Talkhouse X Backyard Ventures Expand Relationship

Talkhouse, a Webby-Award-winning first-person media company and outlet for musicians, actors, filmmakers, and others in their respective fields is thrilled to announce the expansion of its ongoing partnership with Backyard Ventures, a dynamic advertising company specializing in podcast marketing and partnerships. 

Building on their successful collaboration, Talkhouse and Backyard Ventures proudly introduce a new podcast from Brooklyn-based cook, writer, and author Alison Roman, titled Solicited Advice. The podcast is launching with distribution and revenue support from Talkhouse and Backyard Ventures handling sales and brand partnerships.

Solicited Advice is set to join Talkhouse’s esteemed lineup of shows, offering a platform for genuine conversations on various topics. With Backyard Ventures leading the advertising efforts, this addition to the Talkhouse family is assured to resonate deeply with both creators and listeners.

The extension of the partnership with Backyard Ventures highlights Talkhouse’s dedication to providing high-quality content and innovative advertising solutions. Backyard Ventures’ proven expertise in finding long-term, like-minded partners plays a pivotal role in amplifying the reach and impact of the shows the two work on together, including What Had Happened Was, How Long Gone, The Screenwriting Life, and Solicited Advice with Alison Roman. 

The newest addition to the influential roster, Solicited Advice is hosted by Alison Roman, the cook, writer, and New York Times bestselling author of Sweet Enough, Nothing Fancy, and Dining In. The weekly program is described as a discussion between Roman and “a special guest who, like her, enjoys giving and/or receiving advice. Together they’ll answer questions from live and recorded callers, covering everything from cooking to modern dating, awkward neighbor interactions, how to order a martini with confidence, and more.

About Backyard Ventures

Backyard Ventures is a boutique premium partnerships business based out of Austin, TX. BV launched in 2019 with a focus on podcast partnerships and now services 125+ clients across Podcasts, YouTube, and Newsletters. Some notable BV clients include Ryan Holiday, renowned author know for his insightful books on stoicism, with The Daily Stoic and The Daily Dad, Cal Newport, professor and author recognized his ideas on productivity, with Deep Questions with Cal Newport, Mark Divine, former Navy SEAL commander and best-selling author, with The Mark Divine Show, and many other distinguished clients.

About Talkhouse

Talkhouse is a Webby-Award-winnning first-person media company and outlet for musicians, actors, filmmakers, and others in their respective fields. It’s podcast/film/tv division Talkhouse Creative Studio has become a leading platform and go-to partner for artist-first first-person storytelling. 

In addition to breakout series like Björk: Sonic Symbolism, Gold winner for Most Innovative Audio Experience at the 2023 Signal Awards, and How Long Gone – whose hosts Chris Black and Jason Stewart were just named to Variety’s New Power of New York list, and can be seen live at LA’s EL Ray on November 11th. NYC’s Webster Hall on December 2nd, and Boston’s Wilber with Kevin Moray on December 8 – the network’s roster includes an acclaimed array of culture-centric conversation-based shows. 

In 2022, listeners spend nearly 200 million minutes with podcasts such as Jokermen, Kimbra’s Playing With Fire, Listening, Santigold’s Noble Champions, SHEROES, Sing For Science, Talkhouse Podcast, That’s How I Remember It with Craig Finn, Aquarium Drunkard: Transmissions and more, with brand new editions, return seasons and other exciting developments to be announced soon.


Backyard Ventures Uses Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast

Liberated Syndication Inc. (“Libsyn”), the leading all-in-one podcasting platform for creators and advertisers, announced a strategic deal between Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast, the industry’s premier podcast advertising marketplace that connects podcasters, and Backyard Ventures, a full-service partnerships business for creators. The collaboration is designed to ensure Backyard Ventures’ roster of creators maximize the full potential of their content with the addition of Libsyn’s Automatic Ads, a programmatic advertising solution.

Austin-based Backyard Ventures specializes in connecting its clients with premium brand partners. The company supports brand development and revenue generation across podcasts, social media, video, and newsletters, and represents such notable podcast creators as Ryan Holiday, A Little Bit Culty, Boss Babe Podcast, Chasing Excellence, and Granger Smith. The Libsyn partnership enables those creators to access the flexibility and speed of programmatic buying and build a revenue stream from their podcast with little to no additional effort.

Libsyn’s Automatic Ads allow creators to monetize their podcast by dynamically inserting ads. The automatic ads solution lets creators to choose where they want their ads to run – pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll. Unlike live reads, Automatic Ads are just that – automatic – not a permanent part of a podcast. They are inserted in real-time and even allow creators to monetize their back catalog. For brands, Automatic Ads enables contextual relevance, buying efficiency, and dynamic insertion, allowing advertisers to reach high-value audiences with relevant messages.

Matt Cisneros, Founder of Backyard Ventures, said, “Since day one, Backyard Ventures has been fully focused on creating the most opportunities and revenue for our clients and this partnership with Libsyn further solidifies our efforts. Our roster of clients is the lifeline of this business and offering a programmatic partnership will only aid in our efforts in offering premium service.”

“Backyard Ventures is a fast-growing independent entity with a strong leadership team that has a great eye for high quality shows. Our new pilot partnership is focused on developing effective monetization efforts for a select group of podcast clients,” said Dave Hanley, Chief Revenue Officer, Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast. “We’re looking forward to pushing the boundaries of what programmatic podcast advertising is capable for both Backyard Ventures’ burgeoning roster of creators and the brands that are leveraging podcasts as part of their marketing mix.”