Haymarket Media Group Joins With Podcast Awards Ltd.

Haymarket Media Group announced ts acquisition of Podcast Awards Ltd. (PAL), owner of the British Podcast Awards, Australian Podcast Awards and the Irish Podcast Awards. Haymarket will also become a partner in Podcast Day 24, a 24-hour non-stop global podcast conference with live events in Sydney, London, and ending in New York.

Podcast Awards Ltd. will initially sit within Haymarket Business Media’s marketing communications portfolio, alongside leading brands including Campaign and PRWeek, with plans to launch more podcast events internationally in 2023.

The British Podcast Awards were established in 2017 by co-founders Matt Deegan and Matt Hill, later taking on the Australian Podcast Awards in 2019 and the Irish Podcasts Award this year. In 2021, they partnered with Radiodays Europe to create the worldwide event: Podcast Day 24, which brings together creators, advertisers and platforms from all across the world to share ideas, knowledge and best practice.

Speaking about the partnership, Matt Deegan, co-founder of Podcast Awards Ltd., said: Having run the Awards since 2017, it was important to find the right partner that empowered us to continue to cater to podcast creators big and small and promote all the great work they do. We have definitely found that with Haymarket. Its global presence allows us to accelerate growth, be more ambitious and get creative with opportunities that until now have been out of reach.

Co-founder, Matt Hill added: Working with the Haymarket team oers a wealth of access and opportunities for the sector – whether you’re making your shows at weekends or as your day job, this new partnership is going to have a positive impact on what you make. We can now be more adventurous with our plans to suit all podcasters, better reflect the needs of the sector and have security for the future.

Kevin Costello, Chief Executive at Haymarket commented: This investment reinforces our position in the rapidly growing audio space. We have seen the success of our own audio brands, including the Campaign Podcast, PRWeek Podcast, Third Sector Podcast, Rheum Advisor on Air and GP Online Podcast, and with our expertise in the awards space, the addition of the Podcast Awards makes for a perfect fit. The two founders have produced a brilliant product and we look forward to working together to further develop the brand globally. We already have plans to launch a Podcast360 event as part of our Media360 annual suite of conferences, strengthening our commitment to serving a remarkable content to our roster of international clients and audiences.

The winners of the British Podcast Awards, this year powered by Audible, will be announced on 23 July, followed by the Irish Podcast Awards ceremony in September, with the Australian Podcast Awards announced at the end of the year. Podcast Day 24 is taking place on Tuesday 4 October.

British Podcast Awards Announced 2021 Winners

British Podcast Awards announced the 2021 winners. The winners were chosen by over 100 international and UK judges working in the sectors.

The 2021 Winners Are:

Podcast Of The Year supported by Sony Music: Vent Documentaries (Vice UK)

BBC Sounds Listeners’ Choice: Redhanded (BBC) – Suruthi & Hannah

Spotify Podcast Champion 2021: Happy Place – Fearne Cotton

The Gold Award: Answer Me This! – Helen Zaltzman and Olly Mann

Acast Moment of the Year: Where Is George Gibney? (BBC Sounds) – Mark Hogan

Best Wellbeing Podcast: Discovering Dementia – Penny Ball

Best Branded Podcast supported by Acast Creative: Gardening with the RHS (Pixiu Production)

Bullseye Award Supported by Global: Some Families – Lotte Jeffs & Stu Oakley

Best Arts & Culture Podcast Supported by Create Podcasts: Real Dictators – Paul McGann (Noiser)

Best Comedy Podcast supported by Stitcher: The Kurt FM Podcast (Audible Original)

Best Current Affairs Podcast: Your Broccoli Weekly – Journalist Diyora Shadijanova

Best Entertainment supported by Amazon Music: Stars In Your Ears – Jess Robinson

Creativity Award supported by Audible UK: Interconnected Voices

Best Family Podcast: Maddie’s Sound Explorers (Sony Music)

Best Fiction: This Thing of Darkness (BBC Radio 4)

Best Interview supported by Pod Bible: Dead Honest – Georgie Vestey

Best New Podcast supported by Audible: Field Recordings

Spotlight Award supported by Global: Grounded with Louis Theroux (BBC Radio 4)

Best Sex & Relationships Podcast: Tough Talks (Hits Radio)

Best Daily Podcast supported by Spotify: The Intelligence (The Economist)

Best Business Podcast supported by Wondery: D I F T K The Podcast – Frankie Tortora and Steve Folland (Penfold)

Best Radio Podcast supported by DTS AutoStage: The Skewer – Jon Holmes (BBC Radio 4)

Best Lockdown Podcast supported by Amazon Music: Stolen Goodbyes – Karen Rice

Find out more about additional winners of the British Podcast Awards 2021 on their website.

British Podcast Awards Announces 2021 Nominations

British Podcast Awards celebrates great British podcasts. They have released a Nominations list for 2021. The nominated podcasts were chosen by over 100 independent judges. British Podcast Awards 2021 is powered by Amazon Music.

The winners of the 2021 British Podcast Awards will be announced on July 10, 2021, at 2pm, with hosts Poppy Jay (Brown Girls Do It Too), Jordan North, and William Hanson (Help I Sexted My Boss).

Some of the categories include:

Best Arts & Culture Podcast – Supported by Create Podcasts

Happy Place
Real Dictators
Shade Podcast
The Empire Film Podcast
The Secret Life of Songs
Transmissions: The Definitive Story of Joy Division and New Order

Best Interview – Supported by Pod Bible

Dead Honest
Future Prison
Masala Podcast
The Student Sessions
Today in Focus
Ways to Change the World

Best Branded Podcast – Supported by Acast Creative

Gardening with the RHS
Military Wives: The Official Film Podcast
Table Manners with Jessie Ware
The Crown Podcast
The Midpoint

Best Business Podcast – Supported by Wondery

Doing It For The Kids
How To Own the Room
Money Maze Podcast
The Diary of a CEO
The Voiceover Social
We Built This City: Greater Manchester

Best Comedy Podcast – Supported by Stitcher

Beef and Dairy Network
Dear Joan and Jericha
Hidden Ireland
Kurupt FM
Poppy Hillstead Has Entered the Chat

Best Current Affairs Podcast

Interconnected Voices
Stories Of Our Times
The Intelligence
The Oxfordshire News Podcast
Today in Focus
Your Broccoli Weekly

Best Daily Podcast – Supported by Spotify

Stories of Our Times
The Intelligence
The Santa Daily
Today in Focus
Wake Up, Wind Down

Best Family Podcast

Bottle Ship Adventures
Fun Kids Science Weekly
History Story Time
Homeschool History
Maddie’s Sound Explorers
World Wise Web

Best Fiction

Cassie and Corey
Lem N Ginge: The Princess of Kakos
Once Upon A Time in Zombieville
The Harrowing
This Thing of Darkness

Visit the British Podcast Awards website to see the full list of categories and podcasts.

British Podcast Awards Announced Nominees

British Podcast Awards has announced their 2020 Nominations. The British Podcast Awards are powered by Acast. The nominees were chosen by over 50 judges.

There are several different categories. Each one has six nominees. Visit the British Podcast Awards website to see the full list of nominees, and to click on the links to podcasts on that list that you want to know more about.

The categories are:

  • Best Arts & Culture Podcast supported by Pod Bible
  • Best Branded Podcast
  • Best Business Podcast
  • Best Comedy Podcast supported byAcast
  • Best Current Affairs Podcast
  • Best Daily Podcast supported by Podfollow
  • Best Family Podcast
  • Best Fiction
  • Best Interview
  • Acast Moment of the Year
  • Smartest Podcast supported by Rethink Audio
  • Best Radio Podcast supported by Radioplayer
  • Best Live Episode supported by Latitude Festival
  • Best Network or Publisher supported by 4DC
  • Best Wellbeing Podcast
  • Best New Podcast supported by Factory
  • Best Sport Podcast supported by Audioboom
  • Best Entertainment Podcast supported by Sony Music’s 4th Floor Creative
  • Best Sex & Relationships Podcast
  • Best True Crime Podcast
  • Best Podcast in the Welsh Language
  • The Creativity Award supported by Audible
  • The Spotlight Award supported by DAX
  • The Bullseye Award supported by Blue Microphones

Voting for the Listener’s Choice Award (supported by BBC Sounds) is now open. It is the only award chosen by the general public, and saw over 190,000 votes cast last year. Voting closes midday on Monday 6th July. To vote for your favorite podcast, visit britishpodcastawards.com/vote

British Podcast Awards Announces Winners of the Pulse Award

British Podcast Awards announced the 11 successful recipients of the Pulse Award (an initiative from the British Podcast Awards and Wellcome. Collectively, the podcasts are sharing £50,000 of funding to produce content that drives conversations around public health. Listeners will be able to hear the episodes later this year.

The winners are:

Busy Being Black a podcast exploring how it is to live in the fullness of queer black lives. It will produce six episodes titled “Queer Black Lives Matter”.

Why Aren’t You A Doctor Yet? is a podcast where science and tech journalism meets pop culture. Delivering a mini series titled “An A-Z guide to sickness and health in ethnic minorities”.

Quirky Voices Podcast is a podcast that hosts a variety of stories for adults and kids in audio fiction format. It will deliver a project titled “Anyone F’Coffee” about five women who know each other well, all living with hidden pain.

STEM in the Gorbals is a podcast about people’s experiences of mental health in Gorbals, recorded and edited by young people. They will deliver four podcasts which support young people and children to use technology to explore mental health and will be taking a medical view on lived experiences.

Getting Better Acquainted is a podcast about people, relationships, ideas, feelings, documenting moments and changing and developing as humans. It will produce a mini series titled “Down to a Sunless Sea: Memories of my Dad” about the host’s relationship with his dad.

Stranger Minds is a chat show about breakups and how we recover from them, hosted by the award winning comedian, author, and speaker, Rosie Wilby. She will deliver two feature length live episodes featuring a panel in consultation with science adviser Dr. Qazi Rahman.

The Breakup Monologues is a chat show podcast about breakups and how we recover from them, hosted by the award winning comedian, author and speaker Rosie Wilby. She will deliver two feature length live episodes featuring a panel programmed in consultation with science adviser, Dr. Qazi Rahman.

Declassified documents stories from the military community to help, support, and guide those suffering from mental health and physical illness and injury. They will produce at least five episodes titled “Declassified – Mental health tool kit”.

Probably True is a podcast about stories of queer life and even quee-er sex. They will deliver three episodes looking at LGBTQ storytelling, exploring the impact of HIV on the LGBTQ community in the UK during the 80s and 90s, and comparing with recent research showing a decrease in the number of new infections.

Discovering Dementia is hosted by Penny Bell. The podcast is about the journey following her mum’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia, and how shocked she was when finding out how little organized provision there was for those facing this devastating diagnosis in the UK.

A Gay and a NonGay is hosted by James Barr and Dan Hudson. It is the UK’s biggest LGBTQ+ podcast. They will produce a multi-part series titled “AIDS: Current Treatment and Future Cures”.

British Podcast Awards Launch £50,000 Funding Scheme

The British Podcast Awards have launched an initiative that offers financial support to podcasters to enhance their shows. It is called the BPA fund. Launching the fund is a £50,000 partnership with Wellcome to create an exciting new opportunity for podcasters and their listeners to champion conversations around how science affects our health, called The Pulse Award.

Co-founder Matt Hill said, “this award is a great opportunity for podcasts of all shapes and sizes to elevate their use of the latest scientific research. And the best thing is we’re not limiting this to factual or science podcasts – we welcome entries from all genres, from fiction to true crime.”

The Pulse Award will award podcasts with grants of up to £50,000 to make health-focused features, episodes, and short series that engages listeners in science and health research.

Imran Khan, Head of Public Engagement at Wellcome said: “Wellcome invests in science and health research, and we want everyone to be able to benefit from that. So it’s really important to us that the public feels they can engage with science and health research. Podcasts are an important and growing medium that can help that connection.”

Imran Khan continued, “When we launched Wellcome Global Monitor earlier this year, we found that people who feel like they benefit from science are seven times more likely to trust science than those who don’t feel that way. The Pulse Award will help us to address this gap by bringing more, and more diverse, people to the conversation about science and health.”

Those who would like to read more information, or who want to apply for the award, can do so at the British Podcast Awards website. The British Podcast Awards Fund will close applications on November 17, 2019. Successful applicants will be announced at the beginning of December of 2019. Listeners can expect to hear results in April of 2020.

Winners of the 2018 British Podcast Awards

The British Podcast Awards have been created to highlight the best podcasts of the year, all made in Great Britain. It was established in 2017. The winners of the 2018 British Podcast Awards have been announced.

You can find a link to, and a logo of, all of the winning podcasts on the British Podcast Awards website. Many categories named a Gold, a Silver, and a Bronze winner. I’m including the Gold winners from each category here.

Podcast of the Year 2018: Griefcast– Cariad Lloyd

Listeners’ Choice Awards 2018:Kermode &Mayo’s Film Review –Somethin’ Else for BBC Radio 5Live

Podcast Champion 2018: Helen Zaltzman

Family – Gold: Once Upon a Time In Zombieville –Bigmouth Audio [for BBC Radio Scotland]

Best Culture Podcast – Gold: The Two Shot Podcast – Thomas Griffin and Craig Parkinson

True Crime – Gold:The Assassination – Owen Bennet-Jones & Neal Razzell [for BBC World Service]

Branded Content – supported by Muddy Knees Media – Gold: The Discovery Adventures – Land Rover

Best Comedy– supported by Podiant – Gold: Beef & Dairy Network Podcast – Benjamin Partridge

Fiction – Gold: Imaginary Advice – Ross Sutherland

Smartest Podcast – Gold: The Allusionist –Helen Zaltzman

Represent – supported by Twitter – Gold: Carousel Radio – Davot, Fran, Ewan, Jonny and Sam

Best Radio Podcast – supported by UK Radioplayer – Gold: Short Cuts – Falling Tree Productions for BBC Radio

Best New Podcast – Gold: The Tip Off –Maeve McClenaghan

Sport – Gold: Fight Disciples – Fight Disciples

Acast Innovation Award – Podcast Pingback –Aiir

Best Interview – supported by ipDTL – Gold: Griefcast – Cariad Lloyd

Current Affairs – supported by Reportex.io – Gold: The Foreign Desk – Bill Leuty, Joleen Goffin and Andrew Muller [for Monocle]

International Award – Gold: Where Should We Begin? With Esther Perel – Audible

Entertainment with Sony Music’s 4thFloor Creative – Gold: Griefcast – Cariad Lloyd

Most Original Podcast – supported by Audible: The Discovery Adventures – Land Rover

Winners of the 2017 British Podcast Awards

The winners of the 2017 British Podcast awards have been announced. The winners were chosen by over fifty independent judges working in podcasting. The British Podcast Awards website has the full list (with links to the winning podcasts.)

audioBoom Podcast of the Year 2017: Fathers & Sons – Radio Wolfgang with Mr. Porter

Listeners’ Choice Awards 2017: Kermode & Mayo’s Film Review – Somethin’ Else for BBC Radio 5Live

Podcast Champion 2017: Adam Buxton

Best Review:

  • Gold: Song by Song – Martin Zaltz Austwick and Sam Pay
  • Silver: The Penguin Podcast – Somethin’ Else
  • Bronze: Soundtracking with Edith Bowman – Edith Bowman

True Crime:

  • Gold: They Walk Among Us – Benjamin Fitton and Rosanna Fitton
  • Silver: Body on the Moor – BBC Radio
  • Bronze: Untold: the Daniel Morgan Murder – Peter Jukes and Deeivya Meir

Branded Content supported by Create:

  • Gold: Fathers & Sons – Radio Wolfgang with Mr. Porter
  • Silver: Sound Matters – Third Ear/Quincey Sound production for B&O Play
  • Bronze: The National Trust Gardens Podcast – Fresh Air Production

Best Comedy supported by Podiant:

  • Gold: Beef & Dairy Network Podcast – Benjamin Partridge
  • Silver: The Adam Buxton Podcast – Adam Buxton
  • Bronze: Do The Right Thing – Fuzz Productions


  • Gold: Tracks – BBC Radio
  • Silver: Wooden Overcoats – Wooden Overcoats Ltd.
  • Bronze: Beef & Dairy Network Podcast – Benjamin Partridge

Smartest supported by Whistledown Studios:

  • Gold: Coffee Break Italian – Radio Lingua Network
  • Silver: Sciencish – Radio Wolfgang
  • Bronze: Sound Matters – Third Ear/Quincey Sound production for B&O Play

Represent supported by Upload Radio:

  • Gold: Melanin Millennials – The ShoutOut Network
  • Silver: Farmerama – Jo Barratt and Abby Rose
  • Bronze: Lunar Poetry Podcasts – David Turner

Best Radio Podcast supported by UK Radioplayer:

  • Gold: Short Cuts – Falling Tree Productions for BBC Radio
  • Silver: 50 Things That Changed The Modern Economy – BBC Radio Current Affairs for BBC World Service
  • Bronze: Ollie & Si – Ollie Gallant and Simon Alexander, Quidem Radio

Best New Podcast supported by the Radio Independents Group:

  • Gold: The Cinemile – Dave Corkery and Cathy Cullen
  • Silver: The Untold – BBC Radio 4
  • Bronze: Everyone Else – Eva Krysiak


  • Gold: Fight Disciples – Fight Disciples
  • Silver: Hornet Heaven – Olly Wicken
  • Bronze: The Big Interview With Graham Hunter – Neil White

Best Interview supported by ipDTL:

  • Gold: Scientists not the Science – Stuart Higgins
  • Silver: What Goes On Here – Sam Walker
  • Bronze: Getting Better Acquainted – Dave Pickering

Current Affairs:

  • Gold: The Inquiry – BBC Radio Current Affairs for BBC World Service
  • Silver: The Economist asks – The Economist
  • Bronze: Weekly Economics Podcast – New Economics Foundation

International Award:

  • Gold: How To Be A Girl – Mario Mack, The Heard
  • Silver: Radiolab – WNYC
  • Bronze: Homecoming – Gimlet Media

Entertainment with Maple Street Studios:

  • Gold: Hip Hop Saved My life with Romesh Ranganathan – audioBoom
  • Silver: Probably True – Scott Flashheart Elliot
  • Bronze: Soundtracking with Edith Bowman – Edith Bowman

‘Other’ (AKA Most Original Podcast):

  • Gold: Between the Ears – BBC Radio
  • Silver: Mountain – Christopher Sleight
  • Bronze: Weird Tales and the Unexplainable – Bob Shoy

Enter the British Podcast Awards

The British Podcast Awards was created to highlight the best podcasts of the year that were made in Great Britain. The deadline for entering your podcast is March 6, 2017.

The British Podcast Awards hold a competition to showcase the best podcasts of the year. They welcome all podcast makers to enter: from big brands to bedroom publishers, charities to comedians, anyone who is helping to build an industry in which we can all be proud.

It is the only British podcast-only competition decided by independent judges. Nominees will have their shows featured on theguardian.com, as part of an exclusive podcast series showcasing all the categories.  It costs £15 per entry (plus PayPal fees).

To enter, your podcast must have been made in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. You must have created at least six episodes of a single podcast between January 2016 and December 2016. The deadline for entry is Monday, March 6, 2017. Entries should be in English. Audio must have been available to download via RSS within qualifying period.

You have to enter (up to) 4 clips – as a single MP3, up to a maximum of 15 minutes – that best describes the work that you do. You can also submit background information and/or tracklisting.

Categories include:

  • TV, Film, Games & Books
  • True Crime
  • Branded Content – the best examples of advertiser-funded podcasts
  • Comedy
  • Fiction – incorporating drama, readings, and all post truths
  • Smartest – general knowledge and fact-based fun
  • Represent – podcasts that reach audiences that traditional media fail to reach
  • Best Radio Podcast supported by UK Radioplayer
  • Best New Podcast
  • Sport
  • Interview
  • Current Affairs
  • Entertainment with Maple Street Studios
  • “Other” (AKA Most Original Podcast)