Blubrry Pro Hosting Now Available Via AWS Marketplace

Blubrry announced that their Professional Hosting level is now available in the Amazon Web Services Marketplace, which offers thousands of software, services, and vendors that run on AWS. Podcast hosting already serves files via the internet, so its a good match with AWS.

For the first time, AWS developers can quickly integrate podcasting with their services. Blubrry includes many features for developers including a full and robust RestFUL API with oAuth2 authentication allowing customers to publish podcast episodes, pull podcast download and play statistics, and navigate the podcast directory. API calls include the ability to upload and publish podcast media files as well as publish podcast episodes with rich HTML formatted episode show notes.

A podcaster does not have to be an AWS user to purchase Blubrry’s professional level hosting, which includes the following:

  • Unlimited storage (1TB in base cost)
  • Unlimited bandwidth (1TB monthly base cost)
  • Extra bandwidth, for pennies on the dollar
  • Network plugin
  • Dynamic advertising insertion
  • Multiple podcasts all managed in one account

All of the standard professional hosting features remain included in this offering, so there is no downside to purchasing through AWS. To get started, head to Blubrry’s listing on AWS Marketplace.