Women in Podcasting: Interview with Kelly Mitchell

Kelly Mitchell Podcaster NewsKelly Mitchell is the host of the Agent Caffeine podcast which is for real estate professionals. She also is a host of Breve TV Uncorked with Debra Trappen. Breve TV Uncorked covers topics related to women in business (and more).

When did you start podcasting? What’s your experience in podcasting from then to now?

I started podcasting in 2012. I began with BlogTalkRadio but realized early on I couldn’t control much there and moved platforms. It was really difficult in the beginning because there are so many choices for equipment and technology and no one end to end solution for it all.

What inspired you to become a podcaster?

As an experienced start up entrepreneur I traversed four very different industries and in spite of the hurdles was successful in all. A common theme popped up. No one is really very helpful when you’re starting out. I was tired of having to play games to get the information I needed and I thought there had to be a better way. My goal was to share the secrets of those who were successful and give all entrepreneurs a chance at a smoother opportunity for success.

What topics do you cover on Agent Caffeine and who is your target audience?

Agent Caffeine is specifically for professionals in the real estate vertical. Our show covers all aspects of real estate from building a business to understanding the real estate industry and it’s many intricacies. We’re about empowering the industry and inspiring innovation.

How does it differ from BreveTV Uncorked?

BreveTV Uncorked is a completely different show. The show was created for women entrepreneurs and women in business. We talk about all subjects as it relates to a woman’s journey in the business world, both personally and professionally. I recently incorporated my love for wine and fun into the show. We begin with a “What’s in your glass?” segment and talk about the wines we are drinking. There’s a playful aspect to the show as well. This show does interviews with women who are finding success in the entrepreneurial space as well as features my partner in wine, Debra Trappen and I talking about everything from Social Media, to Balance, to Love.

What words of wisdom do you have for women who are thinking about starting their own podcast?

Don’t wait. The space is still very much open for those who have the gumption and desire to get their voices out there. Create something uniquely you with a benefit to your target audience. Beyond everything else, be consistent. The biggest challenges of doing a show well are mastering all the aspects. You need to produce something people will love. You need to be consistent (like a weekly show – 1 episode a week is ideal). Promotion and adding value are key to making it interesting and keeping people coming back. Listen to your listeners. ASK questions and respond accordingly.

Think about how a podcast is going to fit into your bigger picture. Building a podcast is not an easy way to make money. It’s easier to spend your time. But understanding your WHY is huge. It’s not about you. It’s about your community. The one you want. The one you serve. The one who listens.