Spreaker and BlogTalkRadio Merge Forces

Spreaker and BlogTalkRadio have announced that their respective Boards have approved a merger of the two companies that promises to create the leading technology platform for podcast creation and monetization.

The combined entity is compromised of more than 50,000 podcasts, millions of listeners globally, and a proprietary suite of creation and monetization technologies that enable podcasters to manage each step of the creation, distribution and commercialization process with an easy to use, all in one solution.

Frank Baschieri, co-founder and CEO of Spreaker, who will serve as the President of the combined company, said, “We’re combining Spreaker’s best-in-class mobile and web content management system and creation tools with BlogTalkRadio’s first-to-market monetization platform. The merged company operates at massive scale delivering unique value to independent hosts, podcast networks, and larger mainstream publishers alike.”

Baschieri added, “BlogTalkRadio recently released its ‘big data’ audience data solution, Cortex. Through the combination of this technology platform with Spreaker’s sophisticated mobile apps and creation tools, we can deliver the ‘holy grail’ to the podcasting industry – targeted buys enriched by analytics and audience data that provide extremely high accuracy and transparency to advertisers, while also providing rich feedback loops for content creators to improve their content. This tightly-coupled capability, supported by Spreaker’s existing promotional deals and distribution channels with the likes of iHeartRadio, iTunes and Sonos, and will make our company an instant leader in the space.”

In connection with the merger, shareholders from each of Spreaker and BlogTalkRadio will be making investments in support of the combined company’s growth plan, which will be rolled out over the next several months. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

BlogTalkRadio Partners with Simple Podcast Press

Simple Podcast Press and BlogTalkRadioSimple Podcast Press and BlogTalkRadio announced a partnership that offers podcasters a simple toolkit that helps them grow their audiences quickly by syndicating their show across all podcasting platforms (including their own website).

This partnership solidifies an integrated podcasting platform that combines a publisher-grade podcast media hosting and publishing toolkit that scales as podcasters grow with a best in class podcast website publishing tool.

The media hosting and publishing toolkit enables podcasters to:

* Publish as much as they want per month and manage their content easily

* Host podcast episodes up to an initial limit of 500 hours of content

* Import all your past episodes with one click

* Syndicate their podcasts to iTunes, Apple Podcast App, Overcast, Stitcher, Pocketcasts and more

* Stream their podcast episodes on social media, across the web, and on their own sites

* Gain additional exposure on Blogtalkradio.com

* Measure their listening activity across all channels including streams and downloads from across the web and mobile, social media streams, and app-downloads

* Access accurate readings of real human activity on shows and critical insights on episode level engagement

* Monetize listening activity against all episodes and across all listening channels to gain potential revenue

The podcast website publishing tool enables podcasters to:

* Import all their existing podcast episodes to their wordpress site with a single click

* Fully automate the publishing of new podcast episodes to their WordPress site

* Grow their audience by adding an email opt-in box and call-to-action buttons below each player

* Keep their listeners engaged by adding clickable timestamps that allow them to easily jump to a specific time in the episode

* Add social proof by showcasing their latest worldwide iTunes reviews anywhere on their website

Podcasters who are interested in taking advantage of this partnership can visit the Simple Podcast Press and BlogTalkRadio website. Right now, a single license costs $47, a professional license costs $97 and a multi license costs $147.