Black & Brown Podcast Collective will Release “The Report Card”

Black & Brown Podcast Collective, the emerging media, and technology platform supporting and creating opportunities for podcasters and content creators of color will release its newest initiative “The Report Card.” The premise behind this new initiative is to increase the number of culturally competent reviews from individuals who have a deep respect and understanding of the various nuances, P.O.V.’s, and experiences that are presented in the content that podcasters and content creators of color create.

“The Report Card” will include culturally competent reviews of TV/Film and digital series created by creators of color. However, “Podviews” a play-off of reviews, will be its first rollout under this initiative. Under “Podviews” a verified podcast critic will provide a thorough review of a podcast (Podview) and give a number grade (Podmerit rating) for each category that is included in the grading rubric.

The grading rubric is a structured criterion and scoring guide used to evaluate a podcast. Podcast will be evaluated in five categories, originality, production, consistency, creativity, and overall content. Each of the five grades will be averaged to gain the overall Podmerit rating. When podcast received three (3) reviews, the Podmerit rating will be displayed on the podcasters’ profile found on The Black & Brown Podcast Collective’s platform. There will also be an opportunity for those who are not a verified podcast critic to submit a review through the “Listener’s Choice” option. Podcast grades are projected to be released in Spring 2022.

According to The Black & Brown Podcast Collective, “Too many times reviews lack clarity, consistency, valid arguments, and proper grammar. “I hate this pod, all they do is complain. It’s stupid and it sucks” while leaving a one-star, OR “I love this podcast, it’s the best ever!” while leaving a five-star is not highly informative for a potential podcast fan. Therefore, it’s important for us to include thorough reviews from those who understand the message, language, and cadence seen and heard by podcasts and content created by creators of color.

For those who wish to participate, The Black & Brown Podcast Collective has opened applications to become a verified podcast critic. They are in search of Writers and professionals working in media & entertainment, publications (to include College newspapers), long-standing/consistent bloggers, vloggers, and websites to participate. You can find out more information at and press the link “Report Card” or visit the link at