

AudioMate states the service was developed “in concert with” heavy hitters like┬áCBS, Apple, Microsoft, Univision, and Google, among others. Having these partners on board should provide good opportunities for AudioMate to work across many different platforms.

If you’d like to see what AudioMate can do for your podcast, you can sign up for free on the company’s website.