Blubrry Podcasting Releases Easy Onboard for Podcasters

As part of an upcoming series of UI/UX updates, Blubrry has released new onboarding to simplify the process for starting a new show, and/or for an existing podcaster to initiate or migrate a show.

The significantly improved process for getting a show started on the Blubrry platform enables even the most inexperienced podcasters to have their new account set up and ready to start their podcast within minutes.

The new onboarding process serves Blubrry’s entire user base, whether the podcaster needs a simple podcast page or is looking for a more robust platform in using WordPress with PowerPress, Blubrry’s podcasting plugin for WordPress.

While podcasters can still choose to use a free Blubrry WordPress website, they can also opt to have a landing page for their show within the Blubrry podcasting platform. Podcasters that already have their own WordPress website are guided in setting up their hosting account.

“We were focused on helping podcasters get to their first episode, so we needed to make it easier for them to get started in the first place,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry. “Our tools have always made it simple to publish episodes, and now we’ve streamlined the process for any user to get started.”

Over the past two years, the Blubrry team has worked to redesign the forward-facing website, design a new onboarding system, and will be rolling out a brand new dashboard and a host of other features that will transform the Blubrry experience for new and existing customers.

Blubrry Podcasting Releases Tracking as Part of Advanced Statistics

Blubrry Podcasting – already renowned for its reliable, IAB certified compliant statistics – has recently released play tracking as part of its Advanced Statistics. Available exclusively to Blubrry hosting podcasters, creators can subscribe to gain additional details on listener retention.

Podcasters who suspect their audience is skipping over certain parts of their episodes will benefit from this new feature, especially shows featuring advertisements. Those already using Advanced Stats will find a new category in the Stats section. Those not using Blubrry’s Advanced Stats feature can learn more here.

“By providing tools for podcasters to use, we’re able to collect anonymized, GDPR compliant detailed play tracking data from our web based podcast player,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry. “We can easily present this data to podcasters while maintaining absolute listener privacy. Giving creators details – such as if listeners are consistently skipping over a certain segment – can lead them to make significant improvements to their show.”

Play tracking data comes from listening via the Blubrry-provided podcast audio player. Additionally, Blubrry has developed an API tha allows third parties to integrate and provide anonymized play data via mobile apps, and other web-based playback applications.

About Us: Blubrry Podcasting provides professional tools and services for the podcast industry, including the largest podcast directory with more than 1 million podcasts. Founded in 2005, it gives creators the ability to distribute via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, TuneIn and more. Blubrry provides hosting, IAB certified compliant podcast statistics, private internal podcasting, monetization opportunities, plus managed web hosting using its WordPress plugin. Contact us.

Blubrry Adds JioSaavn and Gaana as New Podcast Distribution Platforms

The wonderful thing about podcasts is that they’re available anywhere, anytime, all over the world. And sharing your podcast with podcast listeners in India became much easier this month after Blubrry integrated new platforms, Jiosaavn and Gaana.

Jiosaavn has 104 million users. Gaana has 150 million users. These are both primarily music-streaming platforms with a growing spoken-word library. With a massive audience of 250 million potential new listeners, podcasters have a significant reason to make sure that their podcast is available on these platforms. Blubrry Statistics include tracking for their platforms and India, so be sure to keep an eye on your statistics once you’ve submitted your show.

Luckily, it’s incredibly easy to submit. Any Blubrry user can add their podcast to these platforms, regardless of where they host their podcast. Simply head to the Blubrry Podcaster Dashboard and locate the Distribution section and then Destinations to and follow the prompt to submit your show.

“As a podcaster myself I’ve always enjoyed seeing where my listeners are located,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry. “Hosting a multitude of shows over the past 15 years, statistics have shown me that I have reached a global audience. This wouldn’t be possible without the open distribution model that makes podcasting special.”

Blubrry’s Destinations section has grown quite a bit in 2020. They’ve put in the time and effort to make sure that they’re helping podcasters expand on their podcast audiences. You, as the podcaster, create the content for the masses, and Blubrry does their best to make sure it is easy for you to get it out there.

Blubrry Pro Hosting Now Available Via AWS Marketplace

Blubrry announced that their Professional Hosting level is now available in the Amazon Web Services Marketplace, which offers thousands of software, services, and vendors that run on AWS. Podcast hosting already serves files via the internet, so its a good match with AWS.

For the first time, AWS developers can quickly integrate podcasting with their services. Blubrry includes many features for developers including a full and robust RestFUL API with oAuth2 authentication allowing customers to publish podcast episodes, pull podcast download and play statistics, and navigate the podcast directory. API calls include the ability to upload and publish podcast media files as well as publish podcast episodes with rich HTML formatted episode show notes.

A podcaster does not have to be an AWS user to purchase Blubrry’s professional level hosting, which includes the following:

  • Unlimited storage (1TB in base cost)
  • Unlimited bandwidth (1TB monthly base cost)
  • Extra bandwidth, for pennies on the dollar
  • Network plugin
  • Dynamic advertising insertion
  • Multiple podcasts all managed in one account

All of the standard professional hosting features remain included in this offering, so there is no downside to purchasing through AWS. To get started, head to Blubrry’s listing on AWS Marketplace.

Blubrry Announces Private Internal Podcasting

Blubrry announced a complete private internal podcast solution that suits all needs. As of yesterday, podcasters can choose from three levels of private internal podcasting – PIP – with Blubrry. The levels are: Simple, Standard, and Enterprise. Each comes with different features and security.

Last year, we knew PIP was something we wanted to add to our service offerings, and the past few months have shown that there is indeed an immediate need. Authenticated listeners are able to listen on a private podcast app as well as a private web app, depending on the show provider’s needed security.

Here are a few examples of uses for a private and/or internal podcast:

  • Premium content for your podcast audience
  • New employee onboarding
  • Bonus podcast content for your super loyal fans
  • Monthly sales reporting
  • Weekly church meetings

Here are some of the security measures Blubrry uses:

  • Signed media URL
  • SSO supported
  • oAuth2, SAML
  • Private RSS feed with authentication

All private internal podcasting levels include Blubrry’s professional hosting, statistics and their best-in-class tech support. Blubrry has put together a detailed look at their Private Internal Podcasting that gives people more information about their three PIP plans.

Blubbry Highlighted Women Podcasters in March

Blubrry highlighted multiple womxn podcasters in March, which is when Women’s History Month takes place. They asked people to nominate their favorite women podcasters and received over 4,800 nominations in 18 days. From this unexpectedly large batch of nominations, Blubrry selected an overall winner and a list of the top ten.

Podcasting has significantly grown in recent years and so has the number of women content creators. To ensure this number continues to grow and that women feel empowered and appreciated, we held this contest, which offered free hosting, Blubrry swag, an interview and being featured on our blog.

The overall winner is Alie Ward, for her show Ologies with Alie Ward. She interviews experts in a variety of fields that all specialize in some type of ology. Her “stupid questions” (as she calls them) with these professionals prompt loads of entertaining answers on a range of topics – skeletons, ice-quakes, bleach, ants, noses and much more.

Here are the Top 10 (in no particular order):

Blubrry has Coronavirus PSAs for Podcasters!

Blubrry has public service announcements (PSAs) about coronavirus that are being made available to Blubrry podcasters. To obtain them, you must claim your podcast on Blubrry.

In the wake of COVID-19 / coronavirus, we want to help podcasters share accurate information. So, we’ve recorded four public service announcements for podcasters to add to their shows. If you’d like to use any of these PSAs, join our COVID-19 / Coronavirus campaign.

The benefits of running this through our ad system is that you can keep track of which episodes you include in the PSA, statistical info on those episodes – and we can send this info to the Centers of Disease Control (CDC).

Blubrry podcasters who have already claimed their show on Blubrry can follow a short list of instructions that will make it possible to access the coronavirus PSAs.

If you have not claimed your podcast on Blubrry already, claim your podcast in Blubrry’s directory. Search for your show. On the right-hand side, you’ll see Claim Your Podcast. Then, proceed to the Make Money section in the dashboard or click the link above.

While it is not required, Blubrry would love it if everyone reported their statistical data for the coronavirus PSA campaign. This way, Blubrry can keep track of how many people utilized these PSA in some way.

Most importantly, Blubrry hopes that everyone is staying safe, keeping their distance, and being kind to one another in these stressful times.

Blubrry Podcasting Released Podcast Network Plugin for WordPress

Blubrry Podcasting, leaders in the industry for 14 years, launched its Podcast Network plugin for WordPress, available to any podcaster. The Podcast Network Plugin allows professional Blubrry hosting customers to create and share a network with other podcasts outside of the Blubrry hosting realm.

Professional Blubrry customers can utilize this plugin for free. Instead of designing and paying a developer to produce a network site, podcasters can now use the Podcast Network Plugin to create a network website that integrates up to 500 shows and integrates seamlessly with PowerPress, Blubrry’s podcast plugin.

“The most important factor was allowing this to work with podcasts not utilizing Blubrry hosting,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry. “Networks can include shows in a specific genre, alliances, or even business relationships, and we know shows aren’t always on the same host or team. We look forward to seeing shows – new and old – come together for their audiences.”

Podcasters are able to use any WordPress theme or additional plugins of their choosing as they always have on their website. The network plugin is a free add-on feature of the professional level plan. Shows can be added to the account for standard pro-pricing, and any podcast outside of the main Blubrry account for an additional tiered fee, starting at $50 for one-10 shows.

Blubrry Podcasting Announces Pro-Production Services

Blubrry Podcasting has been leading the way providing podcasters with hosting and tools since 2005 and is now offering high-touch professional post-production.

Post-production for many podcasters is, at best, time-consuming, and at worst, technically challenging and detrimental to publishing.

Right now, professional hosting customers can choose between a “launch/relaunch” rolling into weekly production, or simply transfer their show over to an “auto-pilot” package. All packages include support from a dedicated team of podcast pros!

Once again, Blubrry is leading the way in podcast innovation, continuing to put the podcaster first.

CEO Todd Cochrane said, “We often hear how overburdened our clients feel when they are producing all the elements of their podcast, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m confident, these pro-packages are the ultimate solution to help our podcasters get their valuable time back so they can focus on creating their best content and prevent pod-fade.”

Spots are available by application only to current/new Blubrry Pro Hosting customers and are limited to just 15 slots for Launch and Relaunch podcasts and 50 slots for ‘Auto-Pilot’ show transfers. Customers that are not currently subscribed to ‘professional level’ should upgrade to become eligible for pro-production services.