Frequency And Boostr Partner To Supercharge The Automation Of Host-Read Ad Production

Frequency, the leader in workflow automation and ad management for audio, announces it’s teaming up with Boostr, a premier advertising management platform catering to publishers and media companies. By creating a unified production workflow, Frequency and Boostr will power quicker, more accurate requests for host-read ads. The combined offering brings greater operational efficiencies to podcast networks to drive revenue growth and increased profitability.

The API integration between the two companies connects its podcast ad management platforms to streamline and automate workflows. As flights are added to Booster’s OMS (order management system), production requests are triggered in Frequency with details such as ad types, copy execution, approval requirements, and more.

The automatic creation of production requests feeds into Frequency’s Production Automation workflow, where teams can easily manage back and forth to finalize host-read ads for launch. With requests centralize and communication streamlined, users can track details, set reminders, use bulk editing tools, QA recordings, and provide feedback.

“Together, Boostr and Frequency power the full production workflow to revolutionize the way teams work,” said Patrick O’Leary, Founder and CEO of Boostr. “The elimination of redundant tasks and manual data entry saves time for ad operations while ensuring production requests are accurate for shows.”

“Now that Frequency provides a full suite of workflow automation tools for podcast networks, our next mission is to connect to other essential platforms like Boostr,” says Pete Jimison, CEO of Frequency. “We’re pioneering the infrastructure for scalable growth, automating the entire ad ops workflow through key integrations. For podcasting to grow revenue, the focus must shift from administration to innovation.”

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