Sounder and Betches Media Partner To Bring Precision And Scale to Premium Podcast Advertising Inventory

Sounder, the AI-powered, end-to-end intelligence platform, today announced a new partnership with Betches Media, the most influential and powerful humor brand for women in the market. The partnership will enable contextual and brand suitability targeting across Betches Media’s top-tier lineup of podcast programming, thereby opening up precise targeting at scale for advertisers.

Sounder’s Audio Insights platform uses proprietary AI and ML models to analyze the content of podcasts, providing publishers with show- and episode-level brand safety and suitability scores, as well as contextual topics. These insights are then used to package Betches Media’s inventory to create targeted and effective advertising campaigns.

“We’re incredibly pleased to partner with Sounder, a podcast industry leader and best-in-class innovator,” said David Spiegel, Chief Revenue Officer, Betches Media. “Sounder’s AI technology is a powerful tool that will help us amplify our audio content and create more engaging experiences for our listeners.”

“Betches Media is a premium podcast publisher and a leading voice for authentic and engaging female-driven narratives; we are thrilled to partner with them to help unlock even more value for their advertising partners,” said Brittany Hall, Vice President of Sales and Client Success, Sounder. “This partnership brings unprecedented precision and scale for their advertising partners and opens up additional monetizable inventory.”

The Sounder and Betches Media partnership is the latest example of the growing demand for AI-powered solutions in the podcast industry. As the podcast market continues to grow, publishers are looking for ways to better understand their content and create more effective advertising campaigns. Sounder’s Audio Insights platform is a valuable tool for publishers who want to meet the needs of their advertisers and their listeners.