Blue Introduces the Yeti Broadcaster

Blue microphones have helped the Internet’s favorite podcasters and YouTube stars take their projects to the professional level. Each Blue mic combines pristine sound with the inspiring design, versatility and performance found in the world’s leading studios. Blue has introduced the Yeti Broadcaster microphone. It is for podcasters.

The Yeti Broadcaster is designed to help you make the podcast you’ve been dreaming about. It is now available with Journalist – a powerful software application designed specifically for podcasting and broadcast production. The Yeti broadcaster microphone, bundled with Journalist software, is $199.00 (for a limited time.)

For years, podcasters have been searching for software that’s easy to use but not overly simplified, powerful but not overly complex. Journalist is the software we’ve been waiting for, and its now available with Yeti – the world’s #1 USB microphone. This limited bundle is only available on the Blue web store.

Hindenburg Journalist is a multitrack audio editor designed for podcasters, audio producers, and radio journalists. The design and features are tailored for spoken-word productions. Hindenburg Journalist’s focus is on storytelling.


  • Record voice and interview
  • Add sound and music by dragging any audio file into Hindenburg. Levels are set automatically in Hindenburg.
  • Organize the material with Hindenburg’s unique clipboard
  • Edit the story with Hindenburg’s editing tools and adjust the sound with Hindenburg’s Voice Profiler
  • Hindenburg has a Publishing tool that lets you upload your podcast or share it on Libsyn or Soundcloud. Once you have set it up, you can publish with a single click.