Jezebel Launched a Podcast

Jezebel has launched a podcast called Big Time Dicks, that is described as “a podcast to ready you for Trump’s America”. The concept is based upon a similarly named Jezebel column.

Jezebel often reports on legislation (both local and federal) that is harmful. They have explored these “garbage policies” in a Jezebel column called “Big Time Small Time Dicks”. Jezebel noticed that Trump’s election has inspired these lawmakers to “write doubly oppressive bills doubly fast”. This provided the inspiration for Jezebel to launch a podcast.

Big Time Dicks brings listeners an in-depth look at the laws and lawmakers that are intent on harming people on the local, state, and federal levels. The podcast has already posted an introduction episode and an official Episode One titled “Welcoming Our New Dicktator”. Additional episodes will appear every week.

Mandana Mofidi is the executive director of Big Time Dicks. Levi Sharpe is the producer. Senior Jezebel reporter Prachi Gupta, Jezebel reporter Joanna Rothkopf, and other Jezebel staffers will appear on the podcast to explore policy on a wide range of topics including “heartbeat” bills and what repealing the Affordable Care Act would really mean. They are planning to speak with lawyers, government officials, activists, and other experts on the podcast.