Introducing The MOSAIC Collective – Empowering Diversity in Audio

The ALIVE Podcast Network and Barometer are proud to announce the launch of the MOSAIC Collective, a groundbreaking initiative that is transforming the audio industry by driving equity through transparency. MOSAIC aims to use data to change the narrative surrounding diverse voices, empowering brands to support inclusivity without compromising on brand standards or performance.

In today’s world, many creators are unaware of the concept of brand suitability, which is often used against them to exclude their content from advertising opportunities. “With the creation of MOSAIC, we aim to bridge the gap between brands and diverse voices,” said Angel Livas, founder of the ALIVE Podcast Network and co-creator of the MOSAIC Collective. “We’re providing more opportunities for support and enhancing transparency by educating creators about brands’ requirements when purchasing podcast ads.”

MOSAIC’s mission is to focus on diversity in its broadest sense, allowing each member organization to define it based on the diversity it represents. From amplifying female voices to empowering LGBTQ+ and black creators, as well as diverse media owners and advertisers seeking to support underrepresented voices, the collective brings together stakeholders from across the value chain. Approximately 47% of the collective are publishers, 18% are advertisers and the rest are ad tech providers working to facilitate our noble initiatives. Of the publishers represented, over half (approximately 56%) have diverse ownership.

The MOSAIC Collective is working on two crucial initiatives:

  • Curating scaled inventory sets: Through this initiative, MOSAIC aims to provide vehicles for brands to buy diverse voices at a scale larger than any individual member could achieve on their own. By curating inventory that represents various diverse communities, MOSAIC will not only amplify diverse voices but also dispel stereotypes about suitability associated with each group of content through research.
  • Monitoring success for diversity support: Participating creators’ feeds will have the opportunity to monitor monetization using the AB Daily Monitoring solution. This data will help quantify the financial support going to diverse media owners and diverse voices. It will also serve as a baseline and recurring check-up to ensure equitable revenue is being generated for these creators. Additionally, MOSAIC collaborates with participating and external advertisers to track their buys through attribution, demonstrating the buying power of the audiences reached through diverse voices.

“The MOSAIC Collective strives to overcome stereotypes with transparent data about the suitability of diverse voices’ content while capturing data that highlights the performance and buying power of these communities,” said Tamara Zubatiy, co-founder of Barometer and co-creator of the MOSAIC Collective. “We are dedicated to reshaping the audio industry and driving positive change for underrepresented voices.”

To date, the MOSAIC Collective is composed of publishers, media owners, advertisers, and ad-tech companies, each member of the collective is committed to investing 90 minutes (per month) to change the trajectory of transparency in audio for underrepresented voices. The collective aims to foster community growth and conduct extensive research to gain greater insights. “By working together, we can ensure that investing in audio is inclusive an suitable by design.”

With the MOSAIC Collective, a new era of transparency and equity in audio is emerging. Together, we can create a more inclusive and diverse landscape that empowers creators, supports brands, and amplifies underrepresented voices.

Barometer And Audiohook Partner To Enable Brand Suitability and Contextual Targeting

Barometer, an AI company specializing in brand suitability and contextual targeting technology for digital audio, has announced a unique partnership with Audiohook, the industry’s leading audio-centric DSP that provides marketers with unprecedented transparency and control of their advertising investments. This partnership will allow advertisers the ability to enforce brand suitability guidelines across thousands of podcasts while enhancing their contextual targeting through Audiobook’s programmatic platform.

The integration with Audiohook’s platform allows advertisers to instantly see if the inventory being monitored by Barometer’s AI-powered brand integrity cloud meets their integrity guidelines. The signals can then be used to enforce those guidelines across the podcast inventory, greatly simplifying the current status quo of post-campaign analysis.

Additionally, as part of this partnership, through the use of Barometer’s AI, Audiohook is now automatically blocking all content based on the GARM Safety Floor, platform-wide for all advertisers free of charge.

“As leaders in the industry, we’ve witnessed the evolution and innovation of the audio landscape,” said Jordan Bentley, CEO of Audiohook. “Brand safety has historically been done on a keyword level, missing all the context that podcasting brings with it. Just as we recognize the need for audio specific buying capabilities, the existing brand safety solutions that have been ported over from display and video, don’t cut it with audio. As an audio first technology company, we are excited to partner with Barometer.”

“Our brand integrity and contextual targeting capabilities bring a new level of clarity and control to advertisers,” said Tamara Zubatiy, co-founder and CEO at Barometer. “Brands can now enforce their standards while setting up campaigns to relieve constant monitoring and ensure their ads are meeting the safety and suitability requirements.”

If you’d like to learn more about how you can tap into the power of this partnership, please reach out to